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Brit Brings In the Po-Po for Sis' Shower

5/5/2008 7:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was pretty much just like any other baby shower: a bunch of women, gifts, catered eats –- oh, and sheriff's deputies posted at the gate.

That's how Jamie Lynn Spears got showered Saturday in Kentwood, reports People, which also says there were paps in choppers overhead. There were about 30 guests invited, and Jamie Lynn "opened every gift" from them, sitting in a circle with everyone else.

Back in March, J-L had registered for stuff at Babies "R" Us.

Rocket on Mindy Mac –- "Utterly False"

Roger Clemens is either the greatest parser of accusation since Bill Clinton or he's digging himself a deep, perjury-filled hole.

In the Houston Chronicle, Clemens says he has "apologized" to his family for his mistakes – but he wouldn't say what he was sorry for. At the same time, he also says that his relationship with countrymess Mindy McCready has been "twisted and distorted far beyond reality" and is "utterly false."

Mindy said last week that she couldn't refute any of the public reporting on their relationship.

Taylor Hicks – Archuleta's the Next Wayne Newton

David's dad is not going to like this: Ex-"Idol" champ Taylor Hicks says that David Archuleta reminds him of a young Wayne Newton. As in "Danke Schoen" Wayne Newton.

Hicks –- whose career path has had about the same trajectory as a lead-filled balloon since he was on "Idol" – tells the Louisville Courier-Journal that David A. is "a young entertainer" and says there could be "ample opportunities" for him.

Taylor says he will be putting out a DVD of his pre-"Idol" performances and will be doing tours in Asia and Italy.

Party Favors: Gayle Says O and Ray Are OK ... "Idols" Get "Love" in Vegas ... Hasselbeck Embraces Her Big Bottom

Oprah BFF Gayle King says that there's no feud between O and protégé Rachael Ray. "I know that's not true," said King on Ray's TV show last week. ... The "AI" top four – mobbed in the airport -- got the royal treatment from Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman and then went to hear "Love," the Beatles-Cirque du Soleil mashup, says Vegas Confidential. ... Joy Behar might call her a skinny white bitch, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck tells Fitness magazine she's come to terms with what she thinks is her big butt: "I've got some curves, I've got a bubble butt, but I don't mind."


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Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Brit Brings In The Po Po?

2326 days ago

Lenn K.    

Roger Clements is digging a massive hole that he won't be able to climb out of. You can tell he's lying because his mouth is moving. Joy Behar is a pig and left wing pig at that.

2326 days ago


Elisabeth Hassselbeck discussing her own butt in Fitness magazine?

Is she a little arrogant?


Discuss something real or learn to keep your mouth shut - bitch.

2326 days ago


funny thing, i actually see david a. the same way. it's not an insult though -- wayne newton had a long illustrious career since he was david's age, so I don't see that taylor said a bad thing....

2326 days ago



can't wait !

2326 days ago


2326 days ago


Ah- Roger the Molester says it ain't so.... Well, at least the parts that would get him thown into prison for statutory rape, anyway.... Oh ya, very believeable, Rog.... Oh yes, Roger, we have your story all twisted now, it's all OUR faults, and not yours..... Once again, Roger can do no wrong.....

What a pedophile.

2326 days ago


Hasselbeck should come to terms that she represents the America that the world hates.

2326 days ago


Taylor who????
And Joy Behar is an ignorant, unfunny, fugly bxxxh.

2326 days ago


"Big Butt" Hasselbeck needs to shut the hell up! I'd kill for my butt to be that "big"!

2326 days ago


taylors career is like a lead balloon? Well, I have had a blast following that balloon. Just because he doesn't show up in LA every 5 minutes doesn't mean he isn't doing well. He has been working in Nashville with some very good writers, including himself, on a new CD. He has sold a ton of his 2 independent CDs , And he is busy all the time. He has been huge fun to watch and follow these last two years. His 2 tours went very, very well.
And does he look good! saw him at the Kentucky Derby Saturday, Hes lost weight , tanned and beautiful. He puts you Hollywood dudes to ahame. Gorgeous man. With a fantastic voice.

2326 days ago


I wish Elizabeth Hasslebeck would take her "bubble butt" over to Faux News where she belongs so that I can stand to watch the View again. It's a waste of Whoopie with Elizabeth and her Church Lady act.

2326 days ago


Why is Taylor Hicks still in the news. He's proven to be the biggest Idol flop ever. He can't get people in the US to listen to his mediocre singing so he'll take his epileptic act to Asia and Italy where they don't speak english and wouldn't know a bad act if it hit them between the eyes with a baseball bat.

2326 days ago


David sings like a choir boy. He has a nice voice, hits notes, but is so boring and has no soul.
As long as he doesn't have to sing rock or pop or R&B or country he should be fine. He ruins classic pop songs -- takes the life right out of them.

2326 days ago


I've been around for quite a while. But, somebody please tell me what the heck is Po Po?
Sounds like a Tellie Tubbies toy! lol

2326 days ago
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