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Puts the Moves On

... His Daughter?!

4/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a lot of guys who would kill to rub oil in between Brooke Hogan's thighs -- but her birth father shouldn't be one of 'em! Billy Ray Cyrus on line one!

In an attempt to turn Brooke a similar shade of burnt amber, Hulk creepily rubbed lotion and frolicked with his 19-year-old eldest child -- along with his Brooke-alike girlfriend -- at an L.A. hotel pool on Monday. Keep it in the family.


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German Duckie    

Being German, I m certainly NOT as NEUROTIC about a naked body than most bigoted US citizens are, but: No "normal" father would ever touch his GROWN-UP(!) daughter like that! I.e. around her butt, private parts, boobs.....You can oil your little daughter but as soon as a child s body starts to develop into that of a teenager (or WOMAN, I mean she is 19!!!) , NO normal father (or mother) would touch her like that! It s certainly sexual, that it s someone from within the family does not change this. Even to THINK that this could be normal to me is rather perverted and makes me THINK about some of the people saying here that this is a NORMAL behaviour of a father towards his ADULT(!) daughter........

Hulk is disgusting and I really think something is terribly WRONG in this daughter-father relation!

2332 days ago


Yeah, and people think that Miley Cyrus' photos are inappropriate! At least Billy Ray wasn't touching her bottom! I don't care if he is the dad, at that age, she should be able to do that herself!

2332 days ago


#22, there is a big difference between doing that with your small children and doing that to your GROWN daughter!

2332 days ago


#38, I agree with you. For the record, I don't think there is anything sexual going on between Hulk and his daughter. Its still inappropriate what he was doing though!

2332 days ago


Blinky, just by the simple idea that you don't think there is something hugely inappropriate about Hulk rubbing his daughter's ass and inner thighs leads me to beleive that you, yourself may have some knd of sexual hangup..perhaps you lean a little to the child molestation side or incest..not sure but I am sure that the average normal person looking at this behavior can clearly is not normal. It is so sicking and the added behavior of Hulk when Brooke entertained boyfriends on the show reveals just how jealous of other men Hulk is. Now in hindsite I wonder if Brooke wasn't "teasing" her dad by letting him see other men around her..causing him to go into jealous rages and Brooke enjoying making her dad jealous as a girl would make her boyfriend jealous by flirting with others........the whole thing is sick and the Hogans total disregard to their behavior shows there perverted thinking. I am sure they are telling themselves that they are people who just really love their kids and have always been touchy me the jitters watching these pervs.

2332 days ago


Sorry but I have a real problem with this. We are not talking about a small child or toddler...we are talking about a 19 year old young woman and her father rubbing her butt, thighs and god knows what else. As for the post that whether our kids are 4 or 54...are you some kind of a lunatic? I always had a sick feeling watching the interavtions of Terry Bollea and his daughter on "Hogan Knows Best". Something very hiinky about it. The pictures just make me get a little sicker. Sorry but a man in his 50's does not touch his adult daughter like that. For those of you who cannot see something wrong with that and say the rest of us are sick, you are so very wrong. It would not surprise me in the least if one day it all comes out that Terry Bollea has had an incestuous relationship with her for a very long time. I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling deep in my gut that he is and has taken advantage of her many times. Frankly I think both of his kids are mentally deficient. Not to say it absolves them in any way. Nick and Brooke have idiots for parents, idiots of the worst kind. And maybe just maybe Linda knew something was going on between Terry and Brooke and that is why she left. If so, why did she not take Brooke with her and put her into some major therapy. But the pictures of Terry with his hand on her butt and between her thighs is sickening. He is one sick and perverted individual. You know what happens to guys like him in prison?

2332 days ago


Come on people this is her Father! Nothing wierd about it!

2332 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

i totally agree a parent can put some sunscreen on their own kid... but whats up between the legs!!!!!!!!!! No way is that the norm!

2332 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

well the wifey dumped him.. so, hummm lets think who can take her place?? She looks just like her too!! SOOOO NASTY!!

2332 days ago

Never inked up!    

It is a known fact that for generations upon generations it was normal for families, and yes mostly sounthern families to marry their cousins. I don't make the rules people. But this is a very true fact. It was nomal for them. I realize it not done very often today but........ a lot of you Sounthern folks do earn your reputations. Sorry.

Its true one does need a passport to come down there.

2332 days ago

Never inked up!    

Bottom line here Sharfromtheeastcoast:

ITS YOUR PARENTS!!! AND THEIR OLD!!! They can't take of themselves. I get that. This is not a older parent who has taken care of their children all their lives. They deserve our help. This is a 19 year ols who care rub her own ass! Get real. Stop calling everyone a perv. Your comment makes zero sense.

Trust,we all know the differnece. This is just plain weird. Oh, I have two daughters, 21, and 19 and their father would refuse to do this if asked! My son is 13 and gets crazy if "his mom" wants to kiss him on the lips!

So, we all are not pervs. We just know our boundries, you must not.

2332 days ago


I think its a bit strange--HOWEVER-- I have many friends in body building and this type of thing (rubbing lotion) is normal and not thought of as sexual...everyone rubs lotion on eachother and in very strange places--us normal people would think its strange but in the body building/weight lifting world its normal.

2332 days ago


I wouldn't let my husband rub oil on my ass or between my thighs at a public pool let alone my father!!! It is called inappropriate public behavior. If he even tried it I'd be like "Uh, yeah, I got this. I can reach my own thighs, freak!" Some spray lotion if you're starting to burn on your back- that's one thing-who cares who does that?? If I saw my husband rubbing oil between my grown step-daughter's thighs I'd have been like "Are you out of your ever lovin mind???" My step daughter wouldn't ask him to do that (I think she'd much rather take her chances with a sunburn) nor would my husband take it upon himself to oil her up! For all those saying your daughter is your daughter no matter what age: I have NEVER seen anyone putting sunblock on a toddler between their thighs! I don't get his girlfriend not seeing what a freakshow the Bollea family is!

2332 days ago


Maybe she keeps steroids in her bum and he is just looking for a fix?

2332 days ago


Are you sure this is his daughter and not his girlfriend?

2332 days ago
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