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Cruise Puts Crazy on Hold for Cancer Victim

5/5/2008 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The manic antics surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were suddenly subdued when the mother of a two-year-old cancer victim ambushed them for support outside their New York hotel.

Tom was anything but glib while listening to the woman's story.


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What happened to Kindness and understanding ?? Everyone is making a judgement call with very little information. I work in the health care industry and see this kind of desperation all too often. I think Tom handled the serious situation with dignity and compassion. How many of you have left comments here that reflect those same values ??
Who are we to judge the Scientology church ?? How much do you truly know about it. John Travolta and his wife Kelly are Scientologts, and they seem to be a well adjusted, happy family.
I say.... give Tom and Katie a chance. And leave them and their private life alone. Actors are paid to ACT, NOT to allow invasion into their personal lives.

2370 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

TMZhires13yearolds: My knowledge of scientology is not based on gossip. It is based on what they told me when I was a college student. According to them, if I didn't join the cult and follow L.Ron Hubbard's losing bar bet of a "religion" I would commit suicide within 5 years. Yes, they predicted the manner and time frame of my death. What a great thing to tell a vulnerable person. Instead of listening to them, I got help for my bipolar illness from a conventional psychotherapist and found a much better way to deal with my depression. A short time on anti-depressants helped me to realize that suicide is a stupid solution to life's problems since it actually solves nothing. If I had joined scientology, I would have been cut off from my family and remained depressed.

Scientology would be merely a foolish cult based on a silly bar bet if it didn't isolate its members, demand that they give almost all of their money to the church and force all its children to be educated in compounds and not see their non-scientology families. Scientology is as much a controlling cult as Jim Jones, Waco, and the one which was just raided in Texas. A religion allows its members to question the teachings and to leave if they lose their faith. A few religions teach that anyone who is not a member is doomed to an afterlife of pain and horror but that is rare. A cult forces people who join to remain upon pain of death in the here and now.

While this country allows freedom of religion, it does not allow oppression and scientology oppresses its members in every way imaginable except one. I have never heard that scientology forces its members to have sexual relation based on the dictates of the cult leaders. If this is considered a saving grace, sobeit, but a cult which tells potential members that they will die if they do not join is in no way a religion.

I do not like Tom Cruise as a person or an actor and never have but that is based on his personality and acting ability. I despise him for his proselytizing for a cult and his claims of expertise where he has absolutely no knowledge. He is making the same claims as an old-fashioned faith healer. Sometimes the mind will heal the body in mysterious ways and if a particular belief system works for you, that's fine. But thousands of people have died from believing in faith healing that did not work. When all forms of medical intervention have failed, and I include such things as acupuncture, faith is the only remaining recourse but it should be used as a last resource not the first.

Dawn, I agree that neuroblastoma is a horrendous disease. Any cancer or disease which affects mostly children must be seen that way. I fully agree with you that research is necessary if a cure is to be found and if Tom Cruise can help with this, I am all for it and I will have to grant that he has a measure of human kindness which his attacks on mental illness, from which I suffer, had made doubtful.

Go Sox

2370 days ago


Tom sucks and so does Oprah. She can't promote Dr. Phil anymore cause he's such a moron so she's moving on to manipulate her dumb audience with Tom Cruise....

2370 days ago


SO what if this was a plant or a publicity stunt??? The little girl is sick and after watching i went to her web site and donated; not because of Tom Cruise but because a child is sick w/ cancer...and yes i know there are many kids with cancer so i donate to St. Judes as well. If this is bringing awareness to one childs cause so be it. Im sure the Cruise's will donate as well..why dont all of you?1$ 5$ it will help. Good for you TMZ instead of contributing to the decline of decent society may have actually done some good today. Harvey Levin where is your donation?

2370 days ago


While Tom was in his "destroy career mode", he made ALL kinds of inferences and references to how OTHERS were living their lives and how wrong they were and how right he is. Only HE can help. Only Scientology has the true answer. He pushed his views down our throats and got in our faces at every opportunity, whether to promote his movie or Katie's movie, or just further his own agenda. He now regrets that and is back-peddling big time. I truly am sorry for this mother if this is true, and I don't think all the crap about Suri being an alien are true, etc., but I do think Scientology is dangerous, and I think he is in "damage control mode" now, and trying to rehab his image. When anyone becomes as arrogant and know it all publically as he has seemed to be the past few years, people have a right to comment and denounce his views as hogwash. That's THEIR right. As far as all his Scientologist friends, not impressed with them either.

2370 days ago


I couldn't hear teh conversation clearly at all. Can someonoe fill me in on what teh mother actually said? Thx.

2370 days ago


Shame on all of you NEGATIVE people! Who cares what Tom Cruise believes, if Katie is a "fembot", or if Tom puts footprints all over Oprah's couch or Matt Lauer's people have obviously never dealt with a child with cancer. It's heartbreaking & as a parent, you will do whatever it takes to find a cure (or even just ease the pain) of your child.
I volunteer for Emmanuel Cancer Foundation in NJ ( & I pray that my children never have to face that type of illness. Please donate, you're helping these children have a chance at a normal life, even if it's just for a few weeks or months.

2370 days ago

Amy Come on your guys, even if you don't like Tom Cruise, have a heart for this little girl and her family.

2370 days ago


By the way, I've been a "Partner in Hope" for St. Jude's for several years now. I will donate to this little girl, but not because of dingbat.

2370 days ago


If you listen closely, you can hear the mother say the girl's name and website. It is It looks likte there is enough information and people's names on there to "verify" the girl and and her condition.

Very sad. I hope the Cruise's help her.

By the way, I like Tom Cruise. He has a great smile and is a handsome man. I also think his intentions are good and often misunderstood. And no, I am not a Scientologist, I am Catholic. I think Tom needs to make a romantic comedy again, kind of like the kind Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan made, instead of all the weird movies he has been making.

2370 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

I totally don't agree with Tom Cruise's beliefs, but, if that woman was indeed a cancer victim's mother, then it shows that he's still got a big heart. He shows it in strange ways sometimes, but I believe he's well intentioned. Which is something 99% of the population can't say...

2370 days ago


I'm no Tom Cruise fan, in fact I can't stand him. But it was very decent of him to listen to the Mom's story and I hope that he gets his wealthy friends to help this woman. Go to the website, it doesn't seem to be a fake.

Good luck Mom!

2370 days ago


Please give us the website of this little girl!

2370 days ago


Katie sure is no Paris Hilton ! Paris is slim, tall, blonde and beautiful, dedicated to sick children everywhere. She is a role model. I would be proud to call her my daughter. If I was Tom & Katie, I would help that child, but will THEY ??

2370 days ago


Amy- you're right ! Tom would be great in a comedy with Meg ! Or Goldie Hawn ! How about Rosie O' Donnell or Whoopie ? I'm not kidding !

2370 days ago
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