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Miley Cyrus Has Officially Lost All Hope, Destiny

5/1/2008 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official -- Destiny Hope Cyrus is now a Disney baby.
Miley Cyrus: Click to view the docs!
A judge just approved Miley's parents' petition (she's a minor) for her name change to Miley Ray Cyrus. Only a lawyer was present -- and when he was asked for a reason for the change, he said, "Destiny Hope Cyrus has been commonly known as Miley Ray Cyrus since she was a young child. The change of name is requested to make her commonly used name the same as her legal name."


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Miley is really ugly and is such a wanna be and is trying to be a slut and i so like selena more..and mileys pictures are so horrible o and i almost forgot.......SHE CANT SING she sounds like a man with a crackly voice! and the jonas brothers dont even like her. and her show is a waste of filming. do i need to say more.

2259 days ago


Wow I am having a hard time believing that so many people are so rancorous and mean. Why is it that a young girl is the subject of such hateful comments? She is successful, she is trying to live a life free from the influences of what every young woman deals with in the real world. So leave her alone. Encourage her to continue to fight for what is right and to get through this fame and fortune without having to be admitted to rehab or the psych ward! Leave this girl alone. Pick on an adult who is making his or her own decisions and messes up! Jeeeeze!

2333 days ago


I thought she was Hannah Montanna...How many names does this chick need?

2333 days ago


Sorry guys, but Destiny is a total trailer park trash name. Where the Hell did they get Miley from though?!

2333 days ago

Paris Hilton is not smarter than a 5th grader    

Miley Cyrus is 15 goin on Lindsay

2333 days ago

Just sayin'    

This kid gets whatever she wants doesn't she? I'd be like "Look, this is the name we gave you and you better start using it ! Now, go take the trash out". But then she's probably never had to take the trash out or do any manual labor.

2333 days ago


She'a a TRAMPY scank with the imbred hots for her imbred daddy. Stop paying attention to this HILLBILLY TRAMP> She looks like a Pigs Ass. Scankball

2333 days ago

Brandon N. Bennetzen    

Billo: Swing and a miss!
Bill Orally: Worst Role Model In The World

2333 days ago


Now young moms are going to name their baby girls "Miley" and claim they loved that name BEFORE Miley Cyrus. It's not a name...

2333 days ago


These are some of the funniest comments ever. "Paris Hilton is not..", "Stevo", "Boner", "Pink to the Lee", hillarious.

2333 days ago

GG Allin    

f-you are probably an bitter fat bitchhog!

2259 days ago


Miley Cyrus is another trainwreck waiting to happen. She is all over the place and full of herself. Watch it girl or you'll end up a has been like Lilo or BritBrit.
Where are your loving parents when you are out acting like you own the planet. You need a butt kicking, girlfriend. Hope you fans look somewhere else for entertainment.

2333 days ago

A little nauseous one white trash name for another...*sighs*..she is awkward looking.I think that Emily Osment, her co star, is cuter...OVERRATED!!!!!!!!

2259 days ago


We all have cute nicknames for our kids.

We don't legally change the name we chose for them at birth!

Ridiculous and outrageous.

What's wrong with these people?

2333 days ago


Their child in now a BRAND. All her parents care about is MONEY. Her father should have NEVER allowed the Vanity Fair photo shoot. His career was washed up before his daughter became popular. He is riding on her fame and working her too hard. He is an ASS.

2333 days ago
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