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Tom Keeps Suri in a Cage

5/2/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah didn't pull any punches with Tom Cruise in their big interview today, asking him exactly what he was thinking when he went all Scientolocrazy on her couch the last time they talked.

But the craziest thing we learned about Tom? He and Katie have built a small playroom cage for Suri under the stairs of their Telluride house where she "has tea parties" -- Scientolospeak for reading LRH by flashlight, we're thinkin'.

Also, Katie's audio module was apparently activated for a very short period of time. Oprah confessed that she was "nervous" when she approached the house. No wonder.


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Now this guy is the definition of pervert. Yet everyone seems to think he's alright and Annie Liebovitz is a perv. Go figure.

2333 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

25K? Why is she asking so little if it's there for the whole world to see, and for all perpetuity? That would p*ss me off royally if that were to happen to me, and Joe Francis would be financing my entire Doctoral education.

2333 days ago


CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told 'ya !!!!

2333 days ago


This guy is nuttier than a fruit cake. Katie must be even worse off to put up with him. I can't wait until the day that not a single soul goes to his movies or watches him on anything, even Oprah - I CERTAINLY DON'T ALREADY. He keeps inching up the Creep-O-Meter further and further each time he shows his face. FREAK!

2333 days ago


Nothing too juicy will be revealed - they would've agreed to everything prior to the interview so all reveletions will be ones the mighty TOM & OPRAH are leaking for publicity.

2333 days ago


Smirk ~ What the hell are you talking about? Just curious!

2333 days ago


My parents did that to me when I was little... that is the reason why I am retarded and dyslexic!

Poor Suri!

2333 days ago


Looks like that dungeon that guy in Australia had for his daughter. Tom is sick. All the money him and Katie have, why not build her an outside tea party house? And Katie is just as sick for turning a blind eye. YOU DO NOT PUT KIDS IN A ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS, CAN ANYONE SAY CHILD ABUSE? I bet thats where Suri has to go when Tom and Katie have their Scientologist friends over.

2333 days ago

The Saint    

Has anyone seen Tom's career since he jumped on Oprah's sofa? Ah, lost in translation.

2333 days ago

Howard Rules!    

I never got why Tom suffered such backlash for the couch incident...If you ask me, it was weider when he attacked Matt Lauer for his "ignorance" about antidepressants. But the couch?? So what; people are nutty in the begginning stages of love....

2333 days ago


Did Harry Potter live under the stairs like this at his aunt and uncles house?

2333 days ago


I think the "under the stairs" office is neat! It is like a little playhouse. What kid wouldn't want their own little area? Your tag line makes it sound like they lock her up .......... you night want to look into hiring some "new" writers!!!

2333 days ago


Come on, I don't know a kid who would not love to have their own little private space under the stairs to play, I have asked my 3 youngest kids and they are now excited thinking we are moving and all I hear is "dibs" they all want their own private place, with a door, kind of mysterious looking, give me a break, now if Tom and Katie put a lock on it report that, that might me news. I would bet she has a tiny kitchen under there, a table and chairs and tiny dishes, wow they are terrible parents. I am not necessarily the biggest Tom fan anymore, but I find it real hard to believe that he would do anything to hurt that little girl, good thing my kids are not into that whole scien..... crap, they might want to do normal stuff like have tea parties with their teddy bears, I sure dodged a bullet there.

2333 days ago


I think he could afford a real play house, you know curtains in the windows etc... oh yeah windows.. it's a freakin cage, what a nut job...... But I'd do his wife....

2333 days ago


I don't understand what the big fuss is all about. My husband and I did almost the exact same thing. We built a little room under the stairs for him and his friends to play in. Just confused.....??? Also I never really understood why everyone was giving him such a hard time in the past. He was a little out there and the Matt Lauer thing was uncalled for being so judgemental but what was the big deal about him!?

2333 days ago
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