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Billy Bob's Son Alleged Sex Crime Victim

4/30/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie ThortonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Billy Bob Thornton's son is at the center of a criminal investigation -- the alleged victim of "unlawful sex."

Here's what we know. Willie Thornton, age 14, was dating a 22-year-old woman. Her ex-boyfriend apparently became jealous. Sources say the ex called the LAPD, informing them his former GF was having sex with a minor.

Law enforcement sources tell us there is an "active investigation" into the crime of "unlawful sex" -- translated, an adult having sex with someone under 18. We're told Willie is cooperating with the sex crimes unit. And, we're told, cops have also interviewed Billy Bob.

BTW, the picture was taken four years ago.


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He deserves a medal

2344 days ago


Shame on you TMZ. This child - CHILD - is a victim. Take his pic down.

2344 days ago

Mr. Murder    

Real nice TMZ. Showing the name and picture of a minor. This is disgusting. I hope your web hits today generate less revenue than the lawsuit your facing...

2344 days ago


If this was about a 14 year old girl there would be no doubt about the kid being a victim. Anyone that thinks otherwise is either not a parent or is currently dating a 14 year old. Time Warner should fire the editors and then shut this site down.

2344 days ago


Hey, I was molested by many women when I was young, as far back as when I was 8 years old. People think only men molest, I have news for you. Women do it more than men, but, get away with it. I remember when I was 12 in Georgia, my uncles's misteress made me, after she brouht me home from confession, the family below us with grown daughters, 4 of them, made me, my uncle's wife's sister, 43 years old at the time, I was only 12, so, you only hears about it, when men do it, go Willie, put that bitch behind bars, where she belongs, which, I should have done many years ago..

2344 days ago


I hope you have a big bank account TMZ. It's against the law to report the name of an underage person in an underage sex investigation.

2344 days ago

Jim K198    

This is wrong on so many levels. Take this story down, TMZ.

If this is true, the person who revealed this breached their public duty and may have jeopardized the investigation. Their department needs to out them on the internet. It is time for them to get jobs as paparazzi, not cops.

So if this 22 yo female did do this, the boy is the victim of a sex crime. You put his name and picture out with the story. I guess you thought it would be fun to victimize him again?

TMZ try to do the right thing here. Take this story down and put up one about your source for the story breaching his duty.

2344 days ago


The law regarding sexual exploitation of minors is there because a fourteen year old boy lacks the capacity to determine all of the aspects and harm of a sexual relationship. Those people who say lucky kid? Wouldn't say that if it were a fourteen year old girl and a 22 year old guy. Morons. And TMZ? I love you guys, but you need to take this down. No respectable, decent journalist would print the name and picture of a sex crime victim. That's despicable.

2344 days ago


This kid is the victim of a sex crime. Posting his name and picture is reprehensible. I hope you're held criminally liable for this.

2344 days ago


Awsome job TMZ Glad someone in the free press isnt shhhhhing in a corner.
Keep it up.

2344 days ago

patriot mom    

I admit I was curious who the kids was, But what I couldn't beleive was that they published the kids name but did anyone catch the name of the gal? I mean this is definately a male high five story and the gal was only 22, dumb as dirt and has to not be that atractive to use a 14 year old, it was not like it was one of the mothers of a friend of this kid.But seriously, where is her name and picture. Sex offenders ( accused) have their photo plastered all over the tv as they are being sent to court or asked what these allegations mean ( remember the teachers) where is this gals?

2344 days ago


I'm officially done with this site. TMZ can rot in hell.

2344 days ago

disappointed reader    

What happened to journalistic integrity? No other media outlet reports the names let alone the pictures of minor sex crime victims. A 14 year old child should not be subject to the scrutiny that you are placing on him. This is a criminal mattter involving a child who cares who his father is. You have stooped to an all time low.

2344 days ago


I hope BBT sues your website into oblivion. This is the most unethical thing I've seen coming from a popular news site in a long time.

2344 days ago


Please remove this.

2344 days ago
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