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Gary D. -- On the Way Down Before Bust?

5/1/2008 7:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"CSI" star Gary Dourdan was probably plenty shocked when cops found him asleep in his car -– with coke, smack, and E allegedly in the whip, as TMZ first reported -– but his CSI peeps say it wasn't any surprise to them.

"We have been worried about Gary for some time," a "key member" of the production team tells the Chicago Sun-Times. "It's just a shame that he wasn't able to get the help he needs before this happened." Oddly enough, the "CSI" broadcast the night we reported Dourdan's arrest featured his character taking prescription drugs.

Dourdan has an upcoming court date on narcotics charges.

Justin Chambers Finally Gets Some Sleep

TMZ first reported that Justin Chambers checked himself into UCLA for a "sleep disorder" earlier this year, and we'd seen him a few times since – looking more than a little sleep-deprived.

It looks like he's finally getting there, as he tells Us. "I'm doing really good – I'm actually sleeping!" Chambers chalks up his improved shut-eye to – wait for it – Bikram yoga. "It is where you sit in a 104-degree room, and you stretch for an hour and a half ... I swear by it – it's incredible."

Bush Lamely Clowns Jess Simpson

When George W. Bush is using you in a bad political joke, it's time for a little career makeover.

That's Jessica Simpson's plight – the President thought he'd inject a little humor into the White House ceremony celebrating the New York Giants yesterday. "We're going to send Jessica Simpson to the Democrat National Convention," he told the Giants, who were visiting.

In case you missed the funny: Jess was blamed for zapping BF Tony Romo of his mojo when the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Giants in the playoffs.


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Bush is a lame joke.

2304 days ago


GWB is really one funny guy, who knew?

2304 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Gary Dourdan has been a douche bag for a while now but I didn't know about drug problem. Still no excuse. An a**hole is an a**hole with or without drugs. He thought he was so hot but I bet his career cools way down. Couldn't happen to a nicer b**ch.

2304 days ago


You can say what you want about his policy that is not what this is about, but GW is really funny and outside of politics probably a lot of fun.

2304 days ago


ugh. Gary Dourdan. Where do I start? I used to like him after watching a show I watched where he was talking about his murdered brother - it is still an unsolved case -decades later. Then the TMZ fiasco happened and I thought he was a major A-hole.

Now, I am wondering if the night Gary flipped out on TMZ --- was he hopped up on a lot of drugs? Not that it matters much because the way he acted was shameful, but still.. It could explain his erratic behavior.

He looks like hell frozen over in his mugshot, and I can NOT believe the amount of drugs that were found on him.. Not just a little marijuana or script drugs, but heavy duty drugs.

I hope he gets sentenced to some SERIOUS in-patient rehab. Obviously, the short out-patient rehab sentences that celebrities get do NOT work. Brad Renfro could have been sentenced to 18 months in-patient rehab after his last fray.. then less than 2 yrs after -- he was DEAD.

GET HELP Gary Dourdan!

2304 days ago


Also, the first source that talked about his exit from CSI - said that it was GARY who decided to not renew his contract. I wonder if that is true or if he was just unreliable & drugged up too much -- that the bigwigs decided to cut their losses.

If it was Gary who decided to leave CSI, I wonder why? Was it because he couldn't handle the long days plus handle his addiction? I guess we will never know but I would love to get to the bottom of why he left CSI -- was it his decision or was he fired?

Regardless of why-- I think the reason he left was not to move onto bigger things, as CSI is one of the top rated shows on television and he was making like $3 mill/year. I think it all goes back to the drugs. It's sad to watch celebrities self-destruct like this/

2304 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Bush has fun when it's the time for it. He's enjoying his last year as Pres. when not dealing w/ serious issues. He's a real guys' guy. Jessica Rabbit is an idiot and hasn't done anything successful for a looong time. She's the joke. Not even attractive anymore. So sad too bad. Haaa Haaa Haaa

2304 days ago


So I guess this explains the real reason he left CSI. I am sure everyone on the CSI lot knew he had a problem. Now, he will probably fizzle out and be some "black homeless man" or "black drug dealer" in movies with a screen time of less than a minute. He's a do.uche bag for treating that cameraman so poorly and being an all around jerk off but hopefully he gets some help.

While he is at rehab, maybe he can get help for his anger management issues too

2304 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

The lefties at TMZ are still crying that Bush beat Gore....get over it.

The Jessica joke got a big laugh from the Giants...and me.

2304 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Yeah Gary get help then get counseling to find out why you are such a butt hole and self destructed and killed your career. Next major role will be as a defendent in court. Hopefully his next write up won't be his obituary. Don't like the a**hole but don't want to see him feeding the worms.

2304 days ago

Lenn K.    

Bush will be gone in about 7 months and then If a liberal is elected the joke will be on us.

2304 days ago


Hey, his joke was actually pretty hilarious. I met him in Houston before he ran for Governor of Texas and he was very assertive asking for money from my fellow stockbrokers for his campaign at the Houstonian. He was really short. I am 5'11" and with heels, well over 6 foot. The guy was like 5'7". He was cute though!

2304 days ago


Yeah, that was a pretty erieing eposide of CSI. Very out of character for the script. The characters don't usually attack one another or bring those kind of feelings into the show. I vote for making CSI producers eat the charge. It's not Gary's fault he stumbled onto the Secret and fell into the law of attraction. Just kidding, we all make our own choices. Did one of the writers see his breakdown coming and expoilted it, instead of helping him? People are so ignorant huh.

2304 days ago


Obviously BUSH is a lame, murderous creep, but you people hired the moron. Couldn't any one of his smart advisors helped with his biggest horrific mass murder blunder? Was anyone else screaming at the Tv NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the day he announced WAR. Did anyone else see that 15 soldiers were killed in the first two weeks of war with the FINE print on CNN casually mentioning that 20 000 innocent Iraqies were murdered as well during the first two weeks WTF? Why is Bush not in prison? Is this another Hitler episode where everyone turns a blind eye?

2304 days ago


TMZ Take this 25Cent and call somebody that gives a $***.

2304 days ago
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