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Tom Cruise Out With His Other Kids

4/27/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scientolodad Tom Cruise took Nicole Kidman's children, Connor and Isabella ('memba them?), to catch daddy's good friend David Beckham play for the L.A. Galaxy on Saturday.

Katie and Suri got the day off.


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guess who his EGO has taken over his common sense... same page, agreed.

another monday morning coming up, nite.

2366 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

This is yet another staged event / obvious attempt to try and 'humanise' Tom in the eyes of the public.
He's a great father, he's a husband, he's spends time doing 'normal' stuff' ... you get the picture right?
Show him out with the kids.
Just a normal happy family.
Problem with this is that most of the public will swallow this rubbish.

But the truth is Tom uses his celebrity to meet with government, legislators, education departments, police and fire departments and big business as a representative for the cult of $cientology.
He does this to introduce their worthless and sometimes dangerous philosophy, and to push their front groups.
He is $cientology's number one PR tool.

His star is falling and he is trying to become a little more visible again after his $cientology video debacle
He is also appearing on Oprah again, another attempt to get back into favor with the american audience.

The leadership of $cientology see huge money signs when Tom, John Travolta and other celbrities get on tv, do movies etc. Because they in turn promote this as a $cientology win.
Celebrities help 'legitimize' their cause and give them greater acceptability in the eyes of the general public.

But problem here is: they are representing a CULT.
No two ways about it.

Tom's contimuing self promotion and promotion of all things $cientology (including any media appearances) are highly offensive to those who have been used, tormented, lied to, stolen from, hurt, harassed, bullied and even murdered by $cientology practises.
Tom is a super promotion tool for $cientology.
He knows it and unashamedly uses it to full advantage.

Justice would be served if the whole world classified it as Germany does - as a cult whose primary objective is to make money.

2366 days ago

the wise old owl    

anonymous ..........just brillant. I'VE GOT YOUR BACK . Please don't stop blogging . You're on a roll.

Not many shills or clams on the boards tonight to try and shut you up. You know the games they play.

2366 days ago


Couldn't resist but proofread.

2366 days ago


what happened to katie shes so snobby and a bore now spending 100, 00 for a 2nd bday party is just STUPID!

2366 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

Before I started reading about $cientology, I thought it was an eccentric joke religion that fleeced its members and nothing more.
NOW I know its destructive nature and feel compelled to pass this important information on to others.

It’s difficult to try and inform people without coming across as a Tom hater.
But Tom has put himself ‘out there’ as a person people can look up to, someone people associate with the success that can be realised through $cientology.

This is just not the whole truth.

The people who pull the strings in $cientology desperately want you to be taken in by their glossy presentations, the slick website, their celebrity centre and the celebrities but regrettably it really is more a case of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
In fact, celebrities are specifically recruited in an attempt to legitimise this fraud.

Look beneath this facade and quite frankly most of us would be shocked.
The 'ordinary' member of $cientology faces intimidation, threats, personal, emotional and financial distress.

The truth is that $cientology, what it stands for and what Tom Cruise is advertising is so much worse than you could imagine.
I didn’t think an organisation could possibly get away with what it has in this day and age. But it does. And will.
Unless we all take a moment to find out for ourselves. And spread the word.

There is a well known quote from Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia:

"$cientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill... ($cientology is) the world's largest organisation of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy."

How could this judge (and many others) come to such a strong opinion about this organisation?
The facts are out there for anyone who cares to look.
And once you do, you don’t have to look very hard to read countless examples of shocking mistreatment and abuses.

Why should you bother?
Because you might just protect yourself, a friend or a family member from getting sucked into one of the biggest global scams around.

2366 days ago




2366 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

To those of you who think $cientology can be taken lightly and that Tom is just a joke,
I suggest you put this into perspective and visit here:

2366 days ago

Mary Worth    

Tiny Tom shows once again that he is very simple. He doesn't believe in wearing watches, etc!

Soon the kids will be taller than their stepdad!

2366 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

To Standby #77

You may have the perception that Tom is in fact good to his kids.
And I hope he is.

The underlying issue here is that Tom is inextricably linked to $cientyology, it's beliefs and practices.
He is entangled with $cientology and his commitment pervades ALL his decisions as a father.
This in turn affects his ex wife and their children.
To think otherwise would be very naive.

Well basically one of $cientology's core beliefs is that you disconnect from those who do not support your affiliation with $cientology.
You shun them.

Imagine this.
These children are completely immersed in $cientology.
They home school using $cientology information.
All their friends and family are $cientologists.
And then one day their parents divorce.
Your mum decides not to continue being a $cientologist.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in your life revolves around your belief in $cientology.
You know about the disconnection policy
You know your mum doesn't agree with what your dad believes in?
This must have some effect on the relationships between Nicole and her children.

Look, no one knows what has gone on between two people and what was behind the divorce.
But these $cientology issues must have affected the relationships involved.
If you are a $cientologist - it would have to.
It’s part of what makes $cientology tick.

Nicole does definitely spend time with her children.
Mostly out of the limelight. She has made this very clear, many times.
And I think that's why many people are very cynical of Tom's motives when he is photographed at ‘convenient’ times with them.

If you want see people discussing how this disconnection policy works, go to or watch these:

Or check out these sites:

2366 days ago


Can someone tell me why Cruise is wearing a sweater when it was 97 degrees HOT today in Southern California?
I mean it felt like we were in the middle of a heatwave today. Why is he always wearing a vest, sweater, or covering the
middle part of his torso. He is either wearing a man's girdle or a bullet proof vest under his clothes. I mean it was VERY HOT today. This is not the day to wear a sweater especially to an outdoor sports event. What was he thinking?

2366 days ago


So who takes care of the kids? They don't live with Nicole. Do they live with Tom and Katie?

2366 days ago


I say leave the children out of this. They are innocent in all of this, they have no choice ,(as like us when we were children) no say in their relgious upbringing, as we are the religion our parents are until we can get out on our own.

The children are good looking kids Issabella looks like Lohan in the photo Kind of, but she is a lovely young lady I have seen other photos of her, the Boy Conner is a hansome young man and Tom and Nicole should be proud of them!

Again i say leave the children all three of the children out of this....

2366 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

To Kat #82

I agree wholeheartedly that children should not bear responsibility for their parents actions.
But Tom (and Nicole) are actors who are famous.
So they can choose to live a quiet, non celeb type of life or not

Tom 'appears' to be photographed with his children when it suits his popularity meter.
This is only my opinion.
Alternatively, Nicole 'appears' to ensure her children are not used for photo opportunities.

That said, the children live with Tom most of the time.
This is 'supposedly' because he wishes them to follow a $cientology home schooled curriculum.
This infers that Nicole may not have been open to providing this ??

Tom is an intense person who is deeply involved in $cientology.
This affects the children also.
If Tom really wanted to keep his children out of the range of photographers, let's face it, he could.

2366 days ago

L Ron was a CON    

To The Wise Old Owl #70

Just telling it like it is.

We live in this media fuelled celebrity society.
Thinking that Tom Cruise the ACTOR is an authority on education, mental health and drug rehabilitation is one big con that $cientology would love us all to buy into.
With fame comes celebrity and with celebrity comes some element of responsibility.

2366 days ago
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