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Forrest Gump Supports Wapner, Obama

5/4/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Hanks wants Barack Obama to be Prez, and it could be one of the most effective celeb endorsements so far.

Hanks, who put his homemade video up on his MySpace page, begins by saying, "I'm Tom Hanks and I want Barack Obama to be the next President of our country. As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you."

Hanks then gets serious, acknowledging both candidates have screwed up and associated with the wrong people, including relatives. Could Tommy boy really be saying that about Bill?

Watch, then cast your vote!


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Just lost any respect I had for this guy. Had no idea, Tom Hanks was one of many LOOPY-LIBS OF HOLLYWEIRD! After all the dirt thats come out on Sen. Obama...I can't believe how many people will still vote for this RADICAL-FAR LEFT NUTJOB!!! This NOT to be TRUSTED

2328 days ago

Paradise City    

Tom Hanks, I will never see another movie of yours again, no respect for you anymore. I want to know what makes a celebriity a political spokesperson oh wait that's right, money and the fact that you have a soapbox in which you think your fans will listen. Tom what you endorse could be your worst nightmare. Shut the F up.

2328 days ago


I would never vote a certain direction because a CELEBRITY endorses someone, although I might boycot a movie or CD because a celebrity endorses a candidate in an obnoxious manner - IE Babs, Alec, Susan, etc.

2328 days ago


Is there anything we should read into the sinking ship behind Mr. Hanks? Interesting choice of background,imo.

I just know there are about 4,155 reasons (give or take 11,000 more wounded reasons) I am voting for the Democratic nominee. Time to bring the troops home so we can rebuild what's left of America due to Mother Nature's wrath in the last few years. America is not going to implode if we choose either the Bro or the Ho.

Harry Truman once said "In order to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat."

2328 days ago


I love Tom Hanks' movies, not impressed by his choice of presidential candidates. We've known for a long time that he had contributed to the Obama campaign, so we have known for a long time Obama was his choice. My guess is that now that Obama is having "Rev." Wright troubles, his campaign is recycling some old endorsements to distract us.

2328 days ago


All you Shrillary Clinton lovers and racists - STOP HATIN! SHE WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT, THANK YOU LORD!

2328 days ago

So So    

This country was founded on Christian principals and by god fearing people. Its kind of funny that Obama has scientologists in his pocket. Since when is that a christian based belief. God help us if Obama gets into office this country will fall flat on its face. Sad to see that we have strayed so far away from what this country was truly founded on. If Obama gets into office our forfathers will be rolling over in their graves.

2328 days ago


i do believe that americans will vote for a black man or woman but not this black man. OBAMA IS NOT THE ONE . heres hoping for a true loving american canidate.

2327 days ago


tom hanks is pretty much done in hollywood as his movies are getting so bad who really goes to see his films anyway . hes getting old. its no wonder no ones going to the movies. its time for some new talent if there is any in hollyweird.

2327 days ago

Donna M    

It' good to see Mr Hanks bring out my nation government constitution rights and freedoms, and it's so true about what he said of people of color in this great nation of ours very sad but true. I guess people here in America, just don't realize what we all really can do to change things. Thank You Mr Hanks!!!!!!! GEE-WHIZ whata bunch of mad people comments today!!!!!!!!!! Donna

2327 days ago


America is my homeland altho I live in a foreign land. I lost a brother in WWll who received the Bronze Medal, the Silver Medal and the Purple heart for bravery which my Mother proudly dissplayed on a table under a window which hung a small American FLAG. I had never ever heard the name Barak Obama until this election got under way therefore I had no opinion of the man. Then I happen to see him on TV alongside of Hillary and Edwards and the first thing that came to my mind was that he did not put his hand over his heart when the Pledge of Alligence was said. This was the first tip for me that this man is not what he is preaching. Then his refusing to wear a flag pin really opened my mind and ears.This flag pin is just a sign for the people to see that you are an american and stand for your patriatism Here is a man that wants to be PRESIDENT of a land that he openly shows the people what his feeling about this land is and who as everyone is talking about is also a member of a church for twenty years, attends services with his wife(who I might add is certainly an asset to him with remarks she herself has made openly on TV) and his children as well being preached to by a man who screams his hatred of American and hopes that she is DAMMED. What is wrong with American that they could ever even comdemplate voting for this man? I realize president Bush has done alot of damage to our country and maybe she has fallen to her knees but please don´t count her out she will stand again. She has been through hard times before but as long as we hold together and stride to correct the mistakes made then good times will return. The faith of a mustard seed is not too much to give in return for what our LAND stands for not only to us and our way of life but also to the world. Veterans day is coming up and my brother is buried only eighty kilometers from me so I will be attending the military services there and laying flowers on his grave. From nine children I am the only one who has been to his grave so I represent my family when I go. It may seem funny but I talk to him about many things. This year it will be hard to tell him of Obama and how so many Americans being taken in by a man who shows no pride for the land he died for at the age of eighteen. Tom Hanks.George Clooney,Oprah and best of all Michael Moore can endorse Barak Obama but his lady won´t join their group.I am just a small pea in a big pot that has worked hard all my life making my own decesions and not depending on empty headed rich and famous people who get rich from us lowly common workers to keep them rich. Wake up my fellow Americans, show the old girl you are behind her and vote the one you know will treat us all with pride and respect.

2327 days ago


Did anyone know that Hilary's Former pastor is a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER? TMZ go look it up so you think Rev. Wright is bad??? LOL not even close

2327 days ago


Why can't these poLls include a "neither" choice?

I have had it up to my neck with her pimping Cruise....LET IT ALONE OPRAH!!

2327 days ago

Mr. X    

Who cares what Forrest Gump thinks?

2327 days ago


My vote always goes to the candidate or any other worthwhile purpose they DON'T ENDORSE. Any follywood actor who wants me to use my vote on their candidate is WASTING THEIR and they lose a vote for their choice. I vote for the ones they DO NOT ENDORSE.

2327 days ago
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