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Billy Bob's Son Alleged Sex Crime Victim

4/30/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie ThortonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Billy Bob Thornton's son is at the center of a criminal investigation -- the alleged victim of "unlawful sex."

Here's what we know. Willie Thornton, age 14, was dating a 22-year-old woman. Her ex-boyfriend apparently became jealous. Sources say the ex called the LAPD, informing them his former GF was having sex with a minor.

Law enforcement sources tell us there is an "active investigation" into the crime of "unlawful sex" -- translated, an adult having sex with someone under 18. We're told Willie is cooperating with the sex crimes unit. And, we're told, cops have also interviewed Billy Bob.

BTW, the picture was taken four years ago.


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I will never log on to the TMZ website again. It is absolutely disgusting that TMZ would post this story and it has completely opened my eyes to the damage this website can do to people's lives. I do not know this family, but I do know for a fact that this young boy has been very protected by his parents to keep them out of the public eye - that's why TMZ probably doesn't have a more recent picture!! This kind of abuse is extremely common and not a reflection of the parents or the boy- children, whether boy or girl, are easy targets and a 22 year old could easily manipulate a child. He does not deserve to be thrust into the spotlight and victimized by the media. I am completely disgusted. Of course, the predator has not been named in this blog. Just the child. Disgusting and twisted.

2365 days ago


um hi you guys know you can be seriously fined for this? I mean there is a FEDERAL law against naming a minor involved in a sex crime.

2365 days ago


SHAME on TMZ for not following the standards of common decency and journalistic guides in not only printing a sexual victim's name but also his picture. This is a 14 year old boy. If it had been a 14 year old girl, would you have done the same. I think that there is a coldness in TMZ that is becoming more and more evident. Less human, less humane. Sexual victims are sexual victims. This is not a case of some stupid male fantasy, it is a case of sexual molestation.

Again, Shame on you. At least pretend you have some standards.

2365 days ago

Voice of Reason    

TMZ is totally out of line with this story. Would you publish the picture and name if it was a 14 year old girl? This is a new low. You need to remove this story from your site and appologize to the boy and his family.

2365 days ago


See what happens when you get too many homosexuals in any one place. It's like the Catholic church...all of a sudden the gay guys start going after the kids. What TMZ needs is a Pope Benedict XVI type person to ban homosexuals from the site, like the Pope did with seminarians.

2365 days ago


I don't understand the fact that in this situation, the kid is a victim, yet if the gal was 14, it would be consensual and considered 'just normal teen behavior'...society is messed up...

2365 days ago


TMZ, should be ashamed for posting this child's picture and his name on here. This acticle is disgusting and disgracful! He is a minor and you have no right! Take this article down!

2365 days ago


What makes you think it is ok to post this CHILDS name and photo online? If this were a 14 yr old girl would you do the same?

2365 days ago

average guy    

From an average guy's perspective-

When I was 14, I knew a couple of women that were about 20-22 and smokin hot. If I could have banged one of them, I would have, without a second thought. AND would have been a hero to all my friends at the same time. All this talk of it being traumatic / damaging to the boy is BS.

Maybe "the law" says its wrong, but I say hit it if you can get it.

2365 days ago

Advocate for Change    

To "Ashamed" and others: we KNOW that there is gender disparity and that the name and details probably would NOT be published if the child victim were female and the adult perpetrator male. This is already well-established in previous postings, and by common sense and experience in living. What I want to know is whether this blog can move beyond that obvious truth to some sort of discussion about what kind of _action_ can effectively be taken against TMZ and other media outlets that inappropriately publish victims' names? The publication of victim names in this type of situation secondarily traumatizes the child involved. This boy will now forever be known in public as "the boy who had sex with a 22-year-old at age 14." That's wrong. Is there anything people who disapprove of this can do about it, besides rant?

2365 days ago


To Annie: You are absolutely right that it is disgusting that a 22yo is having sex with a 14yo. But there are laws against it and for good reason! If it were a 22 yo man and a 14yo girl, the case would probably be taken more seriously. If it were a 22yo man and a 14yo boy, they would certainly call it abuse. The point is, in the eyes of many and most importantly the LAW, it is a crime to have sex with a MINOR! At that age, I don't think it matters how "willingly" he's having sex with her. The fact that it is a crime and that TMZ posted a story NAMING a 14 year old CHILD as the VICTIM of this SEX CRIME is pretty sick! Who cares if it was leaked by law enforcement or not, TMZ should at least respect the LAWS and the VICTIM enough to NOT name names!

2365 days ago

Brad B    

Congrats from breaking the story! AP news sucks. Nobody should be "protected" or hidden from the news. Way to go. Anybody against it should get a life or go watch Wolf Blitzer talk about stains on Blue Dresses on the Clinton News Network. I'm not raising anybody's kid in my village either.

2365 days ago

Trent Wolodko    

advocate, maybe... talk to these dudes, I'm sure they're not impressed by this

2365 days ago

Privacy Rights Gal    

Shame on TMZ for revealing who he is or who his father is. If you know who dad is you will know who the son is. What are you doing protecting the predator by not giving her name?

2365 days ago


Why didn't TMZ post the name and photo of the 22 year old woman that did this?

They posted the victims name and photo, and not the perpetrator.

2365 days ago
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