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Puts the Moves On

... His Daughter?!

4/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a lot of guys who would kill to rub oil in between Brooke Hogan's thighs -- but her birth father shouldn't be one of 'em! Billy Ray Cyrus on line one!

In an attempt to turn Brooke a similar shade of burnt amber, Hulk creepily rubbed lotion and frolicked with his 19-year-old eldest child -- along with his Brooke-alike girlfriend -- at an L.A. hotel pool on Monday. Keep it in the family.


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EWWW, she's not 5 years old and her arms dont seem to be broken. this is gross. i cant believe she let him do that UGH.

2370 days ago

Spell Check.    

He's putting suntan lotion where the sun don't shine.

2370 days ago

Spell Check.    

It's a good thing Hulk wasn't doing any finger pointing - it would have been halfway up her butt.

2370 days ago

Scott Dred    

I think the Hulk is hoping for a fart. And based on the size of Brooke's body I'll bet they're loud and smelly!!!

2370 days ago

Spell Check.    

just me,
Please, please testify for me in my court case!
Where can you be reached?

2370 days ago


Without a doubt he is rubbing his daughter's butt. The sunglasses definately prove it's Brooke, so no question there. This is so very sick and they act like it's so normal. It just isn't appropriate and I would definately consider it incest.This is just sick..I don't know what these people must be thinking but clearly the HOgan family is as dysfunctional and disgusting as it gets. The mom is useless and thinks she is a teen, the Dad is clearly a pervert and was instrumental in destroying a life as he encouraged his son to race and drink, the daughter lets her dad rub her everywhere and doesn't seem to care whether it is public or not and the son is just a moran who belongs in jail. God...I am so disgusted looking at these pics and find it so very disturbing. I don't care if the girl's ass is on fire, her dad had no business touching her. By the way..that Brooke is one big girl..I mean she is huge.

2370 days ago


All those hits he took to the head while wrestling - only his Creep and Perv cells are left functioning. This is too weird - someone call Doctor Phil.

2370 days ago

jonny quest    

Well , he is from the south and that's a normal thing to do that there . Ask any country singer.

2370 days ago

Spell Check.    

Blinky - so your kids are on drugs and going to counselors?

2370 days ago


That's just to Damn gross ewwwwww

2370 days ago


America's problems with intimacy extend into other areas.

Drug addiction, for one.

The very fact that so many of you idiots respond to a picture of a father putting suntan lotion on his daughters butt by saying it must be incest tells me America has some serious freaking issues.

In the rest of the world, this picture would probably not even be noticed.

We have divorced ourselves from human intimacy in America, especially in California, to the point of becoming products.

Might as well tattoo ourselves with bar codes and go ahead and implant the chips in our brains.

What a bunch of robots you are.

Real love, in your eyes, becomes perverse.


Stop watching so much television, and go get lives, you dorks.

Or ...

We could just throw all the men in jail.

Hey, let's do that.

Let's throw all the men in jail.

Even the men are throwing the men in jail these days.

What a bunch of pantywaists?

I hate to inform all of you, but sharks do not normally eat people, everyone has not been molested, all fathers are not performing incest by applying suntan lotion on their daughters, aliens have not invaded, and most of you need professional help.

Where's Tyler Durden when you need him, anyways?

2370 days ago


He is a gross has been anyways!

2370 days ago


What the HELL!! You Americans are so quick to Kill your heros. The truth of the matter is, how many pictures can I take of "Your" life where others will say "okay, photo #11 made me throw up in my mouth a little...ok, a lot." You all are a bunch of F'N HYPOCRITES. Get off you Damn high horse! He is a father! Don't jump the gun and label him a Michael Jackson!
This is all for publicity. The reporters know that. Don't fall into the trap. He loves his kids as though they were still children. They always will be. Let it go!!!!! The guy is a damn good father. Just step off and let him be one!

2370 days ago


Time to take a poll, [insert joke here]. Would it better for: naughty Brooke to be oiled by her you're-so-big daddy, go nuts self-lubricating herself or have Brooke and Hogan's girlfriend rub lotion on eachother.. maybe the girls get a little silly..

2370 days ago

just me    

just me, I googled that complex thing and girl it was like a flash back to my high school years when I used to stay over sometimes with my best friend. She had a little sister that was just too freaky to believe. Her sister was younger than my friend. About 12 or 13 years old I think. And she was so jealous and so possessive of her dad that it was just too weird to be normal. It was like no way her mom and dad could set side by side without her pushing them apart and squeezing in between them. No matter what she was doing if her mom sat down on the couch or porch step beside the dad she would stop what she was doing and horn in between them. It would make my friend's mom so angry and she would scold her but her dad just thought it was funny and lovable and he would hug her and defend her from her mom. And she was almost always on his lap and following him around like a love sick pup. She was like that with her sister too. Her dad could hug her two brothers no problem but every time I seen him hug my friend her little sister would horn in and push them apart. That was way too freaky to be normal but what was even more weird is that her nightie was one of her dad's shirts. On a stay over one night my friend's mom got in a real mean screaming match with my friend's little sister because her mom laid out a cute nightie for her after putting the dad's shirt in the laundry hamper. Girl, talk about an almost knock down drag out fight over one of her dad's shirts to wear to bed. That was scary! And my friend's little sister, 12 or 13 years old mind you, stomped out of the bedroom wearing nothing but panties, not even a t-shirt or halter or training bra, and went screaming to her dad. Now after I googled that complex thing you mentioned I just know for sure now that was my friend's little sister's thing for her dad. That is just too weird. Kinky stuff for sure!

2370 days ago
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