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Heidi to Posh: My Crap Is Better Than Yours

4/28/2008 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag has outsold Posh Spice -- in clothing sales.
Heidi Montag and Posh
Unlike Victoria Beckham's dVb collection -- which is now on the sale rack at Loehmann's -- Montag's clothing line Heidiwood has completely sold out at Robertson Blvd. boutique Kitson. "The Hills" are alive with the sound of cash registers.

But if you want to get your hands on one of her hoochie shorts or cheapie dresses you'll have to look elsewhere -- sources tell us Kitson won't be getting a new shipment of Heidi's line until the summer or fall collection comes out. Make it stop!

Moral of this story: It's a lot easier to sell crappy $44.95 jeans, than crappy $250 ones!

UPDATE: The dVb line is holding its own! Posh's line has completely sold out at the Reseda Loehmann's - beautiful Reseda, California - where the "Karate Kid" lived!


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I think that its ridiculous that someone would pay more then 100$ for a pair of jeans. Posh is pushing it .If she wants to sell some of her "clothing line" then she better step it up a notch

2376 days ago


OK, TMZ, now THAT was funny! "Moral of this story: It's a lot easier to sell crappy $44.95 jeans, than crappy $250 ones!"

Moral of THIS story: Its ok to pick on self centered douchebags.

2376 days ago

his fav brunette    

gross......she makes me want to vomit and so do her clothes/jewelry.....90% of the stuff has ZEBRA print on it...if thats "coming back", im gettin the hell out of here!!!

2376 days ago


Good article TMZ

I think the keyword is CRAPPY

Then again, people will pay $250 to bitch-punch Heidi

Go for it kiddo!!!

2376 days ago


Anyone who wears Heidwood jeans will be laughed at, from the cool kids on the street to adults, but especially in the future when your children look at your old pictures will ask "who was Heidi". And you'll be too embarrassed to tell them.

But who cares, by then you'll weigh 375 pounds and watch TV all day anyway.

2376 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Heidi supporting Jonn Mccain was courageos move on her part , but, her career in Hollywood will be very difficult (because most of hollywood is far to the left)

2376 days ago

KRTY still Loves Ya    

Those cheap ass Heidiwood clothes are at anchor blue stores in malss and there crap. haha
i cant believe people bought them, although the prob only had like 5 items which is why they sold out

2376 days ago


Why would anyone buy anything from either of these two? Heidiwood? Really? She needs to go away.

2376 days ago


i wouldn't buy anything with either of their names on it. i think people who buy products just because of whose name is on it don't know how to think for themselves. do you actually think either of these 2 really designed any clothing? montag is a bimbo and beckham is a self absorbed sour-puss. does that hateful witch even know how to smile?

2376 days ago


YOU both stink.

2376 days ago

warrior caliber    

what people are willing to pay for their clothes isnt anyone's business. if you can afford $250 jeans and theyre worth it to you, fantastic. If not, so what? Im curious to know if anyone from TMZ has even come close enough to either women's clothing line to begin to call them "crappy". Based on the shlock that's been "reported" on here these days, I doubt it. TMZ has become a snarky tabloid internet rag, clearly biased against some celebrities and flat out absurd in most respects and this is 'story' is just another example of TMZ's craptastic ability to create something out of nothing.

24 hour countdown to the next "Tom Brady is Gisele's b*tch! LOOK! There he is getting postage without his kid! OMG! What a horrible Dad!"

2376 days ago


Heidi and Posh both suck. Go away forever both of you.

2376 days ago


HoNeStLy...WhO wOuLd WeAr ClOtHeS fRoM aNy Of tHeSe DiNgBaTs!...I aGrEe WiTh CoMmEnT 13,lAuReN cOnRaD aCtUaLlY dOeS tHe WoRk,FoR hEr ClOTHiNg LiNe,HeIdI JuSt AgReEd To HaVe HeR nAmE aNd FaCe UsEd...aNd To ThE aCtUaL dESIgNeR...yOu CoUlD'nT fInE aNyOnE eLsE tO eNBdOrSe YoUr PrOdUcT!..wOw!..I'D bUy JeAnS wItH bRiTnEy SpEaRs NaMe On It BeFoRe I wOuLd hEiDi!

2376 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

I heard the day old tampons and thongs by her sell well.
Victoria has a higher end client base.. not just low lifes who are high.

2376 days ago


how can you even compare posh to heidi? posh sold milions of albums with the spice girls and heidi hardly sold any! by the way i have seen posh's dvb line and it is not crappy!

2376 days ago
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