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Heidi Montag: Kentucky Dingbat

5/5/2008 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag took their D-list brand of horses**t to the Kentucky Derby on Saturday -- and in a truly candid moment, Heidi looked through the wrong end of the binoculars. You can't make this stuff up!


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we BOYCOTT this awful couple? They seriously are ruining it for everyone by competing with REAL gossip and good photos. They are so bad- how come they keep showing up in magazines? Have we hit rock bottom or something?

2331 days ago

steve tole    

Instead of putting that horse down on the track , they should have dragged Hedi and Spencer on the the track , let them be trampled by the horses , then for fun heve them both put down, as in down at the the bottem of an ocean. TMZ PLEASE STOP GIVING THESE NO TALENT LOSERS PRESS!!!!!!!!!

2331 days ago


are these two seriously huge dochebags in person? 'cause they appear to be really big douchebags in print.....

2331 days ago

steve tole    

Hey Look a horse (face) got off the track. If only Sarah Jessica Parker was there with her we could have a real HORSE FACE race!!!!

2331 days ago



I stumbled over her "interview" on Letterman the other could see ol' Davey was ready to hit the bottle after that one...what a waste!!!!

Enough, already...drop these two from the line-up, please!

2331 days ago

steve tole    

Can we find the paparazzi that went after Princess Di and Dodi, then we can have them follow these two no talent hacks and maybe they can find there faces planted on too a concrete wall. What a joy it would be to read about their deaths. Please god make it happen!!!

2331 days ago

I have a heart, do you?    

so dumb. TMZ, please don't subject us to any more of this white trash.

2331 days ago


I don't understand why there fame seekers are always on here and other places... besides prepubescent tards why would anybody possible even begin to think that we care?

2331 days ago


5. she has a Tori Spelling nose. if you could buy her for what she thought she was worth, then sell her for what she actually is, we would not have a national debt. and we would no longer need to work

Posted at 2:39PM on May 5th 2008 by grossed out

you sure you want to go with that?...hint, hint... it's backwards...

2331 days ago


These two are such idiots and attention seeking whores!! They should be the ones put down.....

2331 days ago

spread the love    

hey harv, do you have any equity on their show? why else would you constantly feature them? seriously. why????

2331 days ago


OMG, they are hilarious. I am not a hater, I am glad they are around. It makes me happy to see someone unattractive finally getting some decent attention in Hollywood. They focus too much on looks out there so I personally am glad that Heidi and Spencer are getting 15 minutes and showing people that average or unattractive people can get some breaks in the business as well. Besides Flavor Flave of course. Good for them. I get bored when beautiful people who want some actual career like that Lauren she hates get all the press and attention and focus. TMZ and Perez and all the others should showcase speidi because it gives hope for almost anyone who wants to go to pursue their dreams.

2331 days ago


Dumb and dumber.

2331 days ago


Has anyone done a age check on Spencer, dude looks like he's about 45 years old! and lmao at Heidi, she plays dumb, but I saw her on Letterman, she's quite the clever little bitch...

2331 days ago


well, we can also see why she is a fashion school dropout. i feel sorry for her, it must be hard living life so ignorant and self-absorbed. have you ever seen anyone who acts like them actually happy and fulfilled? they will age, not so gracefully, go into a depression, try for a comeback and, ultimately, die with a legacy that is a joke-all alone with no spotlight and no fanfare and nothing accomplished that means anything to anyone with a room full of yellowed clippings no one remembers. saaaad.

2331 days ago
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