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Finally, Something Hot for House Interns

4/23/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The war is never-ending, foreign policy is going down the crapper and the economy is in a tailspin -- so it's not really the best time for Congress to be taking meetings with Shakira. But they are.

The Colombian native captivated the horniest of Representatives to demand money for universal education. It's easy to get face time before Congress, if you're hot.


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2341 days ago

good grief!    

was she talking while shacking those hips? cause you know "hips don't lie"!

Love you Shakira, you go girl!!!

sing "las de la intuicion" that i'll get you where you want to go!!!

2341 days ago


H'mmmm Shakira!
She's got my vote.

2341 days ago


Wow, she looks like Beyonce...

2341 days ago


Great uzpakaliukas on Shakira.

2341 days ago


At least she's doing something more than trolling for paps or hanging out in bars in L.A. or casinos in Vegas.

Good for her.

2341 days ago

He's Boring now    

Maybe president uribe of columbia or chavez of venezuela should see her too...why us? Than everyone decries the United States---except when it comes to being a good humanitarian.

I"ve had it with performers blasting our Country but than coming to us to take the lead or give money to good causes.

Shakira makes great music, like the lady wrote and said "shut up and sing".

2341 days ago

james earl ray    

i've got a lesson or two
to teach her right her !

2341 days ago


Shakira is a very intelligent woman who runs charitable organizations. She also met with Brittish leaders this week. Some of the above comments are really disrepectful and disgusting.

2341 days ago


***k pap need leave shakira alone I love her till death she is better than brit cuz she don't have kids hope she will someday I am happy nice see her again .

2341 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Undoubtedly, her hips told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the subcommittee on the hip-py, hip-py shake.

2341 days ago


Shakira is as well known for her charitable good works as she is for her music. But I'm sure the shallow end of the pool (TMZ and it's fans) don't know that.

2341 days ago


To #9 Had Enough: You took the words right out of my mouth.

2341 days ago


It’s nice that Shakira wants to help universal education, but we need to fix our own problems first. Our state budget has cut back on education spending, laid off teachers, bigger classrooms, lack of school supplies, ect.
The county I live in wants to raise property taxes again, so our public schools won't close. I'd know the schools in my county could use all the help they can get. I'm sure it's the same story all over the U.S. Maybe Shakira could lobby for that.

2341 days ago

Me in DC    

That's all fine and dandy that Shakira is doing this. But what I would like to know is how this country's politicians can even consider giving money (my money and yours) to other countries for education! We can't even keep our own public schools open, staffed, or filled with books. Charity begins at home, our money should stay at home. U.S. education dollars should stay in the U.S. to help our people, not the people of other countries! I am tired of our tax dollars going to other countries for what they need and not being used in the U.S. Believe it or not people, there are very poor and starving people (U.S. Citizens) in this country too!

2341 days ago
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