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Wesley Gets Three Years!!!

4/24/2008 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley SnipesA judge has just sentenced Wesley Snipes to three years in prison for tax evasion. Forget black -- always bet on the U.S. government!

Snipes was not forced to surrender immediately. Instead, the judge ruled he could surrender at a later date, closer to his New Jersey home.

Nathan J. Hochman, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department's Tax Division, said, "Snipes' long prison sentence should send a loud and crystal clear message to all tax defiers that if they engage in similar tax defier conduct, they face joining him and his co-defendants ... as inmates in prison."

Snipes was convicted in February on three misdemeanor charges for not filing his taxes. The government claimed he owed $2.7 mil -- but Snipes' attorneys argued it was just $228,000. No fine was imposed, but the three-year sentence was the max he could have gotten.

Celebrity friends Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson wrote letters in his defense to appeal for leniency. Oh well ...


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Disgusted in Jersey    

#8 anyone who takes joy in anothers misfortune whether deserved or not has screws missing. You don't know anything and are excited to say he will have his --------(0) to (0) is not only disgusting but a horrible thing to say and put into print. You must have experienced this type of treatment and enjoyed it. and to #13 I feel it's racist as well, no one white is jailed, just let the man pay the fine and be done with it. He doesn't need jail time to make the taxpayers feel better and the government. What is the jail time for???? Sounds like another lynching by the government instead of restoration.

2363 days ago

Disgusted in Jersey    

This comment is for ME #214 who wrote on April 25 th that they just hate it that blacks always stick up for blacks. If we don't support each other as you do, who will? And why shouln't we??? Should we wait for the likes of you to stick up for us??? We have the same rights as anyone else and when you wake up and realize that we'll stick up for you too! Had enough of Closet Racism and Open Racism. America is the land of opportunity for EVERYONE So Get over it.

2363 days ago

Texas Pike    

The IRS is run by private banks...period. It is NOT a part of the government. It is its own entity. There is NOT a law anywhere that states that you have to pay taxes on wages earned. There are many, many $$$$$ bounties out there if ANYONE can find a law that states you have to pay taxes. It is a scam and all the little sheep will continue to be led......pitiful. There are many people who have beat this in court, stating the very thing I have typed above. You have to know what is going on sometimes.... Wesley was made an example of, because of his "status". It won't change the minds of all of us that won't ever pay.... Continue on sheep.......

2362 days ago

Lesli Carmichael    

I sit here after working 12 hours at a nursing home, and I read all the snide comments about Wesley Snipes not paying his taxes. For starters I totally AGREE with #1 The government needs to GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPISTS AND MURDERERS!!!! ALSO THE DRUG DEALERS AND DRUG MANUFACTURERS. The government should not have locked him up. As it is said time and time again..... OUR PRISONS ARE FULL. SEND THE VIOLENT OFFENDERS TO PRISON, NOT THE NON-VIOLENT ONES!!!! It is the taxpayers THAT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE FELONS!!! IT IS OUR TAXES THAT ARE WASTED TO KEEP THE VIOLENT CRIMINALS IN PRISON!!! LET HIM PAY WITH PROBATION AND A LARGE FINE. That sentence was totally uncalled for!!!

1547 days ago

Lesli Carmichael    

This comment is for #45. You sound like you are an igorant, miserable person, and ignorant people like you should keep their mouths shut. You say that Wesly Snipes stole from us? I would love to know how he stole from us? The ones that are stealing from us? hmmmm, lets see? THE GOVERNMENT FOR ONE!!! Have you ever heard of the GOLDEN FLEECE? Check it out if you don't know!!! Then there are the WELFARE FRAUDS! and lets not forget the ILLEGALS, some of them bring home MORE THAN I DO AND THEY ALSO GET WELFARE AND DON'T HAVE TO PAY TAXES!!!!! SO WHO IS STEALING FROM US? WE ARE PAYING OUR TAXES TO SUPPORT THE PEOPLE ON WELFARE (LEGAL AND ILLEGAL) AND THE CONVICTS AND OF COURSE OUR EVER LOVING GOVERNMENT!!!! Get your head out of the manure and quit being such a miserable person. Wesley Snipes is NOT stealing from us (Is he on welfare? does he collect a government check each month FOR WELFARE? NO he does not.) Therefore wake up and face reality, instead of being so resentful of those that work for their money, try b==ching about the ones that are REALLY STEALING FROM US!!!! I don't blame him, he just did WHAT ALL OF US WOULD DO, GIVEN THE CHOICE!!! HE WAS NOT WILLING TO LET THEM STEAL FROM HIM!!! so they send him to prison and GUESS WHO SUPPORTS HIM NOW? WE DO! RIGHT ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER CONVICTS WE AS TAXPAYERS SUPPORT!!! As for people that do things that are hurting others? CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPISTS, MURDERERS,DUI's DRUGS ECT, I would rather support them IN PRISON than TAX EVADERS!!!! actually I think the government should buy islands and put the violent ones on them (along with the child molesters) and let them kill each other off. It would save us taxpayers millions of dollars every YEAR. EVERYONE that gets convicted of a crime that has or could have caused physical harm (ie. CHILD MOLESTERS, DUI'S, rapist, ect.) should be put on the island with the murderers. Maybe people would think twice about doing things like that if there were SERIOUS consequences to it.... People need to learn.... Convicts, child molesters and such HAVE NO RIGHTS!!!! lets face it, 24 hrs in jail... OH YEAH THAT SHOWED HER!!!!! As for his movies? everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but obviously enough people like his movies or he would not have made the MILLIONS he has.... lol lol

1547 days ago

ted 409     

i just cant see snipes in prison. maybe he can buy his way out of the sentence or do house arrest. women child molesters get less time then he did

1517 days ago

dr. diamond    

Every royal blooded American should be revolting because of
this sentence and income tax in general. You have 47 million Americans last year not filling taxes, and 20% of the people that work for the I.R.S. don't file and pay their taxes right.
Income taxes has to go and be replaced with a fair tax where everyone pays their fair share. All you brainwasher sheep that just goes along with what ever the government wants to do to you are weaklings. That is the reason the country is in the situation it is in now. You have to stand up for what is right, if the government is going to send this fellow to jail for 3 years for misdemeaners, then start with the members of congress and if you remember Obama couldn't even fill his cabnet because of the same reasons that this fellow is going to jail. Then send the 47 million to prison for not filing. Fair is fair, and nothing is fair about this sentence.

1430 days ago


Wesley, would have done better paying off Cartoonist/Producer, Ken Willis rather than to go to prison for 3 years. Wes, you do the math,also don't forget to tell my good friend the prison Warden that I said hi.

1428 days ago


3 years in prison for tryinbg to steal the Blade trilogy from Cartoonist/Producer Ken Willis. Wesley, have a nice 3 years prison vacation with Debo!

1428 days ago


Why should he get liency, just because he is a celebrity? They have to stop getting away with the bad acts they committ just because they are famous and have money! Pay your TAXES, you can afford it while others like us struggle to get thru everyday!! I live near one of the Pa Fed Prisons... can care less, no one will be trying to get in to see you!

1412 days ago
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