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Miley Cyrus Grounded by Disney?

5/1/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley can't go to a Disney eventDisney has confirmed that Miley Cyrus has been pulled from her first scheduled public appearance since the whole Vanity Fair fiasco.

Miley was set to walk the red carpet for the "Disney Channel Games" this coming Friday, but instead she'll be sitting in a castle tower, brushing her hair and complaining to her mirror about what a horrible step-mom Disney is.


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BOEING 787    

What I ask is why is their so much stock on a 15 year old child? billionaire by age 18,
this is a recipe for disaster even for the most composed of people.

One thing is for sure Miley never asked for this disaster at age 15, but Miley should have
opted out if she did not feel comfortable with the shoot, not wait till it's to late.

Though Disney likes to present a wholesome, conservative image of itself which is part of
what it has always been I don't understand why they kept Vanessa after the nude shot but
is keeping the potential of firing Miley Cyrus.

2331 days ago


Seems to me Disney is bitting the hand that feeds! I somehow thing Miley is going to do great without the house of the mouse breathing down her neck.

2331 days ago


Disney is doing the rite thing and Vannessa Hudgens pictures where not meant to be put on the net. that kid new what she was doing, new what the picture looked like before had and new that it was going to be released to the world and if she couldnt work out that this is what would happen then she needs to start paying attention to how this world works and learn from pass stars. I think that the picture looks like shes just finished up with a one night stand and is about to start up with another guy. Plus she is always coming up with some reason as to why is wasnt her flout and that she couldnt of possblie known this would come of it but come on even a half brained four year old could work it out, some role model, and as for jamie lynn thats one i say get over it, i mean come on she the kid has monies alot more then most older mums, and if she cant look after it she has the monies for a nanny and her mum so shes a little young atleast she not risking it at 40. with all the defects changes going up with each year we're better off having them young anyways and with all the different ways of doing skool as long as you have the momies and are at least 17 but its birth date i dont see the problem

2331 days ago


Where are the Childrens Protective Services.? Her father chose to sit for a seductive and intimate photo with his daughter, and then walked off the set. Grandma is not her legal guardian! Her father happily abdicated his authority because he has dollar sighns in his eyes and ears. He endangered his daughter by his neglect. Where are the child welfare investigators?

2331 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I feel bad for her. Her parents/handlers seriously goofed by allowing that photo shoot and thus forgetting that she bags her millions by promoting the antithesis of that image to tweens from coast to coast.

2331 days ago


Good move Disney!!!!
Take it up with her parents? That is what they are doing!!!! The only way to take it up with the parents is do something that connects Disney with the Parents... which is Miley.

Hasn't anyone learned this is nothing more than a stunt for her change over from innocent little girl to a teen?????
Gosh what does it take? They were aware of the photographer having a background of taking such photos. Now the confusion of whether they LEFT her there ALONE???? LOL!

That is lame as well because they had to approve of the digital versions. Don't you get it yet????

Look at how everything is coming out all at once to get the most out of her preteen time... movie, autobiography at 15 yrs old, etc...

Then a photo pops up that you would normally expect from a Demi Moore or some older teen at the oldest.

I like what the lady from the View said. The photo of her and he dad are disturbing. At first I thought it was one of her boyfriend until I looked closer and then I said.... Noooooo... Texas???? LOL!

This is from a man who has and loves his daughter and I wouldn't take a photo like that.
But the idea is to try and make her a teen sensation and trying to make the boys come after her.

But it won't work. Takes more than a picture.

2331 days ago


One more thing. The guitar voice synthesizer won't fake out the older crowd. So that won't carry her. She has to learn how to really sing. ;-)

2331 days ago


Ok in the first place.I would like to say yeah in some eyes what she did was wrong,but you have to understand that her parents were around through out hte entire shoot.And it is not up to us to say whether what she did was wrong.We as parents need to start taking care of our on business and let others live their own lives.

2331 days ago

Attention hoes suck    

This chick is making millions of dollars. And I'm sure she made a bunch more off these pictures. Disney has the right to do whatever they want with this chick. If you ask me, she should be fired so she can try getting into the porno business. It sure seems she's heading that way. Stupid little hoe. She's as dumb as the rest of the "hook up" generation. And people wonder why there are TONS of young girls getting pregnant. You're all a bunch of ignorants...

2331 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

this little skank and her pedophile father need to stay home

2331 days ago


hahahhaa ur burned and moded by basically everyone! u deserve it and plus ur nails looks like periods in mud
i think u need to start all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
later dude! or should i say dudet!

2331 days ago


Miley this is your Destiney.......

BTW, it was not Miley who suggested the sheet but the "artist".

2331 days ago


That's great! I'll have more time to screw my dad Billy!

2331 days ago


Before judging Miley for her lack of intelligence, maybe you should learn write properly first.

I mean "her flout"? and "monies"?

"Hi, my name is Alli. I like to attack the intelligence of others while showing the world I can't even spell money properly. I also like to encourage young women to have children and screw up their career."

Miley is already well off. Even if Disney was to give her the boot, which they won't, she's set for life. The shoot was a perfect executed step for her to take to boost her career, she can't be a teen role model forever. She's got another year, maybe two, before they'll need to start selling her to an older audience. I can only imagine she'll want to rid herself of the Disney image by the time she's 18 anyways. And the young performers who don't play the controversial game end up like Leann Rhimes, Tiffany or Debbie Gibson. And that just isn't good for the bank account, or the lifestyle one may become quite comfortable with.

2331 days ago


This is totally wrong, Disney should not be doing this to this young lady. She has not gotten pregnant like one of their other stars and posed nude on the web as another did. Are we entering the Puritainical period of our civilization? What is next, the Scarlet Letter?

2331 days ago
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