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Gisele Spreads 'Em on the Street

4/25/2008 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For once, Tom Brady's sexy lady boss, Gazelle Bundchen ran her own errands as she sprinted down a NYC street on Thursday.

It's been a while since we've seen G holding something besides Tom's balls or Bridget Moynahan's baby.


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Don't women usually have........breasts??

2309 days ago


Get with it people, the woman is a string bean and her breast are not real, she does have beautiful hair though. The attitude on here is not jealously, it is frustration from the stupidity that men have thinking women actually look like the models in the mags, the camera added 10 pounds!!!!! and guys, Giselle is not Victoria's Giselle unless she has her makeup on. Without it her face resembles a horse and that too is true. In person this woman is a stick and I don't care what you say, it's NOT attractive.

2309 days ago


This is to funny! Gee what is it with her that all the papparazzi sights hate her... except X17 who are suspect anyway...

2309 days ago


Give Giselle a break some people are genetically thin, I am one who has always been underweight despite going on weight gainer diets and pumping iron. Overweight people don't like it when it is insinuated that they are ravenous glutonous lazy hogs so don't assume all skinny people are anno. Obviously Giselle is beautiful she makes millions of dollars a year from her genetic luck so don't hate. Oh and P.S.. breats come in all shapes and sizes just like people so all the sick porn addicts need to realize every woman is not going to have double D's.

2309 days ago


I'm overweight "chick" and I think she looks great, so F' off!

Posted at 3:50PM on Apr 25th 2008 by Tracy


Tracy why don't you go hog down an ice cream sundae and "F' off" yourself.

2309 days ago


Gisele has done her fair share in continuing the body image insanity. Her comments that the families of dead anorexic models should be blamed, not the industry is one example. She also had breast implants early in her career, just had them removed, obviously. Whatever body image negativity she gets, she has brought on herself.

2309 days ago


Wasn't X17 the site that got those all-important $$$ shots of her with the Moynahan baby? And that's the site that talks favorably of her....hmmm. Interesting.

2309 days ago


I thought flynet got the money shots....X17 had to apologize to Tony Parker.

2309 days ago


"...10. Tim, you are just another man without a clue, and there is no jealousy here, but the truth can be a damn kick in the pants for sticks like her and men like you who have women think that look is even close to being sexy. How many times can you wrap your arm around a bone man?

Posted at 3:30PM on Apr 25th 2008 by wussthat..."

The point is, she is thin. Some people are thin. Get over it. Don't insult her because she happens to be thin.
If her boyfriend likes her and wants to do errands for her, good for her and him. I think people are jealous of the whole relationship and the fact that some people find her attractive. Is she my type? Hey, I wouldn't tell her to F.O., that's for sure.

2309 days ago


people make a BIG deal about this broad.........shes TOO thin NO CURVES whatsover and not all that good looking.....shes over hyped....and Bitch Boy screwed up by dumping his baby mama who looks hotter and less of a bitch.

2309 days ago


I'd spread em' for her anyday!

2309 days ago


I wouldnt kick her outta bed for eatin crackers........unless crackers was the dog.

2309 days ago


By the way, who are you people to tell me, or anyone else, what we should find attractive?

2309 days ago


Great body but the face is a different story

2309 days ago


If you people call THIS:

and THIS:

Ugly. I'd LOVE to see what you all look like.

I'm a female and even I know what beautiful looks like. I don't think she is the most gorgeous woman in the world. But to call her ugly shows an ugly, insecure (and probably FAT) soul.

Jealousy is the way uglier than ANY PICTURE!

2309 days ago
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