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Cruise Puts Crazy on Hold for Cancer Victim

5/5/2008 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The manic antics surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were suddenly subdued when the mother of a two-year-old cancer victim ambushed them for support outside their New York hotel.

Tom was anything but glib while listening to the woman's story.


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J Rowlands, UK    

Grace was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in Bristol Childrens Hospital, UK the same week my 15 month old son George was also diagnosed on the same ward with a less agressive form of Neuroblastoma. She is a dear little girl who along with her family are going through an incredibly hard fight including moving from the UK to New York for Grace to have life saving treatment only available at the Sloan Kettering Hospital - and at tremendous cost. Good on you Milicent, I hope this raises the profile of Grace's plight and Neuroblastoma.

2313 days ago


Some of the comments here are about as low as I've ever seen anywhere. Sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be. Yet some are so demented they are compelled to find any explanation to turn good behavior into bad. And so it is here.

2307 days ago


Hello everyone, thankyou for taking the time to watch this video, i will tell you now this is NO stunt, i was one of the nursery nurses who looked after grace until her dignosis last october, if you would like to follow up on how grace is doing and/or make a donation her website is... Grace is part of the 2simple trust foundation for children with graces type of cancer.
Thankyou again for taking the time out to watch this clip

2304 days ago



2298 days ago


That's because he knows he's the only one who can help

2325 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Thank GOD!! Because we all know that Tom and Scientology are the ONLY ones that can help. They can CURE CANCER, don't you know. Just ask them.


2325 days ago


you know what? good for the mom! our world is a difficult place if you're not loaded with money. i would ask also if i knew money might help. what does it hurt? we can all suffer a little humility in regards to our children. good luck mom.

2325 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

She looked like a plant to me. Anyone else find it quite odd that rigth after Oprah, there is a photo opportunity for Tom to magically help a child with cancer. How low will they sink to try to save Tom's career? This is another fake story that Tom's people have put out there. Just try to google all the fake news about Tom and all times he has 'saved' people at accident scenes. LMAO!!

No one's buying this crap Tom. No one but stupid Oprah. F'ing loon.

2325 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

That was quite the ambush. More making a huge deal out of nothing. Where was the dead person story yesterday??

2325 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

He is one of the most seriously intense person I have ever witnessed. Even when he laughs it seems forced. He must be a lot of fun to live with. Also, I think he has been mounting a MAJOR campaigne to improve his image and this may be part of it, sorry to say. As it stands I don't think any new movies with him starring would be profitable because the majority of the public think he is a stuck up whacko!

2325 days ago


At least he stopped and listened to her as a "parent" like him or not, he was nice about it.

2325 days ago


Please, PLEASE tell me that in our media savvy world people will NOT fall for this OBVIOUS publicity stunt.....conveniently timed between two Oprah appearances.

2325 days ago


That was very nice of him to stop and listen. I do believe that Tom is on a major PR campaign to improve his image. He is just not a box office hit anymore due to all the scientology crap as well as the Matt Lauer interview and the Brooke Shields ordeal! I don't think he will ever be as popular as he used to be. He did it to himself!! A little creepy.................

Has anyone else noticed how Katie poses for the photogs? She puts the chin down and raises her eyes up............Like Princess Diana did!!!!!

2325 days ago


I am guessing this lady is a plant. I doubt that Tom's people would allow that woman anywhere near him.

I knew somebody once who tried to approach Jane Fonda and was blocked by her security.

Even if this woman is for real, Tom won't do anything for her except to give her some Scientology classes. This is the same guy that gives "donations" to Scientology in people's names for Christmas gifts.

2325 days ago


it does seem odd that with their wall of body guards, the mother of a child with cancer can break through to go to the only man on the planet "who can help"....someone is working overtime, really trying to make himself look human. Your no Brad Pitt, Tom!! If this isn't staged, good for the mom and hopefully Tom sacrifices some of his scientologay money to help her. Personally , I find it to much of a coincidence but for the sake of a child with cancer, I hope not.

2325 days ago
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