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Peter Falk Runs Amok -- Refuses Help and Comb

4/23/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Columbo's got a new mystery to solve -- what the hell's up with Peter Falk?

Police were called to the scene in Beverly Hills yesterday after onlookers saw the 80-year-old actor flapping around, looking disheveled, and seemingly in need of assistance.

Sources saw Falk come out of a building and attempt to make his way across the street to a bank. Along the way, he was nearly run over by a car. When the police arrived, the glass-eyed TV detective refused their help and was let go.

Calls to Falk's rep were not returned.


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,so Dear Peter couldn't solve the mystery this time,and went BONKERS on their asses.

2340 days ago

brazen weep    

Oh yes, I'm really sure this is the way it happened. Why no video? I can take some random photos of anyone and claim they, too, were walking around crazy. Looks like he was just yelling at paps to leave him alone... he may have even been joking around.

Photos like these are completely out of context and don't mean crap.

2340 days ago


I think he was just acting gooffy and putting on a show for the camera's. He looks pretty ok until he or they got close.
He's 80 yrs old and still getting around taking care of his own business and dancing...pretty good. He's 80! What do you want him to look like? We all have sloppy days i guess.

2339 days ago


Every reader who has lost or is currently caring for a family member with Alzheimer's or dementia must have surely cringed with familiarity after reading this tale. My hope is that one comment suggesting a medication switch is in order is correct. Is this celebrity news? Absolutely. I have TMZ's back on that. However, a tiny amount of sensitivity seems in order. This story doesn't just hurt Mr. Falk and his family, but every person who has had this tragic theif play a hand in their family.

2339 days ago


I am normally a fan of making fun of celebrities, hence my "name", however, I find this a little sad. Let's leave Mr. Falk alone, and continue to make fun of dumb ass attention whores like Heidi Montag, Amy Winehouse, J-LO, Paris, Britney, wow, I could go on for days.......

2339 days ago


I don't believe this happening! I hate that kind of media that make sensationalism and outrageous interviews only to demoralize the image actors and directors. My God he has 80 years old, but is just very fine!
This is a great disrespect with a great actor like Peter Falk. I saw a few weeks ago the movie "Next", with Nicolas Cage and Falk, and he is very good.
I just finished to watch "Murder, A Self Portrait", a Columbo movie from the late 80's when I saw this sad notice. This is garbage!

2335 days ago


For goodness'sake! Don't you TMZ folks have something better to do than to pay the shutter-bugs to harass our famous senior citizens? All I can say is that I am glad I am not famous and have to worry about this ever happening to me out in public. Please do us a favor and remove the photos of Peter Falk from the TMZ website and leave him and his family in peace.

2335 days ago


I feel that anyone who makes fun of and is cruel to elderly people who have dementia or alzheimers, are stupid, uninformed people, who one day will probably have the disease themselves, and I wonder how people will treat them. I only hope they get treated better than they treat elderly people, and they better hope they are, or they just might end up in the gutter, alone, and beaten up and everything taken away from them.

1396 days ago

Marianne P    

i am watching one of the Columbo episodes as i write this. Peter Falk is one of the most talented actors that we have had. I feel very sad that such a talented man is now so ill. Shocked to hear that he has been made fun of by a member of the public who has photgraphed him when he is so ill. Could only happen in America! Good old yanks!

My love to his family and all who love him.

Marianne P-S
Great Britain

1258 days ago

a mere mortal    

I hope you all ate your words over this one, you pieces of garbage. The man was suffeing from Alzheimer's and needed help.

You're filth.

Harvey, you should apologize to his family....grow a pair.

1183 days ago


It's a bit late to say this, but... TMZ directors should be shot down right now, cause that what you've to do with sick animals. Crevez chiens galeux.

114 days ago
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