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Jessica Flies the Fugly Skies

5/3/2008 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes Jessica Biel looks like a million bucks. As we all know, the dollar ain't what it used to be. Not even close.

We're told that Jessica had just been through a two-hour delay on a flight from South Carolina to New York City. This is sure to re-ignite that gender war that broke out a while back here at TMZ over J. Biel.


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Vintage '51    

She does look bad in this photo. Obviously something was wrong. I saw her in the "Illusionist' with Ed Norton and thought she was very pretty.Everybody's entitled to a bad day once in a while.She almost looks like she was on the losing end of a fight in this particular photo.

2365 days ago

Mr. Hat    

I can't believe you are making fun of women without makeup.
They are NOT ugly.

2365 days ago


Yikes. I saw a picture of the mummy of a sacrificed Mayan child that looked just like this.

2365 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I think she is crying because she was turned down for
an R. Kelly video.

2365 days ago


She is beautiful. Looks like she just had herself a good cry or maybe she was sick. Give me a break, she is human.

2365 days ago

David in Bangkok    

I loved her in Flash Dance! Just think back a few decades when airline flight was just a dream. Given what we see here she would have simply died if she had to make her harrowing journey by train. This is the same girl that flew a Stealth jet for more than 24 hours at a time while peeing in a tube and looked hot everytime she landed? Her makeup stayed on in the movie even afer wollowing around in goat poop for hours after being shot down. Life does not imitate the movies this time.

2365 days ago

it takes a molester    

She look like she has allergies, a cold or the flu. Look at those lips.

2365 days ago


Isn't it funny how nobody has commented that maybe JT dumped her and went back to Cameron Diaz? She definitely looks like she's been crying like something has happened with her love life.

2365 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

This woman IS NOT attractive, but she does look somewhat better with makeup. She kinda looks like Martina Navritilova TRYING to be feminine. Ha-ha Also, Britney was the only decent looking chick JT pulled, but look at him. He's kinda gayface himself.

2365 days ago


I think she's attractive, definitely. She looks like she has a terrible case of the flu in this pic w/ a fever. I think she's just ill.

2365 days ago


She looks like I did last week with the flu. Hair wet and sweaty around the brow. The flight delay wasn't that long and they're on the same time so I thnky she isn't feeling well. We have a nasty bug going around on the East Coast

2365 days ago


She's still cute

2365 days ago


Nobody's uglier then those skanks working for TMZ, who show off their uglies every night on TV --- TMX, why not feature your own ugly people? You have enough of them!

2365 days ago


jeez, she looks better than 95% of most women without their make-up... most of y'all never see women without some kind of make-up, society is soooo conditioned that way. She has pretty skin, eyes, mouth and a great bone structure going for her, so she really doesn't look that bad considering the expression the photographer caught her in. She also looks like maybe she wasn't feeling well, hung over or a cold or on the rag or sumthin. Most women would be thrilled to look that good without make-up if they were honest about it.

2365 days ago


STARS---they are Just like Us! When they are tired, they look, well, TIRED--go figure!

2365 days ago
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