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Larry B. Uses Derby to Pick Up Blonde Filly, Again

5/3/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead left stepped out with a curvy blonde last night, at the Bud Select Official Kentucky Derby Eve Party at the InTouch parlor.

Four years ago, Larry met Anna Nicole Smith at a Kentucky Derby Party.

Creepy factor? A solid 8.5.

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Winky Vitalic    

agreed - if this is a 'date' then larry isn't getting any action. but then again, maybe he isn't getting any female action, if you catch my drift. the fan angle makes more sense. larry woudn't do a fattie now that he has some money.

2326 days ago


He is from Louisville....she is probably a relative of his.

2326 days ago


I disagree. Larry is a good dad, always wanted visitation with Dannilynne and now he deserves some happiness just like anyone else. It's not creepy at all. Just you guys at TMZ are, creepy that is.

2326 days ago


TMZ, why do you even bother with this IN THE CLOSET famewhore? His 15:00 was up over a year ago. Guess he's got enough money that he doesn't have to use his daughter and take her to ANS's grave with the ET cameras.

2326 days ago


Why is that creepy?

2326 days ago

Ms. Behavin    

#6 If your thighs are the size of her arms you have got some serious chicken legs...go to the gym and build up a little muscle tone! Sad!!!

2326 days ago


Who's watching Dannielyn? Howard and/or Kris?

2326 days ago


how is this creepy?? she looks nothing like anna....blonde is the only thing i see that they have in common.... big damn deal y'all....

2326 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

................Ah, he's gay......................

2326 days ago


Larry sure likes chunkers!

2326 days ago


1. who cares? He's not married... because he dated ANS, he's not allowed to ever see another blonde woman?
2. For those who talk about how fat she is (Even though she looks healthy to me. Hypocrite much?

You complain when people are sticks and call them anorexics, but you complain if they're a healthy weight because they're not super thin. Get over it.

3. if you have to announce to the world "Size 0" "Still fits into my highschool cheer leading uniform."

More thank likely you don't.

And even if you do... people can lose weight... but ya can't lose ugly. ^_^

also, wow we're calling her a tramp?

Why? cause she's blonde? Cause she's wearng a black dress that doesn't show off her junk? Cause she's wearing tasteful jewelry and not blinging it up? Because she's not dry humping him in this pic? Is she doing a strip tease? Is she bending over to show her girls? Is she french kissing the camera like ANS use to do? Does she look high or drunk?

From one picture... of a woman you've never seen before... how do you come to the conclusion she's a tramp? Pots calling the kettle black people.

2326 days ago

ut oh    


Hook up with Brittney! You two were made for each other.


2326 days ago


I heard Howard had a Julep and a Junose...

2326 days ago


He just creeps me out in general. I don't know exactly why, but his looks just = creepy (to me).

2326 days ago


How can Larry travel all around and live a hollywood stars life?????Does anyone know what he does for a living? Or does he live off of money from his baby's Momma??

2326 days ago
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