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Rodman's Alleged Victim Has Violent Past

5/2/2008 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gina "Gigi" Peterson, the girlfriend Dennis Rodman allegedly smacked around on Wednesday night, had a restraining order successfully filed against her by her ex-husband and father of her four kids -- six weeks ago!
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Her ex-husband is actually George Peterson from "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Gina and George separated in '02 and officially divorced in April of 2004.

George then got engaged to his current wife, Lauri Waring, during season two of "Housewives" -- and the (not-so) temporary restraining order filed against Gina forces her to leave George, Lauri and her two kids alone for five years. Gina's list of alleged crazy filed by George is long, and includes gems like:

-- "Gina stated that she wished I were dead, she wishes she could kill me, wishes I had a heart attack ... (and) if she had a gun, she would shoot me."

-- "Gina also has a history of violence against our children (once resulting in an Emergency Protective Order in favor of my eldest daughter ...)

-- "Gina has also physically assaulted me resulting in me falling to the ground."

-- "She even was previously ordered to involuntary psychiatric lock down."

-- "Gina threatens me in (an) email by reference to Dorian Gray, a character in Oscar Wilde's novel, who is found dead at the end with a knife in his heart."

As for her run-in with Rodman, Rodman's manager Darren Prince told TMZ, "Dennis and his girlfriend had too much to drink. When they returned to their hotel they started arguing and a minor altercation broke out where Dennis grabbed her by the arm and left a bruise." Cops are investigating.

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Rough Daddy    

George is one of the only guys I like on that show. She sounds looney, be careful George.

2344 days ago

Ms. Behavin    

#10 Having the son live with her is probably her way of getting back at them...without having to physically injure them!

2344 days ago


Are you sure this woman is not black? Certainly sounds like it!

2344 days ago


This trashy GiGi chick appears to be one hell of a crazy bird...... BPD.....Borderline Personality Disorder. In simple terms, she'll bring absolutely nothing but TROUBLE with a capital "T". Best thing Dennis can do is drop her like a hot cake & move on......NEXT! Sooner the better. The gals love him & there's plenty of beautiful "LADIES" with "CLASS" out there. Common Dennis....face the facts, you know clearly .....mix with 'DOGS' & you're sure to get nothing but fleas!

2344 days ago


Gina (calls herself Gigi), the girlfriend Dennis Rodman "allegedly" smacked around on Wednesday night, had a restraining order successfully filed against her - by her ex-husband & father of her four kids -- six weeks ago - forcing her to leave George, Lauri and her two kids alone for five years. THIS SAYS IT ALL. Nice one.......

George had the brains to toss the trash out before it destroyed his life. Let's hope Dennis has the "WISDOM" to do the same....... turn away, leave her in the gutter, cross the street and DON'T ever look back......not even for a glimpse.

2344 days ago


On the July 4, 2007 I was at the St Regis in Dana Point, CA w/ my husband watching the fireworks from the back terrace when Dennis Rodman, his girlfriend and 2 little kids entered the bar. He was as nice as can be, talking to people and getting drinks for the kids. His girlfriend went MENTAL when she saw Rodman talking with 2 younger women. She started screaming, cursing and making a giant scene in front of her kids and everyone else at the bar. Rodman then walked out onto the terrace to watch the fireworks and she turned her tirade to innocent people sitting at table because they asked her to move over a bit since she was blocking their view. She seemed pretty hateful, classless, and it doesnt surprise me that Dennis had to slap her around a bit. I dont even know why he's with her anyway, he can do much better.

2344 days ago


Dennis Rodman, "ugly as hell"? I don't f-ing think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is hot....the perfect man............tall, black, tattooed, and pierced. I couldn't ask for anything more!
If I had a few hours with him, I could die a VERY happy woman!!!!

2344 days ago


Wild woman. Sounds scarey, crazy, & has huge problems which need to be looked at seriously. How many other people out there is she abusing & harrassing ?????????? This one would be the neighbour from hell. What a negative influence to have around. NO THANKS !

2344 days ago


Hoooooooooo Haaaaaaaaaaaa......throw that one on the back of a bull at the next rodeo, she'd go well. (check out that photo again) Someone's gotta make use of her for something - surely. What does she do for a living now - other than make trouble for everyone around her? She must be good for something....... to do with the mouth........cause she hasn't much else going for her. Not much in the looks OR brains department . Nobody would want to have her around them for long OR employ her. The friends list would be zilch! That's why she'd be such an attention seeker. GINA.......get your act together and get a life!

2344 days ago


On the restraining order, it says Lauri is his "fiance". I thought they got married. Whats up with that?

2344 days ago


Dennis Rodman is 'not really' as bad as the media make out.....he's really a lovely guy.....quiet.....shy....very clever...and spritual. Let's hope he has the sense to give "big mouth" the flick before she gets the claws in deep & starts making big trouble for him. Did he meet her at a Halloween Party? You BETCHA ! She's certainly one to back off from.

Come on "Den" - you know you're bigger and better that this......... all the girls LOVE you.........the world is your oyster!

2344 days ago

St. Regis Valet    

Damn, I don't crazy they say she is, she is way better looking than that botoxtard Lauri Waring. Gina, baby you can stalk me ANYTIME!

2344 days ago



2344 days ago

I Hate PUGMUM    

Hi Lauri, George, Ashley and McK,,,,y'all havin fun with this?

2344 days ago


Please People! Dennis Rodman is a UGLY PIECE of SH*T. How the Hell can any woman even look at IT. He looks Almost Non-Human. I feel bad for all the women that caught GENITAL HERPES from him including the Atlanta Hawks cheerleader, Carmen Elektra, and now this woman. It is a fact that Dennis definitely has HERPES and does not care that he is passing it out to others. How can anyone defend this piece of work. He tried to commit suicide when he was in Detroit and Now we all wish that he did!!!!

2343 days ago
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