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Bruce Willis' Girlfriend: Half His Age, Twice as Hot

5/1/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Middle-aged dad Bruce Willis proves to the world that just because you're old and bald doesn't mean you can't date hot and young. Check out Bruce's girlfriend (for the last six months), 29-year-old lingerie model and aspiring actress Emma Heming.
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We're pretty sure that if he keeps her around, Willis will definitely die hard.


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Yikes! Yes please feed that girl. And then show her the stories of all the other young bimbos who marry old farts for their money. They live high and mighty for about a New York minute and then after the divorce 99.9% disappear off the face of the Earth. Only ressurecting for the odd reality show.

2351 days ago


The only thing bruce proves is that money can lure in the gold diggers half his age. Period! take away his money and show business connections and you remove his allure to all the hot young "aspiring actresses" in Hollywood and in the modeling business.. and gross, man, talk about stick thin. No way I'd let my daughter look like that! Great role model.....NOT!!

2351 days ago


I wonder what Godzilla Anna has against 46 year old women? Is she by chance making a jab at Demi? I hope not because even at 46 she's way hotter than that anorexic whore looks better than Demi? NO WAY! Not even close! In fact I can think of dozens of actresses who are way hotter than that pathetic nothing. Like Marcia Cross, Hallie Berry, etc. Just because a woman is up there in age doesn't mean she's no longer hot just because your not.

2341 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that whenever someone points out the obvious, that these May-Dec relationships rarely last long, that some cry baby goes running to one the TV Tabloid shows and makes them run some lame-a** piece about how age doesn't matter? And I love the examples they show, couples who've been together less than five years. LOL What's the matter? Couldn't find one that's lasted beyond the five year mark? I mean how can these idiots expect anyone to take these tacky, pathetic, worthless relationships seriously? Especially since their obviously based on sex, money and a whole bunch of lies. Good news though for all the little skanks who do manage to wrangle their then have legal access to all of your husbands credit cards. Then you can see exactly how much the dude is paying for Internet porn, prostitutes and strippers. Oh and don't be fooled by his showing you his business credit card. Rich dudes have several cards, one for business and one for monkey business. I have a friend who use to work at a certain BH Hotel...he told me that a lot of men(actors, directors, executive producers) would meet there for a "business lunch" which lasted anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes the rest of the time was spent in a room with a "discreet friend". Then at the end of two hours he would pay with two credit cards. one for the room and one for the lunch! P.S. If the wife sees names on the statement like blue or green consulting group on the statement, well that's a pseudo-name for an escort service aka a prostitution ring.

2341 days ago


That British Bitch is an eyesore! Yuck! What a whore! I hear she's never met a multi millionaire she didn't like. LOL! Everyone knows the reasons these models spread 'em for these over the hill dinosaurs... and Bruce has got several hundred million of them siting in the bank. lol. do these idiots in hollywood really think no one knows? are they really that stupid? REALLY? I saw a picture of that skank with Bruce, Tallulah and a friend of Tallulah (who looked very out of it). anyway Bruce was actually kissing his daughter on the lips! GROSS! That has serious incestuous overtones. and it looked like Tallulah wasn't wearing any underwear. shades of Britney or Lindsey? Yet all Emma does is look on with complete indifference. I guess it doesn't matter what bruce does with his daughters as long as he doesn't stop spending money on her. If bruce does marry this slut from hell I recommend that instead of everyone laughing their asses off or just rolling their eyes at yet another hollywood joke marriage, fly to Vegas and place a bet on how long you thing such a train wreck of a marriage will last. LOL. however let me warn you folks that since hollywood divorces are so a duh, I think you have to put an actual date down. I'm not sure. I personally think a pathetic, wanna be marriage between these two losers would last about 2 1/2 to 3 years MAX! sure they'll call all of us who participate... losers, jealous, crazy, etc, etc ad nauseum! Well we will just have to cry ...all the way to the bank! LOL.

