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Got Cottage Cheese?!

5/5/2008 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you figure out which 22-year-old starlet got jiggy with it in Australia?


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Wow, I understand that woman have cellulite - but WOW! For 22, that's not so hot... Mischa is a skinny girl. In order to lose that has got to be more active and eat better... Maybe it's just a bad picture? Even the best of us look bad in some lighting...

2370 days ago


I don't know about you, but this pic made my day!

2370 days ago

Yeah Right    

How sad... Now she's going to become an anorexic, coke addict! Good job TMZ!! Most girls have it... Leave her alone!

2370 days ago


yep, made my day too. HA!!!!!

2370 days ago


(insert sarcastic tone here) Awwwww, booooo-hooooo, poor spoiled celebrity beeeotch. Let's all pity her shall we? After all, that's why we come to a celebrity "gossip" site, to pity them.

2370 days ago


Oh give me a break. First they Photoshopped the anorexia photos and now they're adding cellulite to Mischa Barton.

As a proudly unemployed man I never thought I'd say this but -- Get a real job you parasites. You people suck even at manufacturing scandal. Hollywood fills the earth with phony stars, and then takes them down by doctoring photos... Real exciting.

2370 days ago


If I didn't have a job, I wouldn't be calling ANYONE a parasite.

2370 days ago


I can’t believe that there are no parents of young girls that aren’t upset about this picture. We have all seen how skinny this girl is. By TMZ putting this picture out it will make her feel she needs to starve herself. For the loves of God don’t you feel responsible for what your doing to young girls TMZ. I think you have caused enough damage to these girls as it is. Shame on you.

2370 days ago


Again, boo-hoo.

2370 days ago


Can't we people who have chosen to NOT spawn enjoy life without worring about what YOUR children are looking at???

2370 days ago


I personally glad ilovecelebritycrap has chosen not to spawn, one less welfare baby I have to pay for.

2370 days ago

nira k    

It looks like she was laying on a crinkled beach towel. Cellulite doesn't leave long marks like in the photo. Come on you people at TMZ! YOU lay on crinkled beach towels then show us YOUR asses.

2370 days ago


Mary Kay makes some lotion/gel for's called Cellushape Contouring System. It supposedly works in 3 weeks... someone should send some to Mischa.

2370 days ago


She does not have to become anorexic to lose this cellulite. Just the opposite, she needs to eat better and exercise. She probably was skinny her whole life and by the looks of it not very athletic. Yes, most women have cellulite but not that much at such a young age.

2370 days ago


This is not photoshopped, how the eff would those be toel marks, all the way down the side of her legs that weren't even touching the towel, and I'm sorry she is puffy as hell, how does a towell make you put on 30 pounds in your ass and thighs...refer to the last pic TMZ has of her shopping in sweat pants and you can tell she has exploded from the waist down...I have cellulite so on one hand I feel bad, but I'm not a star, I don't get paid to have a nice body, and I definitly wouldn't be wearing that bikini bottom that hadn't fit since the last season of the OC...its obvious she started eating after years of starving herself and doesn't exercise, that's just life...

2370 days ago
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