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Miley Cyrus Grounded by Disney?

5/1/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley can't go to a Disney eventDisney has confirmed that Miley Cyrus has been pulled from her first scheduled public appearance since the whole Vanity Fair fiasco.

Miley was set to walk the red carpet for the "Disney Channel Games" this coming Friday, but instead she'll be sitting in a castle tower, brushing her hair and complaining to her mirror about what a horrible step-mom Disney is.


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To #6 - AKA Miley

I really don't think YOU'RE one to call someone can't even spell correctly

2336 days ago


Jaime was on Nickelodeon.

2336 days ago

just wondering    

Rose - Lee Gypsey...what is it with u??...LOVE ur posts!! hahaha

2336 days ago


Disney had nothing to do with Jamie Lynn...that was Nick Network, not Disney

2336 days ago


As I said yesterday, Disney should have the overall say in what work she does outside of Disney as her image is a direct reflection upon the Disney company itself. Had Disney known, I'll bet the whole photo shoot would have been cancelled and NONE of this would have taken place.

2336 days ago


She's just a slut. This is what will happen to her very soon:

1) Sex Tape
2) DUI
3) Over dose

In the meantime attaboy Billy Ray you better keep milking that cow boy!

2336 days ago


Miley didn't do anything wrong and you know it. If anything Disney exploits this 15 year old because she had made your company millions and you know it. You are just trying to put on a "goody 2 shoes" appearance for the public.
Anyone who thinks these pictures were obscene must be some sort of pervert that just needs some whacking material.

2336 days ago

daddy like    

Who gives a flyin

2336 days ago


ouch ... thats got to hurt ... btw thanks lebowitz ... damn j3ws do it every time

2336 days ago


Hey Gang...Miley is not to blame..her good old Kentucky farm boy father as well as mother are to blame for this fluke because of GREED for the almighty dollar!!! You can't tell me that Billy Ray or his wife had no control over these provocative picures..and you can't tell me Miley is so stupid that she didn't yell, help mom, help dad, I do not like my body being exposed for Vanity Fair....

I think Billy Ray is not the good old Kentucky country boy he likes to present to his public...He should have cared more for his 15 year old daughters seductive picture being taken for Vanity Fair and not the $$$$..

Greed, greed, greed. Mark my words friends...Old Daddy Billy is looking for a comeback on Miley's shirtails..Discusting...After Achy Breaky heart success he couldn't cut the mustard and now he is going to hopefully make his comeback, thanks to his innocent 15 year old daughter...You are a sick Daddy and Mommie, you are just as sick for letting this happenn..

2336 days ago


Disney don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart
I just don't think it'd understand
And if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart
I might blow up on the news stand.......

Yee-he Hee Haw Haw...

2336 days ago



2336 days ago


All you stupid parents need to get over it! If you raise your children with respect and morals you can trust your children will have better judgement than to compare themselves to someone like Miley. Whats the matter with them being themselves. I'm tires of hearing 'Oh my daughter looks up to her", "Oh my daughter wants to be just like her". Come on people!! Whats the matter with encouraging you children to be all they can be and to be there own person. THE KEY IS TO TRUST YOUR CHILD AND BE A PARENT FRIST - THEN YOU CAN BE THERE FREIND. The pictures are not that bad. She is not showing anything, like half of these other teens that parents let there children admire. And the picture with her father is just that-- A PICTURE. What is she showing her belly? Woooo!!!! Get a grip and take a deep breath and leave it alone.

2336 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

I like it when my daddy gives me my nightly enema. He says it cleanses me of all my sin. Ooooh, wee! It makes my bottom feel good!

2336 days ago


Why isn't anyone asking why in the hell did that photographer make a 15 year old take off her top for a photo in the first place?? Who does that?

I don't blame Miley. She's just a kid doing what she's been told. None of the grown ups had a problem with the pictures??

The actual picture isn't that bad except for that she's 15. The pic isn't showing anything but it is very suggestive. It was most definitely meant to be a sexual photo. Shame on Annie what's her name!

2336 days ago
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