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Miley -- Miles from Reality on VF Shoot

4/28/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus might be boo-hooing about this Vanity Fair shoot, but we're told that her parents were with her "the entire time" and that they knew everything that was going on. So any suggestion that Annie Leibovitz tricked Miley into taking racy shots are absurd: "There was no subterfuge," we're told.
Miley Cyrus, Annie Leibovitz
Well-placed sources at Vanity Fair say that the mag is "happy for all the press -- we're selling magazines, after all," and when it comes to Miley's suggestion that the legendary Leibovitz got her to take a topless shot, "Are you going to believe Annie Leibovitz or Miley Cyrus?"

For her part, Leibovitz said in a statement, "I'm sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted."


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Any regular person possesing these kind of pictures of their daughter would be arrested for possesion of child porn.

2369 days ago


#44 Not that bad? The sicko's I deal with everyday look for pictures of young girls like this. And people wonder why we have so many kids getting sexually abused. Don't be so stupid. And that family should be ashamed. thanks for making my job harder.

2369 days ago


Is anyone also weirded out about the poses with her Dad??? Kinda Creepy!

2369 days ago


Why is Annie such a nasty photo perv and no one calls her out on it? She doesn't respect the standards of innocence or providing decency of work in her younger clients.. and should appolgise for exploiting, showing disrespect and negative consequences of trusting her ever again.

2369 days ago

in the know    

Did Vanity Fair put a gun to her head and tell her to take off the clothes??????

2369 days ago


PULEEZE - and who conned Miley into taking sleazy pictures of HERSELF and posting them on the web?? I'm sure the photos by Annie Leibozwitz are much more tasteful than the ones Miley took of herself... This girl is pathetic. She should be honored that Annie Leibowitz even took her pictures. And from the shots that I've seen, there's hardly any nudity anyway - what, a back and a belly?? - give it up, Miley, you willingly showed much more in photos you took of yourself. Who is she kidding?? She's like the B-list version of a younger Britney, but Britney was way hotter and was a better entertainer.

2369 days ago


Why would you put the blame on a fifteen year old little girl. Believe me fifteen year olds make mistakes. Who didn't put on makeup and prance around with what was a cute style at the time type of clothing. She's fifteen and trying to live in a very grown up world. I think she is doing the same things almost all other fifteen year olds do. She unfortunately has to be a little more carefull about it due to the fact she's in the spotlight and considered a role model for little girls. The photographer should be ashamed of herself. Why, even if you thought it was tastefull would you ask a little girl to take off her top? That woman should be charged with child pornography! It should have never even been an issue to begin with. She knew damn well that Miley was a young girl who would be harshly judged for these photo's. That was just plain irresponsible.

2369 days ago


I'm having a flashback to ten years ago when Britney struck a lolita pose on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. Her parents were there too. What do you think are the chances of Miley marrying an out of work backup dance in the next 7 or 8 years?

2369 days ago


Where the heck was her Mom? Is this the same Mom who punished Miley for wearing a short shirt at one of her concerts? Miley stated on the Rayn Seacrest radio show that she got punished becasue her Mom did not allow her to wear a short top at one of her concerts. Know she is showing her bra, her stomach & laying across a boy's lap showing her stomach I wonder if she was punished for that. The thing that is worng here is that she is only 15!!! She cant even drive yet & she is taking pictures like these. Britney & Lindsay never took pictures like these at the age of 15 what is going on with Disney?? they have Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale left hopefully these girls will stay covered up!! Miley please think about what all youre young fans are thinking know. My 4 1/2 year old niece asked me to buy her a green bathing suite becasue she saw you're picture on TMZ I had to tell her that you were just showing us you're new bikini. You have alot of young fans & they look up to you please think about them becuase without them you are nothing & you're 1-billion impire is going to crash & burn in front of you're eyes!!

2369 days ago

nikkis mom    

My daughter is a Hannah Montana fan at the age of 7 and I am so angry. I let my daughter watch Miley when she was on the American Idol gives back and questioned her suggestive dance movements. This girl is 15 and preaches family values. That is why I allowed my daughter to look up to her. She is acting out in an inappropiate way and her family has lost control. The family should realize where her fan base is. 6 to 12 year olds! She is headed down the wrong road.

2369 days ago


Ok, seriously...she is a celebrity!! And when you get offered to do a photo shoot for Vanity Fair thats a huge deal. One...its not child porn because she was covered up and nothing was exposed. That isn't even an issue. Second, when you are underage and do photo shoots like that there are contracts that the child AND parent has to sign and they make everything very clear and I can assure that they knew what they were stepping into well before they did it! There was no manipulation going on there. So she obviously had permission. It doesn't mean Miley Cyrus is slutty either...they are meant to be artistic...its not like she is doing playboy. Its really stupid how parents are acting about this...half of the teenagers out there are taking way worse pictures and posting them on myspace or wherever else on the internet and their parent's don't have any clue at all! So don't judge a teenager who is actually doing it for an artistic, well known and respected magazine.
Miley has some sort of right to do that because she was doing it as a professional as well. Most celebrities wouldn't have passed that up....for the chance to say they posed for Vanity Fair, plus I'm sure BIG bucks were involved. Thats the business, thats Hollywood. It really seems as if people still can't understand that.

2369 days ago


Disney's poster child just another sperm burping gutter slut? Who could have planned for that.......

2369 days ago

Angela Summers    

Interesting. If a relative had taken the pictures, they'd be called "child porn." What makes the media so different?

The age of consent was established because young people are easily and unfairly influenced by elders: frankly I think Annie Leibovitz should be arrested for taking advantage of Miley's age and maturity level. All media reprinting and sensationalizing sexually “artistic” pictures of underage should be held responsible too.

Shame on ALL those trying to make hay with minors and their budding sexuality.

2369 days ago


This celebutard is on the fence about being a good girl role model or coming of age and trying to be a sexy woman. Her parents were there, enough said. Miley is the liar, hands down, especially considering all the other recents pics of her floating all over cyberspace.

2369 days ago


How odd people defend it when Miley and her parents themselves admit this was out of line and in poor taste.

2369 days ago
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