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Miley -- Miles from Reality on VF Shoot

4/28/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus might be boo-hooing about this Vanity Fair shoot, but we're told that her parents were with her "the entire time" and that they knew everything that was going on. So any suggestion that Annie Leibovitz tricked Miley into taking racy shots are absurd: "There was no subterfuge," we're told.
Miley Cyrus, Annie Leibovitz
Well-placed sources at Vanity Fair say that the mag is "happy for all the press -- we're selling magazines, after all," and when it comes to Miley's suggestion that the legendary Leibovitz got her to take a topless shot, "Are you going to believe Annie Leibovitz or Miley Cyrus?"

For her part, Leibovitz said in a statement, "I'm sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted."


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Mrs. Jonas    

just leave her alone !!

2371 days ago

just wondering    

..well many r too young to remember the Brooke Shields Calvin Klein ad...and Brooke was only 12...this is nothing new and has accomplished EXACTLY what all involved wanted...PUBLICITY..oldest trick in he book.

2371 days ago


Her parents are pimps and I'll bet they're laughing all the way to the bank. They should be ashamed of themselves. They belong in the same class as Dina Lohan, and that should be offensive to them!

2371 days ago


I agree...the only people to blame are her parents and herself. And I saw a picture with her and her Dad from the shoot that just gave me an icky feeling. It was more like lovers than father and daughter. That picture alone made me think way less of them than any of the others. Today it's more shocking to NOT see an actress or singer whore themselves out than it is to see stuff like this.

2371 days ago


I think Vanity Fair is to blame. I'm sure that Annie took plenty of photos of Britney, ~errrr~ Miley with clothes on. They could have published a different photo of her. VF wanted to sell more magazines. It's all about the dollar $ign. That's why Billy Ray is pimping out his daughter.

2371 days ago


Without trying to defend the wrong or the right of it; I would just like to point out the following... This country's obsessive repression and denial of human sexuality is highly indicative of why we have some of the highest rates of sexual deviancy in both the civilized and the uncivilized world. The furor that these pictures are creating completely illustrate sexually pathological mindsets that seek to create a lurid back story to something that in another iteration could be viewed as artistic and a celebration of beauty. This is also what happens when we create and feed a cult of personality (a la Brittany, olsen twins, Miley, etc.) to such a degree that all boundaries are completely blurred and exceeded only by our prurient interest in criticizing what we have helped to build... Physician heal thyself... Stop creating gods and goddesses out of mere human beings... Undertake your parental responsibilities and stop blaming everyone else because you have a child that can't distinguish or choose viable roll models...

2371 days ago


There is nothing wrong with the photograph... Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to sexual about, it looks like she is just holding a towel around themselves at the beach.. My goodness this is silly, it does not even hint at a breast or anything like..

2371 days ago


MILEY CYRUS - are you really THAT stupid--were you drugged and didn't know what you had on (or off) and in what positions you were posing? I don't think so! Gee thanks for giving child molesters what they want. Visions of my daughters, as well as others' daughters, are dancing in their f****** heads!
You don't deserve the blessings you've been given!

2371 days ago


Let her be a whore like Britney! She'll burn out a lot faster!

2371 days ago


Um, Vanity Fair is an ADULT magazine - did she not know the caliber of images that are in there?? And why is Miley acting so shocked at her own skin? I think we've all seen her anyway in photos that SHE took of herself and posted on the web. What a joke. Publicity at its inside job as usual. Get a grip, Miley, we all know that YOU know damn well which photos were being printed. I wouldn't be so quick to blame a professional photographer and the watchful parents on the set. They know very well what went on and what was going to be printed... What a joke. Annie Leibowitz is a great photographer. Miley Cyrus is your everyday fame whore - a cheap version of least Britney looked great doing it! Miley looks like she's 36 and sounds like she's a 46 year old smoker.

2371 days ago


Photographers are generally told what TYPE of pic whomever is paying for their services wants. In this case, Vanity Fair and Miley's parents were the ones responsible for telling Annie what look they were looking for. Stop blaming Annie when Miley's PARENTS were right there the whole time. There is no subterfuge going on, right out in the open, silly people!

2371 days ago



2371 days ago


I don't think the pictures are sexual. I think they capture a young girl on the verge of becoming a woman. I would object to the shot of her in red lipstick, a short dress, and laying on the ground with a come hither look on her face before the other ones. The shots of her in the sheet and with her father are beautiful. If you think there is anything sexual about them then you should ask yourself why YOU are thinking of her in that manner. How many of us have photos of our children in the tub or yard nude? Are those now sexual pics also? Shouldn't we all be ashamed of ourselves ? She should be proud of those photos. They definitely portray someone who is pure, innocent, and full of self confidence. I'm sorry this successful young woman felt the need to appease the rest of you judgemental ignoramuses with an apology.

2371 days ago


The question isn't (or shouldn't be) who's the liar, the question should be 'why is it that the 'entertainment' industry does its' best to make all the females look like sluts, skanks and whores.

There's nothing wrong with a sweet, wholesome look. I just get tired of all the exploitation done in the name of selling music, movies or whatever. Leave our girls to be girls... they'll grow up soon enough anyway.

About 10 years ago I was following a pile of links here and there, and lo and behold, a photo ad that linked very young Britney Spears engaged in explicit sex acts....want to see more? Just give them your credit card info.

What disturbed me was she was about 15 at the time and in one of the photos she looked as if she had been crying - puffy red eyes and what looked like a slap mark on her left cheek. is this what it takes to see CDs and concerts? Soft and hard core porn, turning our young daughters into whores - literally?

Miley is still young and impressionable. Annie is an old fart who is legendary in the mag industry - having started for teen rags like 16 and Tiger Beat (Yeah - I'm an old fart too), and so what she says goes...

... but all too often artistic license is just a shortcut to soft porn, and this is a good example of it - immaterial that her parents or minders were close by - SOMEONE should have have put the brakes on the photo shoot as soon as the suggestion to take off her top, wear a satin sheet and have her hair done as if to convey the image that she just had a roll in the sack with some idiot.

Hey Billy Ray - you should know better how the industry eats its' young. What the hell were you and the Mrs thinking letting your daughter prance around like that?

...and now that the photos are out and she realizes that she looks like a little slut - NOW she has to apologize to her fans?

What is she really apologizing for? Fear of losing sales, concert tickets and promotions? It sure as hell couldn't be an apology for realizing she looks like a slut - she voluntarily took off her clothes when she was asked to. No-one forced her to do that.

Parents need to teach their daughters that they shouldn't look up to pop stars as idols or heroines, and parents need to teach their daughters that they don't need to dress like whores, and sound like one when they open their mouths to speak. If anything these parents need to take their daughters for a tour through TMZ and teach them that they should be the complete opposite of what they see.

2371 days ago

nira k    

Another washed up Hollywood parent selling their kid for $$. The father was there- he knew what went on. Now that the reaction wasn't what they expected, they have to blame someone. Can't take responsibility for their own actions you know; its the Hollywood way. Kid dresses and makes up way too Paris Hilton for my taste. I'm staying tuned for the for the release of the sex tape.

2371 days ago
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