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Jim Belushi ODs ... on Multitasking

4/29/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a page from the Britney Spears Child Safety Driving Manual, a cigar-smoking Jim Belushi walked his dogs this weekend by attaching them to a scooter as he rode (helmet-less) on the wrong side of the road -- with his bicycle helmeted six-year-old son in his lap. Gimme, gimme more!

Is he really a father or does he just play one on TV?


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I love Jim Belushi, just like his character.........he cracks me up!!!

2332 days ago


Accident waiting to happen... come on jimbo,, take a walk. You can spare to shed a few pounds.....

2332 days ago


OMG that is classic. He really needs to get his fat ass off that thing and get some exercise, though.

2332 days ago


Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a break. What's his driving speed 5mph. He's walking his dogs people and his son has on a helmet. Get over it TMZ - what a waste of time to even report this nonsense.

2332 days ago

just wondering    

whats the point of the helmut if he is hanging off of the poor kids head?? dumbass.

2332 days ago

american beauty    

One more reason why I think this guy is an idiot. How did he end up on a weekly show? And did you ever notice he's a buffoon on the show? His character's wife, "Cheryl", is always yelling at him. That show is one yell-fest for 30 hellish minutes. Someone, please, make him shut up!

2332 days ago


That is sad for the doggies, get off and walk with them!

2332 days ago


Jim's cool....and he's not doing anything wrong here. lame reporting once again!

2332 days ago


Way to go Jim, you need to lose a few pounds and this is how you walk your dogs!! Get with the program, Jenny Craig program that is!

2332 days ago


that is a jive a$$ed guys know his brother OD....bad tatse!

2332 days ago

carol guzik    

I see nothing wrong with what he's doing. Give me a break.
He walking his dogs and his kid is having fun. And not with some nanny.
A scooter is fun.

2332 days ago


He's not hurting that kid.Looks like they are enjoying the day.

2332 days ago


yeah i agree with joyce. piss on your headline tmz.

2332 days ago


Im sorry but as a parent Im getting really tired of everyone thinking its ok to nitpick every move parents make. Yes parents do dumb things occasionally. ( heck my hubby does them daily) But the dumb things that are cool and fun for the kids say liek walking the dogs while "riding a motocycle) with your dad ( its not like they are going 100mph. ) is what they will remmeber and cherish 20 years from now. Heck I remember riding in the back of the stationwagon being able to move around, lay down play games ect.. And I remember being able to run around outdoors with my friends without supervision as long as I came in when the street lights came on. You cant do that anymore. Im sure if everyone thought about they could come up with at least one really cool but probably dangerously stupid thing their parents did for them whent ehy were kids and it didnt make them out to be bad parents!

2332 days ago


You think he adopted those dogs from an animal shelter?

Somehow I bet he didn't. Belushi probably went right to the pet store for his puppy mill animals.

2332 days ago
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