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Larry B. Uses Derby to Pick Up Blonde Filly, Again

5/3/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead left stepped out with a curvy blonde last night, at the Bud Select Official Kentucky Derby Eve Party at the InTouch parlor.

Four years ago, Larry met Anna Nicole Smith at a Kentucky Derby Party.

Creepy factor? A solid 8.5.

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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Mayu... you rambling drunken slob and I guess the last line in your post shows what a racist low brow you are. B!TCH!

2332 days ago


Yikes...somebody actually called Larry a 'celebrity'? Larry needs to get a real job and stop using his 'infamous' smirk to sell pictures. Worse, he sells out his own daughter to the highest bidder. Some of his 'fans' on here think that's ok. It's NOT ok. He needs to get a REAL job making his own money and stop pimping out his daugther and her likeness. It's very easy to keep a low profile in Hollywood. Many REAL CELEBRITIES do. Loser Larry knows his 'infamous' days are numbered so he has to continue selling his baby until his few loser low life 'fans' stop buying them.

2332 days ago


Somebody asked Larry what it exactly is that he does for a living. This was his response:

"My name is Larry Birkhead and I have made millions selling out my baby's dead mother. Now I make millions selling pictures of my daughter. You want a picture of my baby girl? I'll give it to you. Just make sure you pay good. I'll sell her birthdays, holidays, visits to her mother's grave (this picture is worth more), visits to the store, visits to the beach, visits to the pool. I do also charge for travel expenses (first class all of the way). I am the BEST BABY DADDY EVER.

2332 days ago

CA Mom    

He worked as a Photographer hen he met Anna and was , maybe still is, up until Anna's death. All his photo's are cataloged and on file ith his agency/agent. I'm sure there are many of Dannielynn too... but he owns those rights to the pics until 50 years after his death. His estate does atleast.He gets commission off those pics. He can outright sell the pics, hence, making money. I'm sure he has one he!! of a cataloge that draws in decent income.

2332 days ago

slave nat turner    

larry birkhead, chris judd, parker stevenson,
kevin federline, cash warren & danny moder;

all male version of the oldest
business in the world;

gold diggers !

2332 days ago

Cat Kil    

That is Jenna Burstein. The same one he was with last year. (No, not the night he was w/ his sister, Judy). Jenna is another beard he uses while in KY.

2332 days ago


What, was Howard unavailable?
The must be a special place in Hell for Howard. And since Larry decided to change his testimony at Daniels inquest I'm sure Howards saving him a seat!

2332 days ago


aww someone hurt miss jean's wittle feewings......pot calling the kettle black people! love it!!!! maybe you left your sense of humor in your cheerleader uniform.....gee what an accomplishment since high school.

2332 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Larry please ask Ron Rale & Howard K Stern why they insisted that Anna Nicole Smith death was a suicide. The evidence does not point to this and Anna had everything to live for because of a her new baby (according to Anna).

2332 days ago

Lenn K.    

I have no problem with Larry going on with his life. Why do you?

2332 days ago


LB, please come out of the closet. You are too obvious. And please help in some way to solve the murder of your daughter's brother. DOESN'T THAT BOTHER YOU AT ALL?!?! When is YOUR next interview with Greta?

Pretty girl. You look tacky & untrusty with black on black however. Need a different shirt.

God bless Virgie and Daniel.

2332 days ago


You people are too passionate about the lives of other people. Anna and Daniel were drug addicts who did it to themselves. If Larry wants to make money off of stupid people who actually buy those mags with his pic on it, let him do so, he's making a good life for himself and Daniellyn. He may have been a gold digger but it seemed that Anna liked to cloud her thinking with drugs and use people for her own convenience too so there is no difference between him and her. He has money now and it may not be the kind that comes from hard work, but hey, some poeple are just lucky like that. This woman in the pic seems like a nice lady. She does not look tacky or like a whore. You people are just haters.

2332 days ago


#7 Shea, Perfect, You nailed it man and I might add [beatifully said]. Absolute Perfection.

2332 days ago


I think Larry's mystery date and Anna look nothing alike. This woman looks more natural while Anna always looked fake and made up.

2332 days ago


Lol! HS Cheerleader -

How am I racist... the pot calling the kettle black isn't racsim, its a known and very old turn of phrase.

If you'd edcaute yourself before speaking like a moron... the pot calling the kettle black is an idiom, used to accuse another speaker of hypocrisy, in that the speaker disparages the subject in a way that could equally be applied to him or her.

In former times cast iron pots and kettles were quickly blackened from the soot of the fire. If personified into animate objects, the pot would then be hypocritical to insult the kettle's colour.

(You may fit into your HS cheerleading outfit... but we all know how smart cheerleaders are, and being as proud of it as you are, HS is probably as far as you went... if you came out from under the bleachers long enough to graduate. Which, based on your stupidity, I'd doubt you did.)

also, I'm Japanese. I'm assuming you think I'm white. Which makes you racsist to assume A white person would say something racist.

and finally - how am I drunk? Because I make sense and am smarter than you? Well.... I guess even if I were drunk I probably would still be smarter than you, but for the record, I only drink sake on special occasions, and only 1 cup. I'm a water person myself.

2332 days ago
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