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Earth to Paula -- Come in, Paula!!!

4/30/2008 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul had a lot to say about the two songs Jason Castro sung on "Idol" Tuesday night -- too bad he hadn't sung them both yet!

In rare form, Paula blabbed on about Jason's two songs, after he had only performed once. Simon, Randy and Ryan all tried to help Paula along ... to no avail.


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To many Vicodens

2367 days ago


loved simons' rescue. paula can stay. she was more exicting than the contestants and they won't let simon talk without stepping on him. ryan can go go go very fast. i hate that fake closet case. he is the reason paula screwed up. he said they were going to judge after both songs. then changed the format.send him packing. i am sure he;'d go if we sent david a with him.

2367 days ago


Didn't she say she "made a mistake and was looking at notes for David" and then she said right after that 'David, you were fantastic!" That's when Simon started talking! Since she was looking at notes she had made for David and said them for Jason, how could she have thought that David was "fantastic". Maybe she just picks whoever she wants to win and says whatever she has to so they will get more votes??

2367 days ago


I have heard when they show the clips at the end of the show of everyone singing it's actually from the dress rehearsal. I have heard the judges watch the dress reheasal also, so I'm sure Paula just read off her notes without thinking the tv audience had not heard the second song. If any event, she's annoying I can't stand how she cuts off Simon everytime he is about to say something honest about people's performances.

2367 days ago



2367 days ago


I'm with the person who commented that they put their TV on MUTE when she comes on. I do the same. I absolutely can not STAND to listen to her....even on a good night. She said "It's hard!" What was so hard? Don't we all get on our computers the next day and comment on the different performances.

I think she is just a ditz who is even worse when she is medicated. Why they keep her is a mystery to me.

2367 days ago


My interview with Paula:

Me: Paula how are you doing after last nights blunder on AI?
Paula: No I don't drink.

Me: Paula do you drink?
Paula: I haven't snorted or shot up drugs since I divorced that Kat in my video.

Me: Paula, do you have a drug Problem? Like snorting, shooting up...
Paula: I haven't slept with David Archuleta yet.

Me: Paula, it seems you have a crush on your idol David Archuletta?
Paula: excuse me, but this is too much work for me. I've never been able to write this much before.

Me: Paula, were the index cards on Idol mixed up that caused the mistake on Idol last night.
Paula: No I haven't had a martini since, like and hour or so ago.

Me: Paula, what did you do earlier today before this interview?
Paula: Wait, I seem to have a problem with this... What was the question? Wait, I think I am suppose to be somewhere to do an interview.

2367 days ago


I dont care what excuse Ryan felt the need to give on Wed's show. Her voice was rocky and disorganized which I have heard many times { especially during the try outs } when her behavior was erratic At the same time. There have been shows where she could barely sit up { and saw Simon practically holding her up. } and I noticed the cam would pull away from her quickly. The 1st couple of eps of the try outs she was barely on cam...Oh Plus I notice she says the same things week after week, almost like someone gives her a script. Sorry folks but I think she needs help and everyone is just ignoring it

2366 days ago


Whoops - Paula screwed up the plans! That voters choose who stays and goes - inside joke they think us viewers don't get! To truly "judge" performances, why are "they" allowed to see rehersals anyway? Lame excuse!!

2366 days ago

Beth Weisleder    

Paula probably heard it in rehearsal. Besides, Jason sucks & isn't memorable. One song or 10 from him would seem the same.

2366 days ago


To number 160...It's very amusing { and transparent } of you to insult anyone from " watching a reality show. " Being that YOU are on the TMZ site and the blog never the less. Seriously, do you think you fool anyone with this sad and obvious attempt to be a troll. You wouldn't be here yourself unless you enjoy the " realities " of Hollywood. Such a pathetic attempt to cause " controversy. "

2365 days ago
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