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Puts the Moves On

... His Daughter?!

4/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a lot of guys who would kill to rub oil in between Brooke Hogan's thighs -- but her birth father shouldn't be one of 'em! Billy Ray Cyrus on line one!

In an attempt to turn Brooke a similar shade of burnt amber, Hulk creepily rubbed lotion and frolicked with his 19-year-old eldest child -- along with his Brooke-alike girlfriend -- at an L.A. hotel pool on Monday. Keep it in the family.


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I would never let my dad do that.

2341 days ago


Maybe he's confused and thinks she's his soon to be ex

2341 days ago

Jeremy P    

Whiskey Tango
Jeremy lesser white trash~~~

2340 days ago


Of course Brooke can reach to rub oil on her ass! What does she do whenever she's just taken a dump? for Daddy to come running with the paper? Brooky does'nt look like she's objecting to Daddy's wandering fingers either. It aint normal for any father to place his digits anywhere near their daughters tushies no matter what age they are, for whatever reason.
If I were Brookes boyfriend I don't know whether I'd be annoyed or turned on! But it does look like Terri (Hulk) is desparately trying to hide a viagra induced Hulksized boner by the way he is bent over!
Looks very hillbilly to me.

2340 days ago


Terry's really getting the feel of Brooke-back-mountains. With a hulking boner he gets to slide his oily fingers into those inner thighs. Brooke's closed her eyes as if in sheer ecstacy. Suntan oil won't be the only sippery juice thats flowing. She should flip over and let him finish her off.

2340 days ago


Some of you people are very perverted. All this talk of fingers and "boners", when it looks like despite all the pictures he never used the inside of his fingers at all, in fact he brushed it on with his palms and used the back of his fingers, which shows that he was trying to be as inabtrusive as he could be while helping her out. Probably took about ten seconds since he was already up, he didn't exactly get down on his hands and knees and really lather up to rub it in good or something. And he's not even close to her crotch, then again maybe you aren't smart enough to know that pictures are only two dimensional. I'm sorry that some people are sick enough to read more into these pictures and apparently fantasize themselves about what perverted things they wish were happening.

2340 days ago


Hulk must be finding it hard, especially when he gets fun poked at his daughter. All you people are letting the wrong ideas slip into the cracks and when you are fingering him Brooke too must feel rubbed up the wrong way. Hulk just likes to have a firm grip on his daughter, but he must be steaming over the incessant critisizm. I'm sure he would be erupting over the whole affair. And on the backside of this whole thing I'm sure Brooke is very loving and affectionate towards her Daddy and seems to have little say over the things thrust upon her inner sanctum. As for you critics,
I'll bet Hulk would love to get his hands on your ass!!

2340 days ago


JD of post might want to believe that his meandering fingers are no where near her crotch, but you are the minority. Whether people her are turned on by Hulk's advances or not we can see where his fingers are despite dimensions. What he is doing is totally inappropriate and if you think that what he is doing is ok then you must be part of the perv-fringe.
For him to do this is sick, and for Brooke to allow it is also sick! Lets have duelling banjo's, shall we !!!!!!!

2340 days ago


Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan must be busting a nut over all this!! And look at his daughter...she is lost in a climactic wave of pleasure! ..and she doe'snt even have the common courtesy to give Daddy a reacharound.

2339 days ago


That's the thing Reacher, I don't have to believe his "meandering fingers" aren't near her crotch, there are twenty plus pictures and in the only one even close I can see all four fingers and a thumb, and they aren't facing the direction of her crotch. Believe me TMZ would jump at a chance to find them doing something inappropriate, the fact that they took so many pictures and they "reached" to try and make it look inappropriate kind of says it all.

2339 days ago


A GOOD, unpervy father rubs SUNBLOCK on his young daughter's body to keep her from getting burned and, eventually, melanoma. A skeezy, skanky father rubs OIL on his 19 year old daughter to encourage a suntan, as well as allows his young son to drive 115 MPH. This family is the epitome of skanky, no class, self absorbed losers.

2336 days ago


EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is disgusting! My eyes hurt now and now I think I will go throw up.

2335 days ago


I'll bet Hulky is thinking the purest of thoughts with his hands on the ass of his replica girlfriend. I'll bet he's even thinking t "no, this is my daughter.. I don't have bad thoughts when my hands are all over her 19 year old tushy" ...YEAH RIGHT!!!!
I'll betcha he wants to put both hands on those humps and knead them strongly while she moans with heated sensual pleasure, since he's thinking about how sweet and tight those buns are....! He will be thinking .. "ohhhhh Brooke....I just wanna see some some slap and ripple...mmmmmmm...yeah!!!!!"

2334 days ago


if that was my daughter i would do it to go hulk

2334 days ago


go hulk

2334 days ago
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