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Good Riddance to Pox Rubbish

4/27/2008 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The poor man's Posh and Beckham -- aka Katie Price and hubby Peter Andre -- along with their chicken pox baby have decided to depart L.A. Apparently the TSA doesn't mind a lil' pox on planes. All aboard!

The always charming Katie had some heartfelt parting words for TMZ.


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Once again, we see that there are two sets of rules/laws: one for celebrities, and one for the rest of us. I live in LA & I see this sort of crap all the time. Truly disgusting. No one can tell, from looking at the pictures if that kid was still infectious or not. The airline and TSA do not have the right to make that call & possibly put others at risk.

2348 days ago


Speaking of SICK KIDS...Doesn't it bother anyone else that Silly Billy, the "children's magician" on VH1's new show Celebracadabra is none other than David Friedman? Name not rings any bells? How about "Capturing the Friedmans"??! I can't believe VH1 thought it was a good idea to have this guy on their show. Could there be a worse idea? Oh wait, YES, the fact that this guy STILL markets himself as a children's magician!!! Granted, he was never charged with any crimes but one has to question his judgement after watching him defend his father EVEN THOUGH he admitted to child molestation!Silly Billy indeed!

2348 days ago

What is wrong with you TMZ    

IF THAT KID HAS CHICKEN POX anyone can catch SHINGLES who have already had chicken pox, and if you've never had them, it's caught just by BREATHING 12 days to 21 days later, and immune suppressed people could DIE, even if it's IMPETIGO it's HIGHLY contagious and dangerous!

2348 days ago

What is wrong with you TMZ    

I hope everyone on the plane SUES the airline for letting that sick kid on and Chicken pox is VERY DANGEROUS and that kid WAS and IS contagious! Look up Shingles, herpes viruses, and it is caught by BREATHING ONLY not just touch,
and everyone especially older people can get SHINGLES BOILS or a resistant bacterial infection! LOOK IT UP

2348 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Pox Spice! G'bye and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

2348 days ago

Kim uk    

Please leave Katie and Peter alone and what sick minded people are you to say that a baby is ugly, yes she has chicken pox but is not infectious at this stage you people need to grow up and stop being so nasty.

2348 days ago


Chicken pox can cause birth defects in pregnant women.. so it is unwise to expose a potential fetus to it Katie, YOU Frickin Frackin Number 1 BAD MOTHER IDIOT. Your child is feeling great discomfort, stomache aches, itching, fevers, nausea. And! you are not over the chicken pox and not contagious until all pox dry up and and rash is gone.

The ABC's of Chicken pox even that DumbA$$ KATIEcould understand..

2348 days ago


You guys are SO slow.. why is there so news about the Miley Cyrus & Vanity Fair debacle yet? Or Lindsay * Sam Ronson tiff? Seriously guys..

2348 days ago

J Boyd    

OK, I may be outta the times, but don't they vaccinate against chicken pox nowadays? I had it when I was 4 (followed IMMEDIATELY by the mumps, hooray). And no, chicken pox are not contagious once the bumps appear.

However, my best friend in high school got the pox when she was 15, and it made her sterile. So yes, it can be very dangerous once you hit puberty.

2348 days ago


how nice of her not to wait until the child had fully healed before dragging it across the Atlantic in an enclosed cabin exposing hundreds to a communicable disease. if not a real physical threat certainly a psychological one for the poor trapped fellow passengers.

2348 days ago


31. #15 they are very rich by anyones standards not just "uk standards" as you put it. The cost of living is generally higher in England than the US anyway. Katie and Peter are pretty well liked by most people over here. It's not their fault the paparazzi is following them in the US or that it gets posted on TMZ. There has been a lot of negative posts on here lately about the british and I don't understand why-anyone care to enlighten me on what it is some americans have against us?!!

Posted at 7:13PM on Apr 27th 2008 by JodyUK

Jody - Perhaps it's just a reaction to the endless Yank bashing that goes on in every UK chatroom and message board? Even on YouTube when Brits post the 1st complaint they have includes Yank bashing. It's tiresome. Perhaps it's a backlash to that behavior?

2348 days ago

nosy mom    

who the hell are these people anyway.

2348 days ago


I hope they go back to England and never come back ...

2348 days ago


never heard of this person...TMZ getting desperate and have to use no name people?, cause REAL celebs won't give them the time of day...lmao

2348 days ago


Guess whatever took the hint!

2348 days ago
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