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Dr. Phil's Moment of Truth

4/24/2008 11:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's sweeps again in television land and since he can't exploit Britney Spears or a teenage girl accused of being the ringleader of a high school beatdown -- Dr. Phil has turned to ripping off a popular reality show.

TMZ TV exposed how the good doc's using a polygraph, a child molestation victim, and fancy graphics all in the name of ratings.


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he's been doing polygraphs for like 2 yrs

2381 days ago


Shirliana What heck are you smoking? First he is not a license doctor anymore he got that license taken away. The only reason he even can use the Dr. in front of his name is cause of his college degree. He is just a stupid show host now at best. Someone said he is a clone of Jerry Springer bull he don't even make a good pimple on Jerry Springer's butt. Jerry's show was goofy and he never said it wasn't he often said he couldn't believe people were even watching it and a good portion of the stuff was fake. Jerry Springer was more for comedy than anything. Phil is nothing but a liar and a user. He cares less about the people he has on if you took away the show and the money that quack wouldn't even talk to any of those poor people let alone try to help them. The only thing Phil cares about is his ego and money nothing else and no one else. He cheated all the time on his first wife and controls the heck out of the one he has now. Robin his wife now has more talent and brains than Phil ever thought of having. The only stupid thing she has done is stayed married to the idiot. Phil don't even make a good infected hair on her butt.

So if you want that quack to visit you. You better be rich or super good lookin' or a porn star (so he can keep up with his son). Make sure you have plenty cash when he comes or plenty of condoms.

2381 days ago



2380 days ago


Why is Dr Phil getting such a hard time? I watch his show most days and really enjoy them. It's interesting to get a glimpse of other people's lives, although there's of course a lot of sadness. The people who go on the show are lucky in that they receive help for their problems. I think Dr Phil is a good man with lots of compassion and he clearly helps a lot of people.

2380 days ago


I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. Dr. Phil has been using lie detectors long before "Moment of Truth" began. This is the third show that I remember Dr. Phil using a lie detector to find out if a child was molested. What's wrong with that? Isn't he doing these people a favor? To imply that he "stole" the idea from that crappy MOT show is just stupid. In fact, before Dr. Phil AND MOT, there was another lie detector show on where infamous criminals came on and were polygraphed. So, I guess MOT stole the idea of that show? Just ridiculous.

2380 days ago


That dumb idiot Phil needs to be the one to take the lie detector test but I will bet that piece of crap won't do it.

2380 days ago


When is Dr. Phil going to go away? He is disgusting. His show is disgusting. How can people go on his show and be humiliated? DR. PHIL, GO AWAY. GO AWAY NOW.

2379 days ago

A Previous guest    

Having been a "guest" on this quacks show, I know first hand what a fraud he is. The "script" was already written and outcome already in editing, before anyone got on the airplane for LA. They just want them to come on stage so that the audience can do their ooooo's and aaahhhh's on camera. Phil will NOT deviate one little bit from His script. He will always go back and reask the same questions that were already answered to provoke more emotion. To add more "drama" for ratings he does not talk to anyone before or after the show. He wears an ear piece for his next words to say, and has cue cards in his lap. The show they just aired with the woman that was sexually abused by her dad (who was there also) was typical of how he emotionally rapes his guest. Look back on that show, He put this woman into a f****ing fetal position, AND LEFT HER THERE. No comforting words, so empathy, nothing. I cant imagine anyone going to college never mind having a degree in psy. PUSHING her to the very edge and no net, not even a break so she could compose herself. And sicko PHIL just sits there and adds more to her. JUST for RATINGS. Phil is sick. The very next day, he put another show on to demonstrate HIS NEEDS FOR DRAMA, and His Needs to show off "Phil-dum" with an In-law episode. The daughter and her husband admitted being liars for years and also say they both continue to lie, yet they accused the mother of being mentally ill, among other things. Not once did Phil question the young couple making the accusations. He never asked any questions of the young couple. He subtly attacked the mother, who was already in a great deal of pain, and insulted her even more. In fact he stooped so low as to make fun of the mothers name, taunt her and ridicule her name. Hey Phil, What the F ?
When I was on the show, moments before going on stage, the producer came to see me, saying " I shouldn't be here, but.. I just had to tell you..." "dont let him (the other guest) finshing any sentances, cut him off, Phil admires that kinda strength and passion. Thats why I chose you, because you are strong and passionate." I asked her, "You want me too be rude and interupt them?" She said "Yes" She went saying" Ive seen many guest get out there and then look down on the floor and say nothing and that really pisses Phil off..
Watch the show more carefully next time. Most guest start up like they are lit on fire, until Phil throws gas on them and fans them furiously while all the time saying....."Hey, you said it, not me." or "Im just repeating what you said"
I didnt realize that this "pep rally" was setting me up for my emotional rape on his show with Phil being the perpetrator. Ohh, and the so called help after the show......more bs. They give all the guest a business card and tell them to call the number on it and they will arrange for some help in their home area. NEVER HAPPENED! MORE BS. If no one needed a councelor before the show, they sure did after being F--Ked by Phil and all his staff.
They also edit out any negative comments to Phil, and the will also remove new information that leaves Phil and his earpiece speachless.
I have only 2 things to say. 1. He's an ass. 2. If someone on his show appears "bad" they were set up. He is a fake

2372 days ago
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