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Miley -- Hate When My Top Goes Missing!

4/28/2008 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus just can't decide whether she wants to be squeaky clean or a saucy seductress – and today's she's protesting a bit too much, again.

Snaps of the "Hannah Montana" star in Vanity Fair mag caused a big stir – especially one of her with her back exposed, suggesting toplessness. Well, she now tells People she's "embarrassed" by the photos and claims that she was hoodwinked by the great Annie Leibovitz: "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic.'"

Vanity Fair shoots back in the New York Times, saying that her parents and handlers were in the studio the whole time.

Mindy McCready –- Roger's Underage Ballgirl?

Country trainwreck Mindy McCready might be a brand new pain in the ass for Roger Clemens, if a report claiming a relationship between the pitcher and the singer -– starting when she was 15 – turns out to be true.

The New York Daily News is reporting that McCready met Clemens when she was 15, and for the next ten years, the pair spent plenty of time together, with McCready coming to games and sitting behind home plate when the Rocket pitched. The allegations may hurt Clemens' cause in his defamation suit against ex-trainer Brian McNamee.

Clemens' lawyer admitted that the pair had a relationship but that it wasn't sexual.

Jessica Can Buy Friends – for $300

Whoever thought that Jessica Simpson would start losing celeb cred to her sister Ashlee, all because of a new nose and a bun in the oven? Even Joe Simpson gets on TMZ more than Jess does.

But one entertainment branding company, CKrush, wants Jess to reclaim her fame and show little sister who rules the Simpson family. Jessica can create her own "personal social network site" for $300, and CKrush says that this could help jump-start her career.

Hey – when your boyfriend, little sister, dad, and mom are getting more ink than you, anything will do.

Party Favors: Chace Crawford, So 2007 ... Clayken's Wackjob Fan ... Are We Witnessing the Birth of Mayniston?

Chace Crawford might be the Southern pretty boy du jour, but TMZ hears that "Leatherheads'" Trey Moore is about to be plugged into said title. He's a Cosmo hot bachelor, blah blah blah – and how long until some ridiculous scandal involving an ex-boybander? Stay tuned. ... Clay Aiken has a fan who really really likes him. Gatecrasher says that this fan has seen "Spamalot" more than 40 times, gets to the stage door every morning at 9:30 am, and calls him the "Savior." ... Jen Aniston and John Mayer? They were just spotted having lunch and dinner in Miami, reports Us, and it looked like they were "definitely" on a date.


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You know, these photos of Mily Cyrus arn`t anything worse than you see on her show. I don`t know what all th fuss is about. No one should be suprised at all that her parents are, once again, exploiting there daughter. Anyone on the Disney channel has already prostituted there lives. (Ex; Brittany spears) It`s really sad.. The poor girl will be washed up and emotionaly fried by the time she is 20. Her has-been Dad is to blame for all this. She needs our prayers.

2336 days ago


Oh... and Paul who posted earlier... GOOD POINT!

Take away that guitar voice effect from her singing and I think reality might hit some of these people.
They don't realize their are voice synthesizers that all one has to do is speak the words and the sound that is produced is based on the notes being played. This is what she uses. That and lipsyncing. LOL!

Before anyone attacks me... I know because I am a musician and singer and have a yamaha s90es with a voice card. Peace!

2336 days ago


I completely agree with Jesse.. couldn't have said it better myself.. I think everyone should go look at the vanity Fair website and realize these aren't even seductive.. it was a beautiful shoot shot by an amazing fashion photographer.. it's for Vanity Fair.. not J14!! I think everyones jealous & blowign things far too far out of proportion!

2336 days ago


They all go this route because they have no talent. Get over it. Give me the Beatles collection any day of the week.

2336 days ago


These photos aren't racy, they are artistic. Her apology is unnecessary and just the politically correct required reaction to overzealous grannies threatening not to buy t-shirts. America needs to grow up not Miley. Silly prudishness.

2336 days ago


What were her parents thinking??!! I have cut her some slack over some of the stuff we have seen. This? No way. its crossing the line. I already banned Zoey from my house and I guess Miley is next. These girls are not role models. How long before she is flashing her ho ho and doing drugs? Sad and pathetic. Its not like she needs the attention. So why did they allow this? I dont get it.

2336 days ago


She'll end up in Playboy by her early to mid twenties.

2336 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Miley's parents had to know what the perception would be.

2336 days ago


I "bought in" on Jessica Simpson when I thought she was a good person and stood for good. I bought her CD's, watched her shows and even went to her concert. Now that I really know the kind of person she is I won't be spending another dime on her. $300??? They have to be nuts!......but then again we are talking about the Simpson family!!!

2336 days ago


Kate D.....ARE YOU BLIND???? Having your 15 year old daughter photographed holding a sheet across her breasts with her back exposed AND HAIR TUSSLED to imply "naked" under the sheets IS NOT SEDUCTIVE???? She's supposed to look like she just woke up or something that's obvious by the TUSSLED HAIR.. And the pose of her laying across her daddy's lap IS THE SAME POSE WE SAW OF HER ON HER BOYFRIEND'S LAP!!!!

I did look at the photos and IN MY OPINION they were taken ON PURPOSE to LOOK SEDUCTIVE!!!! Now they're trying to BACK PEDDLE because they now realize after actually seeing the FINISHED PRODUCT FOR THEMSELVES that IT DOES LOOK SEDUCTIVE and that's why MILEY IS EMBARRASSED!!!!

2336 days ago


People who have no talent or a life enjoy trying to take down those that do. There's nothing wrong with any of Miley's pictures. Only a perverted mind would think different, or someone jealous.

2336 days ago


I think its interesting, I wonder what Annie Leibovitz will have to say about this.. She's 10 times the star that Miley will ever be.

2336 days ago


Only a pervert would think those were ok.

2336 days ago


Miley is 15. Didn't she need a parent to sign off before pictures were taken? Too many pictures of Miley are beginning to surface. She needs to stop now before another Britney, Kim, Paris bimboette is born.

2336 days ago


I would love to see the next Chace Crawford--Trey Moore pose in Vanity optional please!!

2336 days ago
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