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"DWTS" -- Deaf and Numb

4/29/2008 11:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la Fuente thinks the ruptured tendon in his left arm is comparable to the fact that Marlee Matlin is deaf.

He told Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris that if he were voted on to the next round, he would power through his injury, saying, "Weeks ago, a deaf woman took the chance of dancing. I can dance."

If only he were mute.


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Kerri K    

what the heck???? i'm hearing impaired and that remark was totally uncool!!!!!

2367 days ago


#14 - Bravo! That is exactly what he meant! You guys - why are you so quick to jump on someone? He meant that if Marley Matlin can dance being deaf, he can certainly dance with an injured arm. He was giving her "props" not trying to compare himself to her!

Cristian is a gorgeous man, and seems to be very sweet and humble - please quit putting him down.

The crappy part is Derek and Shannon were voted off - I love those two - they have great chemistry.

2367 days ago


I didn't take it as a deragatory comment at all. I assumed he was saying that until last week there was a deaf woman dancing and that if she could do that he could definitely dance with a gimped up arm. I don't think he meant it the way everyone is taking it. I think he was being sincere.

2367 days ago


He wasn't comparing HIS injury with HER DISABILITY! He was just saying if Marlee had the courage and determination to compete he should be able to compete with a sore arm! Give the guy a break already! He's never gotten the credit he deserves on this show to begin with.

2367 days ago


He meant no disrespect - He was trying to say if a woman who is deaf can dance, his injury is minor in comparison and he will go on.

2367 days ago


what a dumb comment that was! btw, who was he looking at??

2367 days ago

Heather Curtin    

Who the hell does he think he is? I am a very proud parent of a hearing impaired child, having a muscle cramp or at the most a small tendon injury cannot be compared to a world of silence. He should have been gone last night, maybe he ought to be kissing Cheryl Burke's feet, she is the only reason he is still on the show. What a self conceited piece of doo doo hs is, never compare your bad dancing to a life-long disability.

2367 days ago



2367 days ago


Stop twisting his words. He didnt say he was the same. He meant if Marlee can overcome something soo huge his little injury wasnt going to stop him. he was actually complimenting her. Sheesh.

2367 days ago


and the sheep go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Sheep are the dumbest creatures on the planet. Learn to think for yourselves and use your brains. Instead of following along mindlessly.

2367 days ago


I think he meant it as 'this is a minor inconvienence compared to Marlee's deafness.'

2367 days ago


I think it was more like he was saying that his injury is nothing compared to what Marlee went through, so there is no reason why he shouldn't try. TMZ, I think you totally misinterpreted this one.

2367 days ago


He was very respectful of Marlee. What he was saying is his injury is not enough reason to stop when a woman who is deaf never tried to get out of dancing. I have a hearing problem and I appreciated his comment. People, you should admire him for that comment, not find fault with him.

2367 days ago


Why does his stupid bitch partner always JUMP on every partner when they get to the next round!? She's so annoying! The guy has a torn tendon (or whatever) and she still jumped up on him & expected him to hold her up. WTF is her problem?

2367 days ago


No disrespect was intended by his remarks. So if you people can't say anything good, then keep your ignorant mouths shut. Cheryl & Chritian do a lot of charity work. If we all did half as much, this world would be much better.

2367 days ago
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