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Billy Bob's Son Alleged Sex Crime Victim

4/30/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie ThortonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Billy Bob Thornton's son is at the center of a criminal investigation -- the alleged victim of "unlawful sex."

Here's what we know. Willie Thornton, age 14, was dating a 22-year-old woman. Her ex-boyfriend apparently became jealous. Sources say the ex called the LAPD, informing them his former GF was having sex with a minor.

Law enforcement sources tell us there is an "active investigation" into the crime of "unlawful sex" -- translated, an adult having sex with someone under 18. We're told Willie is cooperating with the sex crimes unit. And, we're told, cops have also interviewed Billy Bob.

BTW, the picture was taken four years ago.


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I believe there are decisions to be made in life. mistakes happen and are out of our control. But it takes a decison to decide what path we take. As for the 22 yr old girl. I feel she may have known better and if not I wish would have thought about it more clearly before she went through with it. And were they dating? or was it a one, two, three time deal? We cannot blame the boy in this situation he is 14 making him a freshman in high school. What 14 yr old boy would not want to sleep with a 22 girl? but why would the girl want to sleep with the boy?

Pregnancy I am sure did not happen from this or else we may have heard much more about it. I know i am commenting on this and therefore i have read the report. But i believe that it should be taken down at least until the suspect has been proven innocent and or guilty. It is not right that this be made public and especially people criticizing billy bob for this. How many of us know what someone else is doing when we are not around them, at all times. Why should his son be deemed a bad kid for this? And him a bad father? thats BS. All rests on the girls shoulders. For if guilty she has changed and impacted many peoples lives along the way. And I hope she may live and learn from her decisions NOT mistakes. but if innocent let it all rest and the only truth be known by the parties themselves.

Who is the girl, who is the ex bf and why is it only willie that is named? No one should be praised for this. so lets take some pride in our police, and judicial system and let them work hard for our tax dollars.

2374 days ago


Way to go TMZ for doing what no REPUTABLE news organization would have done. If this had been about an underage girl and and an old geezer would her photo be posted? I think not. Way to go to humiliate this child. Doesn't he have enough problems as is? After all, look who his dad is.

2374 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

All I know is that when I grew up, all of my guy friends carried that eternally hopeful (and sometimes years old) condom around in their wallet, and when it was finally used, it was a cause for celebration. Perhaps the difference here is discovering your oats amongst your own age/peer group, rather than having your oats taken from you by a manipulative adult, who should know the law.

2374 days ago

Johnson Johnson    

SLEAZE! What a sleaze of a hole you are TMZ for posting the WIllie Horton story. I think I am done with your site. You people suck and have crossed a line that didn't need to be crossed...and why...for PUBLICITY! You sold out a 14 year old boy for publicity. Willie isn't famous...his DAD is...what a bunch of jerkoffs you all are. Now I have no respect for your site...and I'm gone.....4ever!!!!!

2374 days ago


Why on earth would you put this kids name and photo out there for every pervert to see? He has been raped and need to be protected. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

2374 days ago


I love the website but this is just plain wrong showing this boy's face and identifiying him.

2374 days ago

Jen Fan    

I am deeply disappointed that TMZ chose to publish this information - the name, the picture, the famous father - all of it. You've lost a supporter. Male/Female, teenager or not, consenual or not, this is no place for this type of widely available information about a potential sex crime victim. No 14 yr old should have to deal with navigating the world publicity this will generate, in addition to current controversy around the situation. Shame on TMZ.

2374 days ago


This is total media spin! Next thing you will see is this kid on magazine covers and he will have his own t v show. They are basically just taking a play from the Miley Cyrus PR book. Think about it, have you ever even heard of this kid before now? I bet people will help to spread the word though next time you think about it. Next week they will have a news story saying it was all made up or just a misunderstanding by a jealous ex boyfriend. The 14 year old kid ends up looking like a stud, gets movie deals and the train keeps a rolling to the next propaganda story. IT'S PR PEOPLE! That is why it was released to the public against all known moral guidelines, it's not real! These days, you need to question everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! I bet this post will even be taken down to keep the story going.

2374 days ago


It is highly unethical for any news media outlet both print and on line to divulge the name of a minor child involved in a sexual relationship that is illegle.

There is simply no excuse for this and I am appalled that TMZ posted this story...and even more digusted that TMZ refuses to delete this story.

It is time for indignant readers to contact web advertisers at TMZ site and boycott their products.

2374 days ago


I was so happy to hear that there is now a criminal investigation into TMZ's actions of not only providing the public with this young boy's name but a picture. Hopefully, whoever the dumbass that "ran this story" will get to spend a few days in jail to learn what sexual abuse is all about from his or her new cellmate. If the victim was a young female girl, would this story still have been made public. TMZ is the lowest form of class on the planet,

2374 days ago


First of all it isn't rock on little Willie..tell me this if it was your 14 year old Daughter and an older Man would you pat him on the back and say way to go bubba or would you strangle him?? leave it to a Man! Also calling someone retarded is loathsome..why would you use that word as an insult it's degrading and hurtful to people with those problems..I have a 49 year old Cousin who is retarded she has the mind of a 7 year old and when she hears retarded being used as a insult it hurts her feelings..because she knows she has problems and she's not like others her age..retarded people would not sleep with a child they wouldn't have the mental capacity so calling that Woman retarded is not only hurtful it also makes no the future censor what you say before you say something you can't take back or explain!!

2374 days ago


You guys are a**holes! Take this down!

2374 days ago


All I can say is that if anyone thinks information is confidential anymore......then you are obviously a stupid person and do live in this century. With computers these days you can find out anything about anyone. It would have come out anyway so big ups to TMZ for breaking the story first.

2374 days ago


1st of all I agree TMZ should not have released his name but what would you exspect from them. But look at how freaky BB & Angelina were. I mean who knows how much this goes on. Drew Barrymore was having sex at 12 with older hollywood men and no one seemed to care at all. Hollywood is pretty much sin city so it's really going to amount to anything and if it were a big star having sex with him it would have been covered up, pardon the pun.

2374 days ago


For TMZ to show this boy's photo and name, an underage minor, just shows how ridiculous TMZ is. WHAT a trash site. Good job Harvey. You're running a real class operation.

2374 days ago
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