2323 days ago


LOL! Hey, I've heard of placing bets on when stars bite the dust but I've never heard of placing bets on when a marriage will go belly up. So she's British, huh? thought she was Hispanic or Latino myself. Yep, everyone pretty much knows hollywood marriages are shorter than a fruit flies life. LOL! (fruit flies only live 24 hrs.) remember though this is hollywood, the land of make believe, and some celebrities don't seem to know where fantasy ends and reality begins. LOL. We all know that unattractive men with big bellies like to lure in pretty little ladies with their moola. especially ones that they know other men will drool over. sort of like saying, "see what I can buy with my money and don't you other fellas wish you could do the same"? LOL. It shows (supposedly) how rich and powerful they are. LOL! Frankly I think it shows how shallow they are. I know I'd never shame myself or my family by allowing myself to be purchased like some dime store whore. But I guess the allure of fame and money is too much for some women to resist. Shame though. What these women are really telling the world is that they have extremely low self worth and little or no self respect! so I guess there's nothing else to do but sit back and wait for the announcement and then I'll drive myself on over to Vegas, and place me a little wager, I wager. LOL.

2323 days ago


ugghh! What a wh*re!! These little British sl*ts are nothing short of an embarrassment to the human race.
IF Bruce were still a bartender there's no way that sl*t would give him the time of day.
I wonder if guys like Bruce bother to do a background check on their wh*res! Especially after the Hathaway debacle!
I've heard rumor that one guy likes to do a very thorough background check not only the wh*re he's dating but also on her immediate family. That way he can pretty much guarantee that the little sl*t won't talk about their relationship. LOL!!!
IF she keeps her mouth shut she is rewarded with some lame little roles in some lame TV show or movie...if she opens her mouth and talks about all the perverted s*x they engaged in not to mention any drugs they may have done together well then she will find embarrassing stories about her or her family splashed all over the Internet! Not to mention a lot of acting roles or modeling gigs suddenly disappearing. LOL!!

2306 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks Emma looks a lot like Ashley Dupree? lol. they're both in the same profession....only difference is that one services a different john every night while sl*ts like Emma prefer to service one john at a time for a longer period of time...not to mention that she probably wants to marry her john. (Even if she denies it)
#31 you are soooooooooo right! The only thing guys like Bruce ever prove is that they are so desperate to stick a hot piece of f**k on their arm that they are willing to pay for it. NO money, NO private jets, NO award shows, NO VIP sections of exclusive night clubs.......NO RELATIONSHIP! PERIOID, FULL STOP!!
Why so many idiots in the media continually make a fool out of themselves by pretending that these relationships that these playboys (like Bruce, Mick, Rod, Jack) have, are anything but a tacky joke is beyond me! give the general population a little more credit than that, PLEASE?!

2306 days ago


I think your all just jealous because you don't have a sugar daddy. A lot of you fat Americans just sit around your computers all day stuffing your faces full of junk food while some of us take care of our bodies, and we don't worry about who's f**king who.
IF a guy is stupid enough to spend money on us just because we're hot, don't blame us. Who wouldn't spread 'em in exchange for a trip on a private jet to the Caribbean? Everyone has his or her price. Some of us just happen to have a higher price than others. And so what if we want to marry our sugar daddy? What better way to guarantee that our kids will be taken care of long after the relationship ends. Not to mention all the goodies we get to take away from the relationship.
We're not stupid, we know to get a d*mn good attorney to make sure we don't get royally scr*wed in the prenup.
So leave us alone! We're having fun and so what if the relationship is all about s*x and money? That's our business and no one else's!!

2306 days ago


Pretty girl.

2366 days ago


Wow- you guys did an erection joke!

What is this a frat house?

Your humor is headfing toward the gutter- could only mean one thing- Frustrated Old Jock Boy is back on the staff!

2366 days ago


Ummm, this is hot??? Way too scrappy, no curves. Are we sure this is a female???

2366 days ago


Looks like a Demi clone...

Bruce, go get your wife back!!!

2366 days ago


Bruce will dump her like he dumps all of his girlfriends.

2366 days ago

That Guy    

We know what he wants and obviously gets.
Now...when she leaves him we'll all know
what she ever wanted and thats his money.
His gold is her pants and hers in his bank
account. What a blatant setup.

2366 days ago
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