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Denise Richards' Fake Reality Peep Show

4/26/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards really likes to suck it up -- and in -- for the cameras!

What a coinky-dink that a day after Heather Locklear trounced mortal enemy Denise in a bikini showdown, a crew of paparazzi just happened to catch Richards looking slammin' as she walked ever-so-slowly on the beach in Maui alone, tossed her wind-swept locks, went for an ocean dip and seductively took an outdoor shower! Even "The Hills" isn't this staged!

Let's hope the last photog to leave Hawaii will let Denise know she can exhale now.


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Denise is WAY better looking than Heather! Heather looks like the Crypt Keeper up close. Problem with Denise in these pics is that her bikini bottoms are ill fitting & cut into her hip, because she certainly isn't over weight. Heather is a bag of dried up bones!! Stop trying so hard, Denise, you win!!!

2341 days ago


To #81-Heather classy??? Yeah, ok & she's a great actress, too!!! Yeah, that's what kept her w/Tommy Lee all those years-her class! Heather is one of the dumbest women out there-have you ever read an interview w/her? I am embarassed for her when she speaks. It's the same thing w/Whitney Houston-PR agents portrayed her as a classy role model when in reality Whitney was always street smart & had been doing drugs since she was in her teens!
Let's not debate moral character on TMZ-we're just deciding who looks better in a bikini. Please try to stick to the task at hand, people!!!

2341 days ago


shes still a classless biatch so no matter how good looking she is and she is ..she has no class. anyone who would use their kids for reality tv is a classless biatch.

2341 days ago


Ok, Denise is hot, for a PSYCHO-BEEOTCH.

I'm just sayin.

2341 days ago

George William Gockel    

Yes Heather Locklear will always be way much hotter that Denise Richards.

2340 days ago

George William Gockel    

Yes Heather Locklear will always be way much hotter that Denise Richards.

2340 days ago


Why didn't she pose for any side pics??

2340 days ago


Is this a joke? These photos are obviously not "caught" by a photographer; these are strategically taken, above the waist, posed, and, what do you know? No profile shots and legs always bent.... Yeah she can look all right when you put so much effort into it. But seriously, she is pretty gross. And she will never have Anything on Heather Locklear.

2340 days ago


F A B U L O U S !!!!

2340 days ago


Sooo SAD
chasing fame that has now passed on
chasing youth that has now passed on

Sure, be fit, exercise, watch what you eat, but why devote huge sums of money and a viscious unrelenting focus to parading around a body that is fighting a losing battle battle with age. Especially when there's a WHOLE WORLD of good deeds, adventures, causes, and REAL art to explore, create, and be a part of, and to which GOOD USE they could put their riches and fame !!!!!!

or to put it more directly


2340 days ago


This is a completely staged act of desperation on Denise's part. She looked better in the flabby-ab photo which was real. The flower in the hair is pathetic, I don;t see any man running around behind her serinading her with is uka-le-le. She MAKES herself look like a ridiculous IDIOT. Why? She's totally empty and completely caught up in the FAME thing. Heather became famous in her own right (she's always looked great, no matter what age) Denise is just a wanna be. She should just STOP and move away from Holywood and get herself together. Her kids are miserable with all this and actually DENISE is looking worse, not better. I appreciate the fact that she has 2 kids but as such a self promoting MEDIA WHORE she really should hit the GYM every day. she has plenty of money to pay for a babysitter while she does.

2340 days ago


Suck it up skank! She's not even in the same league as Heather.

2340 days ago

Claire Bear    

geez...heaven forbid we relax our tummy once in a while..she is still thin in normal standards...leave the woman alone!!

2339 days ago


Everyone knows TMZ is owned by Warner Bros. That is why they slam Denise and favor Heather. Heathers cheaks make her look like a bad chuckie doll. At least Denise is the real deal, with much more natural beauty. Jealous comments cause Heather was successful making you think Denise is a stealer versus her being a cheater. Spade time.

2339 days ago


Nice try Denise, but Heather still look waaaaaaaaay better than you. HA!

2339 days ago
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