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Heidi Montag: Kentucky Dingbat

5/5/2008 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag took their D-list brand of horses**t to the Kentucky Derby on Saturday -- and in a truly candid moment, Heidi looked through the wrong end of the binoculars. You can't make this stuff up!


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"Danial" YOU ARE SO HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

2258 days ago


She has fat arms.

2258 days ago


TMZ, I am disappointed. You fell for their sh*t! Heidi and Spencer are NOT at the Kentucky Derby. That is a fake picture if I ever saw one. If they could not afford to fly to the dinner in Washington D.C., how could they afford to fly to the Kentucky Derby? Did they just get a private jet?

Besides, I saw both Heidi and Spencer in the Palisades yesterday. WHAT LOSERS, to have a fake a picture of themselves at the Kentucky Derby. They are another example of more people from out of state polluting L.A. with their fame whoring.

2258 days ago


I am the only one who noticed this Heidi and Spencer moment was "plugged" by OB TAMPONS?! (up in the corner)

2258 days ago

Sick Of The Rain    

I think Heidi watched that episode of "Newlyweds" to pick out her outfit. Anyone remember that?

2258 days ago


In addition to the fact that she is hopelessly untalented, she is also stupid. I don't think this is news.

But I do want to comment on her clothes. One of the best things about the Kentucky Derby is looking at the lovely dresses and beautiful hats that ladies wear to the Derby.

In order to really stand out at the Derby, you don't need large boobs or a strapless dress. You need to wear a stylish and beautiful hat, not a straw tote bag turned upside down. In order to pick a suitable hat, you need to either be a very stylish well groomed young lady or receive good advice from a stylish woman. Apparently Heidi couldn't be bothered to look at hats for the Derby, so she dumped out her purse, snipped off the straps and "voila" a hat.

It's a shame that she was even allowed in the Derby.

I swear, the horses know more about style than she does. And as for her Sheman boyfriend, only a real man can get away with pink. Spencer looks more like a girl wearing a suit.

2258 days ago


LMAO! That picture just made my day!!

2258 days ago


Didn't J Simpson already do that outfit like 3 years ago? Heidi is always trying to be someone else. Probably because she sucks being herself.

2258 days ago


These two are the most disgusting FAME WHORES I have ever seen. Someone needs to slap them both upside the head. Keep taking their pictures. The more fake-ass pictures taken of them, the more they look like IDIOTS. GET OVER YOURSELVES. NEITHER OF YOU ARE CELEBRITIES.

2258 days ago

a fan    

Oh brother- she looks like shes trying to look like Jessica Simpson did when her and Nick went to the Kentucky Derby- big pink hat, floral print dress, blond hair. Heidi isnt so bad- dipsnit but I can deal with her. Spencer on the other hand, hes an obnoxious tool who should be put down like an abandoned animal- hes just too obnoxious and full of himself.

2258 days ago


I'm begging the paparazzi to PLEASE STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF THESE TWO. I'm soo tired of them calling you guys to come take their picture doing something that is posed for. It's sad that not only are The Hills scripted but even Speidi's own lives are SCRIPTED. THEY ARE SAD AND PATHETIC, please stop photographing these publicity wh***s

2258 days ago


I'm starting to wonder if they re paying you to post their pictures all the time

2258 days ago

Real idiots    

OK, let me see if I have this right... TMZ is sick of these 2, yet they keep taking pics and writing up on them? Wow, I am done with this site. Never coming here again.

2258 days ago


Who really cares about these two idiots? I mean come on........enough.

2258 days ago


Are you people really this stupid? The photo was staged to look like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, she has the same exact dress and hat on. Heidi isn't the one that's stupid, you all are because you fell for it.

2258 days ago
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