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Tom Cruise Out With His Other Kids

4/27/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scientolodad Tom Cruise took Nicole Kidman's children, Connor and Isabella ('memba them?), to catch daddy's good friend David Beckham play for the L.A. Galaxy on Saturday.

Katie and Suri got the day off.


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He's just another Idiot    

Tom Cruise is as nutty as a fruitcake. He left the divine Nicole because she didn't believe in that Cult he worships. My husband has always been a Science Fiction devotee and he thinks it's crazy and hilarious that a Science Fiction writer would start a religion. I doubt if any of the Cult members went to college. Many probably didn't graduate from High School. Only idiots would believe in such a stupid religion. I don't plan to see Tom in any more movies and I hope Katie gets out before it's too late. She married him for his money, so get a bunch and run like hell, Katie.

2335 days ago


Is it me or does Isabella actually physically ressemble her no-show "mother" in this pic (that is Granny not her bio mom) and Connor looks like a mocho mini-me of the GMD...... weirddddddd anyone agree ?

2335 days ago


Oh for the love of... Look, What has Tom done to ever hurt anyone? he helps a fellow human being whenever the opportunity arises. Ya, the scientology this is odd, very odd, but he doesn't deserve the ridicule he gets. Get over it people! As long as you are a good person, helps others, follows the law, then who cares if he believes in aliens.

2335 days ago

the wise old owl    

Carol, TC is stark raving mad and happens to have a lot of influence over people.

Because he is a celebrity the feeble and weak minded are drawn to him and his belief's. The Cult he belongs to hurts people and their families. He is the PR that convinces people to " drink the Kool-Aid. " The trickle down effect is enormous. His belief that medication isn't for the mentally sick has actually resulted in SEVERAL deaths. No HE didn't pull the trigger..........but he does load the gun when he encourages other people to join the Cult of Scientology. The madness needs to stop . Thanks to Andrew Morton's autobiography on Tom Cruise he has EXPOSED the " Church of Scientology " for what it is. The Church of Scientology threatened to sue him ......but than they realized that you can't sue WHEN IT'S THE TRUTH. Not only are they greedy.......they're dumb asses too !!!

2335 days ago


I don't care for his affiliation with Scientology but omigod the horrible things posted here about the man and for what? He has been married to three beautiful women and has three children. He is successful in his profession and is kind to others. What has he ever done to deserve this kind of venom? Nothing and you are unbelliveably cruel to someone you don't even know.

2335 days ago

the wise old owl    

The comment s " I think Tom is wearing Katie's sweater "
" Why are they all the same size ?
" Katie married him for the $$ , so get a bunch and RUN " ... were really funny .

Thanks for the laugh.

2335 days ago


I'll agree with the comment that I hope these two kids do not read these comments and repost TMZ needs to leave celebrities kids alone...their ages most of all.

2335 days ago


I wonder if the real parents of the adopted boy and girl wish that they hadnt given them away. To be adopted by a wacky refusing to get out of the closet, 3 time married man with a Napoleonic attitude, and a "mother" who was never really there for them, was probably not an improvement over the life that the real parents would have given them. Yes there is a lot of money but maybe living a quiet but simple life with their real parents would have been so much more secure and stable. They now call Mrs. Cruise III, the 3rd wife "Mom" when it was Mrs. Cruise II who adopted them. How do they feel about their mother being replaced and a newer younger one being slid into their lives??? I think the adoption agency didnt do a proper interview before handing over those children. What happens when Dad finally comes out of the closet, and "Mom", wife III, takes off? Who gets these children?? John Travolta???

2335 days ago

the wise old owl    

Tom Cruise is pathetic. His desperate attempt to arrange media coverage of his staged events are an insult to my intelligence. I have no respect for a man who isn't honest. He even uses his children to generate a positive public perception and to do damage control.

He is the biggest publicity whore I've ever seen. Everything he does has an agenda. And most of those agenda's are to benefit the CULT he belongs to.

I don't see anything GENUINE about this guy. Quite frankly, I'm sick to death of his need to try and fool the public. His random acts of kindness are " selective " and self serving.

Being the 2nd ranked leader in the Cult of all I need to know. THAT tells me more about his character than any STAGED outing he can have with his " paid for family "

Shame on him. His EGO is big ......he can no longer tell what's right or wrong, Poor Suri.

2335 days ago


guess who I agree and feel sorry for katie, suri and his other kids. i bet his movies will bomb from here on out.

2335 days ago

L Ron was a CON    


To all the posters here saying.. ”leave poor Tom alone – he hasn’t done anything..”


For those of you who are legitimate Tom Cruise fans and cannot understand why so many people question his motives.
Please take the time to do a little due diligence on scientology and what it stands for, and in turn what Tom’s involvement is.
And if you don’t bother doing a bit of googling, then PLEASE don’t comment.
Because you don’t know what you are talking about and you may influence others into thinking Tom has good intentions.
When he clearly does not.

Just check out some of the links below.
I ask this because then you may really understand why so many of us are disgusted with his convenient ignorance and denial on what he represents as the mouthpiece for scientology.
And to call this a religion is a injustice of the highest kind.

Scientology is nothing but a sham - a money-making venture masking itself in religious clothing to avoid prosecution, and doing quite well at it, I might add, thanks to their secret deal with the IRS that gives them preferential treatment over any other religion in the US.

But don’t take my word for it.
Find out for yourself.

2335 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

Tom has an extremely high profile all over the world.
He uses his celebrity to meet with governments and legislators in order to push the $cientology philosophy into the mainstream.

Remember -He is an ACTOR.
But he is being given access to decision makers.

2335 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

Little davie miscavige must be wetting his pants with excitement.
More free publicity for his number one BFF

2335 days ago

the wise old owl    

lucky, who ever you are. You posess comon sense.

For sure we're on the " same page " .

You recognize an opportunist and an EGO- Maniac when you see one.

It's a shame that the general public will believe what's shoved in front of their faces, IF THEY SEE IT ENOUGH TIMES.

Like you ........I know better.

2335 days ago

the wise old owl    

anonymous................My, my, aren't we well informed. For once someone has done their homework and understands how hidious and evil this Cult is.

I like what you have to say. You've done your research and are well informed.

You have much to contribute. Please blogg on.

2335 days ago
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