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Ricky Not as Thicky

4/29/2008 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thanks to his new capoeira regimen, Ricky Martin can look hot and kick your ass.

After a short stint livin' la vida gorda, Ricky was back at his bon-bon shaking weight today in D.C. Now where's that Speedo?


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Kim Rocks    

58. Kandace it's amazing how you're noticing the smallest things, what is it Kandace are you trying to find his flaws? We all have flaws what are you trying to point out a flaw on him, and if he was bald so what he's still hot..

I'm sure you have flaws go to your mirror and take a good look at yourself and tell us if you like everything that you see when you look at yourself in the mirror...

2335 days ago


Ricky's real name is Enrique Martin. They started calling him Ricky when he was in Menudo. His pride always shows.

2335 days ago

Skinny is out    

It's a pigtail for some hindu spiritual thingy. But the rest of his hair is growing out more now.

2335 days ago

M P Caird    

Great man
Stuns me that any news item about his music, charity, walking down the street., or whatever, ...and people will always have comments about if his sexuality. Not even sure how it started.
Maybe it's because Ricky once said he went to the Church of Scientology briefly. He dumped it - thank God!, But the gay community tends to call anyone who even looked at a Church of Scientolgy -gay. Like they do with Travolta and Cruise.
Not that I blame thier defensive stance. Of what I know of scientology it is bigotted towards gays and thinks they can be cured..........................and Tom Cruise does seem gay.

But given evidence to the contrary, it stuns me that no matter what he does, some gay or not gay discussion starts up.

2334 days ago

M P Caird    

Give it up. He can say straight all he wants and marry a woman, He is still gay.
He is left handed like most gays and wears an earring in his right ear. The gay ear.
No one wants to follow a wussy who can't be straight with the world and come out of the closet.

2334 days ago

Kim Rocks    

65. Gillian, your comment is very immature, you need to grow up little twit.... I'm sure you're a man since men are the only ones that bash Ricky Martin. So stop using a female name when you’re a man, better yet you're a gay lover that wants Ricky to be gay... That's ever gay mans fantasies, even straight men want Ricky to be gay because their girlfriends and wives go gaga for Ricky.

BTW, what does an earring have to do with it? I know plenty of straight men with earring on the right ear that’s ridiculous. So since you’re saying that wearing an earring on the right ear is gay what do you call a guy that has earrings on both ears? Because I know lots straight guys with both ear pieced. You’re pathetic.

I know Gillian is a man because it's rare when a female will bash a good-looking man. Ricky Martin is the hottest man alive, gay men & females go nuts for him. The only one's that say stupid comments are straight men.. 65. Gillian is a man.. Why don't you come out of the closet 65. Gillian.. Be honest with yourself, because the only f@g here is you...

2333 days ago

M P Caird    

To the twit who said he has never been seen with a girl
Go to this site

Not that I like the title of the site (not being straight doesn't make someone abnormal, and they refer to ricky as normal because of the many pics of him with his girlfriends)

This will probably be deleted again by TMZ, cuz they keep writing FAKE stories of Ricky being gay by twits like skin care specialist who are trying to market thier own skincare products

2332 days ago

Skinny is out    

Seen him with a guy!
At Youtube they have a vid "Ricky Martin - She Bangs Live In Stockholm" and some "assistant" grabs his butt after wiping his face for him after the concert. And to the comment there - NO it was not a slip of the hand.

2331 days ago


#69 Jwapner - You did not see him with a guy!!!!!!!!!!
His assistant is turning off his battery pack! Look closely since your so into analysing pictures. Infact you don't have to look that close at all to see it is just an assistant doing thier job. That is what they do for them. Ever see Mick Jaggar and his assistants taking care of him. You really need a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2331 days ago


THANK YOU 67 "Here"
Ricky Martin is a victim of the few gays obsessed with labelling every celeb who is good looking and/or has ever looked at scientolgoy as Gay. John travolta ignores it like Ricky does. But Richard Gere and Tom Cruise had to take on one page ads.

Infact look at any celeb who has become a huge sex symbol at some time and jeolous guys will label him gay.

Like someone else said, I wonder what these few gays would think if I started a heterclsexual site listing gays I thought were closet straight people.

2326 days ago
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