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Rodman's Alleged Victim Has Violent Past

5/2/2008 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gina "Gigi" Peterson, the girlfriend Dennis Rodman allegedly smacked around on Wednesday night, had a restraining order successfully filed against her by her ex-husband and father of her four kids -- six weeks ago!
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Her ex-husband is actually George Peterson from "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Gina and George separated in '02 and officially divorced in April of 2004.

George then got engaged to his current wife, Lauri Waring, during season two of "Housewives" -- and the (not-so) temporary restraining order filed against Gina forces her to leave George, Lauri and her two kids alone for five years. Gina's list of alleged crazy filed by George is long, and includes gems like:

-- "Gina stated that she wished I were dead, she wishes she could kill me, wishes I had a heart attack ... (and) if she had a gun, she would shoot me."

-- "Gina also has a history of violence against our children (once resulting in an Emergency Protective Order in favor of my eldest daughter ...)

-- "Gina has also physically assaulted me resulting in me falling to the ground."

-- "She even was previously ordered to involuntary psychiatric lock down."

-- "Gina threatens me in (an) email by reference to Dorian Gray, a character in Oscar Wilde's novel, who is found dead at the end with a knife in his heart."

As for her run-in with Rodman, Rodman's manager Darren Prince told TMZ, "Dennis and his girlfriend had too much to drink. When they returned to their hotel they started arguing and a minor altercation broke out where Dennis grabbed her by the arm and left a bruise." Cops are investigating.

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2367 days ago



2367 days ago


If two trainwrecks collide, is it still a trainwreck or is it trainwreckses?

2367 days ago


Birds of a feather....well you know the rest.......

2367 days ago


I hope this bitch didn't get strep throat while...... well you know the rest

2367 days ago


That woman looks like went fishing and caught a bass fish in her mouth. I have met her and the religious freaks she hangs out with are wacked.

2367 days ago


Yeah the real story is coming out now isn't it?!!!! If Dennis hit her or tried to hurt her - she would have been put in hospital. The pyscho was obviously attacking him at the hotel and he tried to push her away. Unfortunately the media always have to make out it's Dennis's fault right - until the real facts get laid out on the table.

2367 days ago

puna buddy    

it says in the order that lori is not his wife but FIANCE

RHOOC is a sham all those women are fake and the show is scripted to make for better programing

really are JO and SLADE THAT COOL
he has money and she has a space for money between her legs

2367 days ago


Sounds to me like she NEEDED HER ASS WHOOPED. Good grief. What a piece of garbage that woman is. Violence against those beautiful children?? Bitch- you better check yourself!

People who threaten death, "I wish you were dead" "I hope you have a heart attack" "If I had a gun, I'd shoot you" have serious issues and should always be taken very seriously. It seems very obvious that in the Rodman situation... she probably started it. He's no angel, true, but with a woman like that - they definitely PROVOKE it out of even the more mild mannered people.

Sheesh George- be careful!


2367 days ago


Lauri and her son do not get along and are estranged.
Slade is a loser, wannabe. He doesn't live in Coto anymore. His house went into foreclosure from what I hear.

2367 days ago


Um, they are married. Look at the date on the paperwork it's from 2007

2367 days ago


he has some serious anger issues concering women.

2367 days ago


So when it was maybe a bruise from an arm grab (which women do all the time) the women here were all up him arms as if he was beating her black and blue daily but now we found out she caused actual harm to her ex when they were together nothing?

so it is about the gender of the person not the crime committed.

And she didn't stop with her partner but a history of violence against her kids which are so bad the courts told a mother, a woman to stay away from her kids and still no condemnation (if any) that matches what people were saying yesterday about dennis.

Double standards.

2367 days ago


# said: 20. Um, they are married. Look at the date on the paperwork it's from 2007
Posted at 5:26PM on May 2nd 2008 by I live in Coto

WRONG! look again, the papers say 3/20/08

2367 days ago


You should ask Geaorge's Young daughters what they got for Christmas 2 years ago? Ant Farm? Rich guy getting kids great gifts. Gina is a very nice woman who just needs the Lord back in her life! Dennis really help the Perterson Kids out,He's got a big heart! Don't judge a book by it's cover. It may be rough on the outside but on the inside it's wonderful! Gina loves her kids. It's a terrible thing that the kids are going through relly confusing with the divorce and marriage and new siblings.. What a mess. God bless them all!

2367 days ago
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