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Puts the Moves On

... His Daughter?!

4/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a lot of guys who would kill to rub oil in between Brooke Hogan's thighs -- but her birth father shouldn't be one of 'em! Billy Ray Cyrus on line one!

In an attempt to turn Brooke a similar shade of burnt amber, Hulk creepily rubbed lotion and frolicked with his 19-year-old eldest child -- along with his Brooke-alike girlfriend -- at an L.A. hotel pool on Monday. Keep it in the family.


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You guys must be sick. He's her DAD stupid. He will always think of her as his baby. I guess you must not have a great relationship with your parents, because if you did you would understand. The writer of this article is sick. He's the sickco.

2316 days ago


How can anyone watch this and not call the police? The girl is at least 20 if not older, and he is sitting their rubbing lotion on her smooth, silky, sweaty.......Sorry, sorry, got off track, but really, incest is illegal last time I checked (Unless it is diff. in Cali?). And you say all Dad's do this? LMAO, when was the last time YOU saw a 40+ dad rubbing lotion on his 20 or 21 year old daughter? Yeah, didn't think so.

2316 days ago


Hell, I'm 19 and I can rub myself down with lotion *cough cough*.....:)

2316 days ago

Get name right    

JEEES... Thats one creepy bastered. Back off the girl what is she 19, 20 now.

2316 days ago


It makes you wonder if he is having SEX with his daughter? HOW SICK IS HE! YUK! HE'S NASTY!!! & so is his DAUGHTER-what kind of a girl is she? SHE'S NO LADY AT ALL!

2316 days ago


This is just pure BS!! I have never in my 33 years seen a father rub anything on his daughter, especially suntan lotion on the butt and thighs. THIS IS NOT NORMAL!! First off, why didn't the lazy witch do it herself and secondly, the BOY shes making out with in the pool, why in the world didn't he do it!! VERY STRANGE AND VERY WRONG....No wonder his wife left his steroid ass.

2315 days ago


It is Brooke, look at the other pictures her big ass is in all of them....And to the comment #244, what do you honestly think he's going to say? Yes, I rubbed her and it was wrong??? Come on...I had a great relationship with my father and he would never NOR would I EVER let him do that...Its just wrong no matter what way you look at it!!

2315 days ago


Hey, it's wrong to rub your childrens feet if you have a foot fetish and are getting off, it's all depends whats going on in his head. unfortunately, obviously not much to be doing this in public, even if his intentions are good.

2315 days ago


80. Like the guy in Aussie white guy was imbreding with his daughter for 24 yrs. he had 7 children with her locked her in the cellar for 24 yrs. I'm praying for them that's sad.

Posted at 2:30PM on Apr 29th 2008 by Pastor Paula White

He was AUSTRIAN not Australian! Get it right before you try and make a point please

2314 days ago

efrain lopez    

WHO? Cares.....How many mother shave the daughters bikini line? plenty How many fathers shave their sons junk? probably more than i care to know. but who cares! There's alot worse things he could be doing to her. and if he were doing those kinds of things he wouldn't rub his daughters ass in broad daylight if it weren't a big deal, to her, or the hulk.

2313 days ago


These comments have officially made me stupider.

This is what happens when a bunch of self-hating gay jewish dudes run a web site.

My guess is they're all jealous of Brooke, and probably want Hulk to themselves.

What a bunch of drama queens TMZ is. For real.

Most of these idiotic posts on here are likely from their staff.

(Just because daddy touched you doesn't mean he touched everyone else.)

Incest survivors often believe 'the whole world' must be into incest, too, since it happened to them.

This is, of course, a fallacy.

Just like the fallacy put out there by the gay community that 'all of us are gay, sometimes'.

No, we're not.

When you try to make everyone and everything fit into your own odd world view, it is often a visible sign of mental illness. 'Projection', I think it's called.

People who have done too much LSD and/or methamphetamine suffer something similar.

Those are called 'Paranoid Delusions'.

Whoever writess these articles obviously has a world view tainted by their own seriously screwed up upbringing, and they are using it to 'project' onto a world that does not exist.

Read TMZ with this in mind.

Just as in the so-called 'reality' television shows, a 'normal' view of the world does not sell. People only watch the 'crazies'.

Same thing with TMZ writers.

Find the most screwed up idiots on the planet, and give them writing jobs seems to be TMZ's strategy.

Don't take it seriously, folks.

And stop making me feel stupider!

Hulk Hogan is NOT having INCEST with his daughter!

You people are hurting my head!

2313 days ago

Patty a just plain f'ing annoying. First, don't type every sentence in double space. Second, WTF kind of name is BLINKY? Quit hiding behind a name and quit being a bigoted blowhard who talks big but hides behind a fake name. Third.....people don't "HAVE INCEST" you moron, incest is what it is called when there are unnatural relations between family members, etc. For the record, ummmm Blinky, I think you are probably gay (who cares?), Jewish (Another who cares), and you probably live in your boxers in your mother's attic. Maybe you should get out and get some air. If TMZ hurts your head so much, then why oh why do you read it? My suggestion is to take a short walk, get some air, have your mother make you a quick snack, then take 2 aspirin and post again the 5th of never.

2313 days ago


Got so caught up with Blinky I forgot what I was posting about LOL......Those pics of the Hulk don't surprise me...if you watched the show and any man that is so concerned about who his 18-20ish daughter is dating that he puts a GPS system on her car, tries to scare away bfs, and acts like he's going to have an emotional breakdown when she is not with him and he doesn't know where (always convinced she's so naive that for sure she'll get attacked), and gets her brother in on plans to help break up a relationship.........SKEEVY. Linda was right for leaving his sorry, mentally twisted ass, ewwwwww. And when he starts dating, they all confuse the girl with Brooke? Double ewwwwwww. Any girl that age would (or should) be uncomfortable with her father's hands between her legs. Maybe now they can double date with Billy Ray and Miley Ray Cyrus. Triple ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

2313 days ago


next her brotha will be rubbin oil on her junk

2313 days ago


My mommy makes better snacks than your mommy.

So there.

2312 days ago
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