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Star Jones Files for Divorce

4/23/2008 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesTMZ has confirmed that former "View" host Star Jones has filed for divorce from hubby Al Reynolds. I'll be needing a lawyah!

Jones filed back on March 26, and the couple married back in 2004. We're told that Star is currently out of the country. Big Al -- as ever -- no clue where he is.

She released a statement to "ET" that reads: "Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone's life that requires privacy with one's thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman."


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Wow, I guess she hasn't seen her name in the news for awhile, so she decided to come out with this.
Plus she finally woke up and realized "AL" was short for "ALLISON", you can't tell me it never crossed her mind that he might be gay

2337 days ago


Who else would have taken that self-absorbed, lying, behemoth ? Way to go, AL!

2337 days ago


Once you mess with Barbara Walters, you might as well bend over and kiss your ass goodbye....

2337 days ago


She's such a prima donna. Ever since I found out she held a celebration party for OJ's aquittal, I can't stand the sight of her....maybe she will "stay out of the country"

2337 days ago

Tyra Banks    

What happened? Did she catch him trying on her clothes again?

2337 days ago

I'm better than you    


2337 days ago


That is what happens when a woman marries a gay man. She lost her career over this fool. It was sad she was so desperate for someonw to love her. I love how she wants a quiet divorce after such a LOUD wedding.

2337 days ago


So she wanted to show the world that a FAT woman can find a husband, hmmmm...wtih that Gastric Bypass Surgery & that boobs job, she still couldn't make it last, what a shame!!!

2337 days ago


OMG! Stop the presses! Star Jones is getting a divorce!

She is so self absorded. She mouths off to the public about her big wedding. Then when the wedding is over, she has the nerve to publicly bitch at Joy on The View for bring a little desposable camera to take pictures at the wedding. What a HIPPOcrite.

What pisses me off are these "celebrates" demand the public's attention, but when when things get tough they all need their privacy all the sudden. I understand some need their privacy, for example Britney, but Star deserves the reaction she is getting from the public now. No Sympathy.

2337 days ago


I feel sad. It appeared she had found the real deal.

She always spoke with such passion and conviction regarding marriage, based on her spiritual beliefs. I really admired her for that.

She was so anxious to take her husbands name and become a "traditional wife" like she had always dreamed of being, in spite of today's more relaxed view of spousal roles. I recall her saying how she invisioned becomming the friendly old woman of her neighborhood, sitting on her front porch rocker, whom all the local children would wave at and shout out "Good afternoon, Mrs. Reynolds" as they passed by her house.

I have to believe she came to this decision after much thoughtful prayer and spiritual counsel.

I hope she gets another chance to fulfill her dream of being a happily married woman of faith.

2337 days ago


Isn't it odd that when her fame faded, so did the marriage. Al rode that gravy train for as long as he could. She was so desperate to get a man, she settled... She was in love with getting married and having the BIG wedding etc. She will now have to put on her 'big girl panties' and woman up!! Hope she had a pre-nup. Who in their right mind is surprised about this? Dahhhhhh Barbara wa wa will be a sympathitic ear... NOT. IF this guy is gay, shame the hell on him, if not---well there isn't another option.

2337 days ago


I guess she'll blow up again and pop her gastric bypass stitches and gain weight again? Blame it on Reynolds and the divorce. I'm sure she knew all along he was on the down low and a closet homo.

2337 days ago

Over It Already    

It is sad that Ms. Jones is having to go through this, but MAN!!!!!.... I wish they would have just realized that they were getting into a MARRIAGE and not just a WEDDING. A widespread mistake by many engaged couples. Ms. Jones and Mr. Reynolds would have been better off donating the cash that went into that over-the-top wedding, to a long-lasting charity. You can't wear that tiara again girl.... too bad !

2337 days ago


#1-It took her long enough to figure out she was married to a gay
#2-She's going to handle this w/dignity?? Ha Ha-you mean like
how she handled being fired from "The View" -Screwing Barbara Walters
over on live TV when they gave her the opportunity to say she was
leaving to persue other interests???
This divorce is going to make you wiser, huh? Hopefully it'll improve your "Gaydar"!!
Star Jones is one of the most insincere
women ever. Her passive aggrevsive interviews with people made me
sick. What goes around, comes around, Star! I can't wait for Al's

2337 days ago


Yes, she went all out for her fairytale wedding, but she appeared to be very focused on marriage too. She spoke often about pre & post marital counseling and how as a married couple they defined their roles within the marriage. I never once got the impression that her excitement over the wedding ever trumped her excitement about actually being married. Just because someone makes a huge deal of the wedding celebration does not automatically mean they don't put just as much effort and passion into having a happy & healthy marriage. Her views on marriage were quite clear, and I have no doubt she worked hard toward making it a success before coming to this decision.

2337 days ago
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