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De la Fuente Will be Shot in Bed!

4/29/2008 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la FuenteCristian de la Fuente will appear on "Dancing" tonight, but our spies say it won't be live in the studio. Our spies say producers are trying to microwave an appearance from his hospital bed.

UPDATE: We have received complaints from TMZ users who think we're saying that Cristian will be put in a microwave and cooked like popcorn. It's a whole technical thing. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.


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GOD TMZ IS GETTING OLD QUICK!....geez nobody cares about this guy, or von a-hole, or shauna sands, or any other person who isnt a real celebrity. Why dont you talk about brangelina moving to france on monday? or mariahs new music video, or something to do with real celebrities, and not "LOOK AT THEM NOW" pictures of people from the 80s that nobody even remembers. TMZ your losing out to perez hilton every day because your stories are old and boring. Get with the program, ive stopped coming to tmz first and start going to perez first. And please update your red and black color scheme is getting boring too....just my two, or three, or four cents....

2332 days ago

ding dang y'all    

Yikes. HRHKAT. Dang. Y'all. But, you have to admit, there is a point in all that random anger. Von A hole is so annoying. And who the hell is Cristian De La Fuente? Where is Britney when you need her? No, JK, Britney. I think we all want to see Brit Brit do well. But life is boring without her...

2332 days ago


I hope he goes home tonight. I can't stand cherl burke . HAHAHa

2332 days ago


Well I for one am very concerned, I keep checking back for updates on Cristian's condition! Please keep us informed & get well soon Cristian!

2332 days ago


First of all, who would actually think someone would be put in a microwave? Second, why do you now care what someone that retarded would think?

2332 days ago


I hope he goes home. He is a terrible dancer! He's next on the list. After him, Shannon is outta there!

2332 days ago


The person or persons that think he going to be cooked in a microwave are the same people that have to have a warning on the Preperation H so that they dont eat it to make their booties feel better or on the curling iron so they dont break out in a shower hair styling while the waters running lol Are you kidding me???? Im still laughing at cooked in the microwave omg heh heh I can see him all nice and fluffy like popcorn

2332 days ago


Have you got any please dont shoot him emails?????/ Microwave lmfao

2332 days ago


WTH who is he that we need to hear from him from a hospital bed???? I can't believe this BS!!! Even if she was in a hospital bed, so what!! They need to go home both of them- one to Chile and the other one unfortuneately up here in S.F. or maybe he could take her back to Chile with him, she needs new meat markets to go peeps know she loves to cook right?

2332 days ago


all I can say is who cares about "DWTS"? It ranks up there with all of the other old, stale "reality" shows. They all suck. And keeping with that theme, so does Von A Hole, and all of the other people who are famous for nothing at all. God, GIVE US A BREAK ALREADY!!! How about something interesting for a change? The only thing I've read that's caught my eye was the guy from CSI getting busting for being an idiot. When WAS the last time TMZ had something about Brangelina or someone other than some wannabe's bro getting busted for DUI or someone sagging bikini clad butt (Janice D anyone??) Enough already. Get some news or at the very least something interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2332 days ago


Shot in the bed??? Will Cheryl BL*W him in bed too?

2332 days ago


He's on the show, which means TMZ's spies are either completely fictional or need eye surgery. Buh bye.

2332 days ago


TMZ,,,,your spies are wrong. Just turned on DWTS and he was standing next to Cheryl.

2332 days ago


TMZ, seriously, who IS this guy? And why do we care?

2332 days ago


Once again. WHO?

2332 days ago
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