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WWE Diva Fingered in Escort Ring?

5/3/2008 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A prominent female WWE star has been named as an employee of an L.A. escort service that the FBI is probing.

The FBI confirms to TMZ that there's an investigation into the Bella Models escort service in California and Florida, but wouldn't confirm the WWE star's role. Rolling Stone says that, according to the Bureau, the WWE babe, Playboy and Maxim models, and porn stars were employed by Bella.

We've put in a call to the WWE, but have yet to hear back.

UPDATE 4:45 ET: Not for nothin', but WWE Diva Ashley Massaro just put the following post on her MySpace page: "Just got buzzed on some BS that is going around. Dont [sic] believe it for a second. Getting in touch with my lawyer as we speak."

Story developing ...


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too bad the rolling stone article had her PICTURE, NAME, and WWE DIVA under it! this is old news. I read the article like monday. how come these dumb women sit around doing interviews with the likes of rolling stone about how much money they make and how scared they are to get caught, and SHAAAZAM its BREAKING NEWS on TMZ five days later when the FEDS come knocking. HAHA its actually FUNNY!! if you break the laws in the USA you will get caught eventually!! DUH

2328 days ago


...and one last thing. its also just hilarious how these celebs IF YOU WILL, get accused of things and of course they come right out and deny it!! IT WASNT ME!! haha but we all know IT WAS!! just once i want a celeb or athlete to get accused of something and look right into the camera and say "HELL YES I DID" without having a lawyer and a million excuses to go along with it. but that will never happen.

2328 days ago


Ashley is nothing but trash. She won a stupid contest to be in WWE, she didn't work her way up or even put in ring time. She is useless in WWE because she's always hurt, can't wrestle, can't cut a promo, and is way below the other women in looks. Her Playboy shoot was no big deal and she failed miserably at Survivor which would have given WWE a big rub.I hope they fire her and that Paul London wakes up and gets away from her the way Matt Hardy did. She's low, low, low. They wanted a new "Lita" but they just got a classless, untalented, "escort".

2328 days ago


I wouldn't mind spending a litle time with Ashley myself.

2328 days ago


Please provide a link to this other supposed "Ashley Massaro", then Kyle. I've seen a lot of people mention this, yet with with no link to anything about the "Las Vegas Ashley Massaro". You'd think there would be a pic or at least something about this other Ashley online somewhere. The WWE Ashley was a swimsuit model also, most noteably for Hawaiian Tropic. This was even stated on her bio during the Diva Search contest and on her Survivor bio. I think that both "Ashley's" are the one and same. What are the chances there are two Ashley Massaro's who both happen to have had done swimsuit/bikini modeling?

2328 days ago


You people need to calm down with the comments using phrases such as "hooker" and "skank." You do not know if this is true or not. I have also read that there is another Ashley Massaro that is a model. I don't know if this is true but it could be. You people disgust me.

2327 days ago


Since noone can spend the 5 second it takes to look for a picture of the other Ashley then here....

2327 days ago


Being in Hollyweird for a while.....You get to know the ins and outs...
Many many famous women escorted on their way to the isn't unusual. They shall go nameless here though. Bella Models also represented huge supermodels for 100s of thousands a night, Playmates, etc. Don't kid talks and many of these gals aint dumb. There are those that go the way of the casting couch or trying to sleep their way to the top or drunk party gals that sleep around and want to be famous...then there are these girls who are more calculating..and put a number on their ass...
I choose not to judge personally, but it's the oldest business in the world..
Many men say, "either way I pay for it" lol
Who cares is what I say. What 2 people do in the bedroom is their biz.

2327 days ago


Oh my gosh. why are you people being so cruel? She may have been named but it says there's a bikini model in Las Vegas that looks alot like her and is younger and that it is most likely a mistake on a news wrestling web site. automaticallyi saying "oh, she can't wreslte, oh yeah, she's definatly been a whore." is rediculous and anyway, WWE wouldn't make her be a whore, morons.

2327 days ago


That's the WWE Ashley Massaro at the link 38/Jimmy posted.

Again from her diva search bio:

Name: Ashley

Height: 5 foot 5
From: New York
Career Highlights: Hosted several E! Channel "Wild On" shows, was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada for 2005, appeared in Stuff and FHM Magazines.
Current Events: One of eight finalists in the 2005 RAW Diva Search.

Ashley is a former gymnast who has experience in front of the camera. She has hosted a number of “Wild On” shows on the E! Channel, and has also posed for Stuff, FHM and multiple swimsuit calendars. Ashley is a big fan of rock & roll, fishing, boating and motorcycles. She also grew up in a wrestling family as her brother, dad and uncle all competed in the sport.

2327 days ago


oh it's all TRUE. The slut playmates and magazine models and wrestlers are almost ALL high class hookers. if you go here there are the girls enticing the poor losers who pay these girls. They call them "providers" idiots. I've known about Bella models for years. There is also one called Tryst models too.

2327 days ago


How much does she charge, and what 'services' does she provide?

2327 days ago


I will say this, if there is any truth to this then WWE should fire Ashley IMMEDIATELY! They've already taken several PR bullets over the past year, I doubt they'll want this one!

As a man, let me say this, Ashley's okay looking BUT the only way I'd pick her to escort me is if Mickie James, Trish Stratus, Kristal Marshal or Sharmell wasn't available! LOL!

Sorry, I know that sounds sexist and I realize they have men in their personal lives but all those women I named are WAY hotter than Ashley!

2326 days ago


Thatz Nasty I wonder who waz so dumb

2324 days ago


who still uses mypace?

1089 days ago
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