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Denise Richards' Fake Reality Peep Show

4/26/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards really likes to suck it up -- and in -- for the cameras!

What a coinky-dink that a day after Heather Locklear trounced mortal enemy Denise in a bikini showdown, a crew of paparazzi just happened to catch Richards looking slammin' as she walked ever-so-slowly on the beach in Maui alone, tossed her wind-swept locks, went for an ocean dip and seductively took an outdoor shower! Even "The Hills" isn't this staged!

Let's hope the last photog to leave Hawaii will let Denise know she can exhale now.


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It is cruel to feed into this ..........and keep this nonsense going on......
Just let it die out..........and they pick up their lives in whatever manner they deem possible....

I am sure they dont want these rediculous hurtful comments to continue...........

It's really unfair and nobodys business but theirs........................

2379 days ago


Oh, how natural...NOT! See Denise pose! See Denise pout! See Denise desperate for attention!

The carefully arranged flower in the pouffed-up, extensioned-down mass of overprocessed hair, the painful insecurity showing in each Barbizon pose.

Whatsa matta, little plastic Barbie-Skank? Life not turning out the way you wanted?

2379 days ago


Denise is nowhere near as attractive as Heather. Yes, she has a nice body but her face still doesn't cut it. .

2379 days ago


76. notice from the waist up........not showing her problem area.....gut..........

Posted at 11:43PM on Apr 26th 2008 by sallygail

umm did you not look at ALL the pics?
denise is gorgeous. and i find it hilarious that all the ugly people come to tmz to talk trash about good looking people in an attempt to channel their own insecurities and shameful flaws elsewhere. insulting another person out of pure jealousy won't make you pretty. sorry.

2379 days ago


Well she is hot....but.....Heather is eatable!

2379 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Was Denise one of "Heidi's Girls"? There is no comparsion between she and Heather. Heather is classy. Denise is as big of a Media Whore as Paris Hilton and she is a slutty tramp. But, the worse thing she has done, even worse than beating up on Charlie Sheen, is pimping out his little girls on a reality show. She must be dumb as a rock not to notice how girls end up when mothers push them into show business - like Britney, Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, etc. It's pathetic how far Denise will go to get attention. Poor thing !

2379 days ago


oh my.....she looks huge compared to what she used to and what happened to her boobs??? they aren't so huge anymore.

2379 days ago


Heather has class AND self respect! Denise Richards is nothing but a whore.

2379 days ago


LOL!!! ALL the shots are front-on pictures. Where's the side and rear shots? Hmmmmm? Got something to hide?

All I can say is....."Fatty, Fatty".....

2379 days ago


Dee...honey, do something with your forehead please. Those pics sucked! Go be a mom, it's what your life needs to be about NOW. Showing the world how much you aged is a waste of time.

2379 days ago


1. Is she posing for the TMZ photogs?

2. Why is she wearing her 2 year olds bathing suit?

3. Why is she famous again?

2379 days ago


Well she looks very bitter and old for her age, and it is very unattractive!

2379 days ago


What's up with those bones sticking out of her neck?. Is that natural??

2378 days ago


Denise is absolutely beautiful. As a teen her face was all over young women magazines. You don't get to model for years by being ugly. For those of you who say she's ugly are too far up Heather's arse.

2378 days ago

Lady Z    

Both of these womena are gorgeous! I can only assume most of the idiots commenting on this site are 14 year olds. Denise did NOT "steal" Heather's husband. Heather had already thrown his sorry ass to the curb before Richie and Denise started dating. And by the way, who the hell would fight over Richie's alcoholic sorry ass??? Neither of these woman wanted him in the end. Get a grip people.

2378 days ago
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