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Larry B. Uses Derby to Pick Up Blonde Filly, Again

5/3/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead left stepped out with a curvy blonde last night, at the Bud Select Official Kentucky Derby Eve Party at the InTouch parlor.

Four years ago, Larry met Anna Nicole Smith at a Kentucky Derby Party.

Creepy factor? A solid 8.5.

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No Avatar


Irene Gracey, a ZERO, is the only thing creep on this particular blog.
Irene dear.....
Why is your pic not posted under the blog for skin and bone hags.......
I I am sure Amy Winehouse is a size you look like her.
You know, a druggie!

2326 days ago


Virgie Author has a law suite against TMZ, CBS, BALD TRUTH, AND ROSE'S SITE. She is suing bloggers that post against her. She thinks they have mde her look bad as if that could happen. So all here becarful she will come after you too. I can see why Larry has bought a home in KY just to get away from the crazy family of Virgie. I think it's funny they on here speak of him using DL money when Larry is the one that did the interviews not DL so he can do what ever he wants with it. If Virgie had DL don't you think she would have moved out of her double wide in a mino second. Virgie is upset she didn't get any cash off of DL. Virgie wants to climb out of the gutter on the back of a baby....Virgie will NEVER get her hands on that child and the pro Virgie lovers know it. So all they can do it come in here and bash Larry. Watch, it will be gay this and gay that...They are bigots.......

2326 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Geez Mayu,

Don't get so riled up.

2326 days ago


I thought that was great, Mayu.

2326 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Hey Mayu,

Did your mother bind your brain instead of your feet?

2326 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

The 'most exciting 2 minutes in sport' was an outstanding event today in Louisville. Sadly, second place 'Eight Belles' lost her life after suffering catastrophic injuries running the Kentucky Derby.

So nice to see LB out and about in a favorite place of his and with a fresh-faced beautiful young woman.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, could there possibly be a more beautiful place in America?

2326 days ago


Lol. I'm not riled up... I just find blatant stupidity hilarious. She calls me a bitch and a racist when she doesn't even know what the very common phrase "Pot calling the kettle black" means. And for pointing out the truth that if you need to advertise you can still fit into your highschool cheerleading outfit.. A. its pretty sad if you have to cling to the past like that, and B. You have to be compensating for something if that is the biggest thing you're proud of.

But definately not riled up. Just amused. ^_^

2326 days ago


Wow Francis... how funny seeing that's a CHINESE tradition. And you're talking about MY brain being bound? LOL Again. Blatant stupidity is hilarious.

2326 days ago

Mr. Hat    


I know what you mean about Jean.
But I'm not sure she's for real.
No woman would really be that concerned about other women's weight.
She protests too much.

2326 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


I did not assume you were White. I can see that you are a miserable wretch.

Look at your orginal post..."From one picture... of a woman you've never seen before... how do you come to the conclusion she's a tramp? Pots calling the kettle black people."

I guess that English must be your second language.

You are a vulgar sneaky B!TCH. GET THE HELL OFF TMZ...

I am 1/2 Korean 1/2 Swedish so go ahead and bash my heritage... you disgusts me! I have seen you on several other posts with your race bashing...

2326 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Andy why can't we be buds?

2326 days ago


Wow, now you're just lying

1. Koreans are not losers which you obviously are
2. I've never said anything racist.

plus.. last time I looked, you were a nobody peon so you can't exactly tell me where I can and can't post...

And the fact that you're so defensive only means I hit a truth... either you're stupid, your cheerleader outfit was bigger than you make it sound, you have no life after HS, or you're compensating for other issues.

and what's wrong with what I said?

People were calling this woman they know nothing about a tramp simply because she was posing with LB and she's blonde.

That's the pot calling the kettle black. People call her a tramp without knowing, but I guarantee you there are people on here who truly are fat and tramps.

So it the pot calling the kettle black.

English isn't my first language no.. but I speak english better than your ability to think. Put down the drugs and clear your mind sweetheart.

2326 days ago

Mr. Hat    

I can be your friend, Jean.
You are in need of one.

2326 days ago

just wondering    

Jean Summers...has this always been ur name on tmz?...just curious.

2326 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Thanks Andy... have lots of friends but always could use another...

Mayu--you can call me whatever ...funny that you are blasting me for insults but you find it OK to call me fat and trampy...whatever very slim here and happily married....also proud that I could fit into my uniform for a reunion photo.

things that go hmmm... I use to post as Danbury Jean

2326 days ago
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