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Winehouse Will Rot In Jail Today

4/25/2008 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

London is safe from Amy Winehouse's killer weave, at least until midnight. We were just told the London po-po will keep her behind bars at least until the clock strikes 12. Anyone for a nightcap?

Scotland Yard confirmed to TMZ they've arrested Amy on suspicion of assault....that's always something you should worry about when you allegedly headbutt a guy outside a bar where you had been shooting pool. She could do six months if convicted.


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She wont do any jail time. She'll get released at midnight or shortly afterwards and nothing more will happen about it. The jails are at 99.8% capacity in the UK, and are openly releasing convicted criminals & terrorists to free up jail space so I very much doubt they will waste time jailing Winehouse.

2341 days ago

pattie in cali    

maybe thats what she needs, to be clean. something has to happen. shes going to die, amy get help. your falling fast. everyone sees it but you. BLESSINGS AMY

2341 days ago

hot snot    

at 12 they need to take her from jail to the hospital

2341 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The jails may be full, but the cemeteries aren't! We'll keep a hole waiting for you!

2341 days ago


Now if she killed someone the British police would excuse her the whole incident, apologize for bothering her and give her money and a police guard to keep her safe from retailiation.

2341 days ago

MIA's Finest    

Jesus...shomebody please put a bullet to her head and take her out of her misery. She is doing it to herself slowly anyways, just speed up that process!!!!

2341 days ago

Son of California Dreamer rides again...    

I hope she does rot in jail, but I hope the jailers do a thorough lice check of her first, the other criminals shouldn't have to be subjected to lice. She is such a repulsive drugged-out ho. Yuk.

2341 days ago


Sophie Schandorff .....come on TMZ....find out all you can about Sophie....she's Blllaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkke's new girlfriend.

2341 days ago

Son of California Dreamer rides again...    

The ho obviously really likes crack and nobody and nothing is going to stop her. Hell crackheads that have to suck strange you-know-whats for the money to buy it don't quit, so this ho with millions in the bank ain't gonna be getting clean anytime soon you can bank on that.

2341 days ago


I hope they keep her there and throw away the key. That stupid b*tch is just a fix away from an OD and that could be the only thing that saves her stupid a**. I'm so done with her.

2341 days ago

Jack Schitt    


2341 days ago

Illinois person    

Great, go ahead and give this class act some more Grammys. Shame on you NARAS!

2341 days ago


could someone tell me why this girl gets so much attenton? I read about her but what has she ever done for society or anyone to be so popular?Sounds like she needs a lot of help.Is she an actress or singer or what?

2341 days ago


On the pool house rocks video, the last section the guys voice is saying something like:"how do you like that, push a little tighter." One can just barely view the mans penis, and Amy giving the man a fast hand job. - must have been for drugs.

2341 days ago


Look what she's holding in her left's NOT's a spliff.....SUN (UK) newspaper has close-ups.

2341 days ago
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