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Ronaldo's Trannies Get Him the Shaft

5/3/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So Ronaldo -- the Brazilian soccer star who got all ball when he hired what he thought were three female hookers last week -- just got the chop for his little tranny trip.

According to reports from the continent, Italian mobile firm TIM has dropped Ronaldo as a spokesjohn, canceling its $4.8 million contract with him. There's a clause in his contract that lets the company end the deal if he's involved in any bad PR.

Ronaldo, according to cops, had tried to buy off the he-shes. Clearly not nearly enough.

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2364 days ago


Wow, I guess he will have to settle for cheaper trannies now, douche!

2364 days ago


You guys are so late. This story has been around for a week now.

2364 days ago

He's Boring now    

He also has a deal with Nike that is estimated to be worth nearly 100m. Nike has said they too are looking into whether to drop him. Uh, seems to me they looked at the Vick thing too for a while before pulling the plug---whats with Nike, isnt having slave labor bad enough, but to continue to pay moral retards this kind of money is just plain stupid.

I hope this tranny lover gets it from around the world on every future location and game he plays in for his dumb ass move. He also is accused of asking them to find him drugs. Too bad Brazil cant find heroes in sports stars either.

I wish there was a TMZ like web site for just reporting on Sports Stars and people from every town they are in, every hotel, bar, club, etc. where these stars are spotted over indulcing, screwing around on their wives (clemens) buying drugs, etc, get photograhped, recored and reported on by the general public...

2364 days ago


He should have talked to Harvey, he is an expert at keeping his gay flings out of the media.

Google it, you will find maybe a couple of photos of the tiny tyrant Harney and his male lovers.

2364 days ago

slave nat turner    

summer girls and
some are NOT !

at least least player scored
while hitting the foul pole;

2364 days ago


Yeah right - "what he thought were three female hookers ..."

Honey - - - he knew they were tranny's.

Give me a break.


2364 days ago


Yuck. He looks like Steve-O.

2364 days ago


Goallllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!! Millions lost. All because of some Trannies WWJCD

2364 days ago

frogs and gravel    

#4 (I am joking) but there was a place were all the famous and not
so famous moves and activities of people were known. It was called East Germany, 10% of the
population was employed by the government to spy on the other 90%.

2364 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Where's all the drooling aaahhing ooohing women on this handsome studddd?!

2364 days ago


This site is so demeaning to the dignity a person deserves. Every one Stumbles but why heap such utter disgust on someone.
You will eventually be payed back someday ... Whether it is your self, wife or child. Wise up!

2364 days ago


He knew that they were trannies - coz he's weird.. I know this because i met him once - I went up to him and asked him for an autograph but he just made a strange hissing sound through the gap of his teeth

2363 days ago

Media whores    

Must he part his teeth down the middle? That's so 70's.

2363 days ago


It can happen. I was partying in south beach once and dancinging with a chick that at most was 5'7'' and had feet half the size of mine. Was there with 3 very straight buddies (all straight, as am I) who thought she (he) was hottest chick there. Long story short, I asked for her number and she said, "i'd love to give it to you, but you should know I'm a transexual." We all laughed and I told her she didn't need to lie if she wasn''t interested. She hiked her skirt and showed us all her ding-a-ling. We were all speachless. I thanked her for her honesty and told her I couldn't go that way. However, if my buddies hadn't been there and I had had just one or two more drinks...that little she/he would've gotten it good...real good (no oral though...lol).

2363 days ago

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