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Wesley Gets Three Years!!!

4/24/2008 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley SnipesA judge has just sentenced Wesley Snipes to three years in prison for tax evasion. Forget black -- always bet on the U.S. government!

Snipes was not forced to surrender immediately. Instead, the judge ruled he could surrender at a later date, closer to his New Jersey home.

Nathan J. Hochman, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department's Tax Division, said, "Snipes' long prison sentence should send a loud and crystal clear message to all tax defiers that if they engage in similar tax defier conduct, they face joining him and his co-defendants ... as inmates in prison."

Snipes was convicted in February on three misdemeanor charges for not filing his taxes. The government claimed he owed $2.7 mil -- but Snipes' attorneys argued it was just $228,000. No fine was imposed, but the three-year sentence was the max he could have gotten.

Celebrity friends Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson wrote letters in his defense to appeal for leniency. Oh well ...


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Too funny, I bet he wasn't expecting that, after all he had Denzel, Woody and Judge Joe write letters for him saying what a strong, caring human being he is. Now that he is going to prison I wonder if any of those three will go and visit Wes in the big house. And wait after he gets out there will be a mad dash for 1st interview, pictorial, and if he really needs some $$ when he gets out there will be a book deal and of course the famous "Movie of the Week". Starring........??

2339 days ago

nick cant drive 65    

Oh thats real smart
Remember what happened in Demolition man
He will get out as a SUPER CRIMAL
then will be screwed

2339 days ago


PARIS HILTON, NICOLE RICHE, LINDSAY LOHAN, - all get off doing drugs being way more reckless than Remy Ma but she went to Jail for almost a year, now if this was ANY WHITE ACTOR, his ass would have gotten PROHBATION. I hate to play the race card being Im not black, but thats the truth!

2339 days ago


Agree with #12

2339 days ago


Even the biggest "BLADE" won't cut that sentence short.

2339 days ago


I can't believe it!!!! WWWWOOOOWWWW!!! Totally needs to appeal this!

2339 days ago


Of course they pick a black celebrity to "make an example out of". You don't see the white celebs who are probably doing the same thing getting the book thrown at them. Maybe some jail time was warranted, but damn the judge went wild.

2339 days ago


#14 Duh, hellllllooooooo. Willie Nelson. White, Jailed for Taxes!!!!!!!!!!!This is not racist, it is the law, you must pay taxes. If I have to pay Wes has to pay too. Just because he is black doesnt mean this has anything at ALL to do with RACE!!!! Get over it.

2339 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Goodness. People really think that no white people to to prison for fraud? Can anyone say Enron?

2339 days ago


"10. wow was not expecting that one! Watch how many people will call it racist! He deserves it! That's what happens when you don't pay your taxes!!
Posted at 5:59PM on Apr 24th 2008 by morgan"

Morgan, how much time did Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get for putting other people's lives in danger? Paris had a suspended license for reckless driving. She was sentenced to 45 days and only served 23. Lindsay Lohan chased down another driver and does NO time. (Not to mention Britney Spears, who barely got a slap on the wrist for all her automobile antics.)

And you say Wesley Snipes' sentence isn't racist?

2339 days ago


The sentence will most likely stick. The reason: The gestapo wants to make damn sure to send a message that even the rich and famous never get truly away from slavery. Taxation is slavery.

2339 days ago


Once again, a stupid judge places a non-violent person in prison. Thanks a lot - now even LESS room for rapists, murderers, and child molesters.

America locks up more people than any other country on the face of the planet. Will we ever learn? Meanwhile, violent felons run the streets freely without fear of jail time or getting caught. This really stinks.

2339 days ago


I'm sorry to say, he got what he deserves. Taxes aren't easy for any of us in the US to pay, but we all have to. The IRS is unrelenting when they go after you. I know from experience. Its better just to pay the taxes up front so you don't have to keep looking over your shoulder.

2339 days ago


Comparing ENRON and Wesley Snipes is just plain rediculous. It is not even remotely on the same scale.

2339 days ago


Its not long enough but I think its a Federal sentence so no early release.
He got what he deserved. Now lets get the rest of these hollywood millionaires who also do not pay taxes but have amassed enormous fortunes, Dionne Warwick, Sinbad and O.J. Simpson.
And there is no race thing, Paris Hilton had a DUI, she should have served no more than 24 hours. Wesley stole from all of us.
I hope he stocks up on preparation H!
His movies suck too!

2339 days ago
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